Awesome Feet

So today I got my Boots that I won in Dallas back in October. I was super excited. They look so cool. And I made them look even better or at least I think so. You see I put the spurs I won on them and I used the spur straps a really good friend made me. Well, he is actually my Grandpa’s Best Friend but that makes him a good friend to me by default. LOL

Anyway, I got the boots just in time as my last pair from Christmas last year had started to have holes in the toes.


When I first got them I did try them on before dolling them up. They feel wonderful!!


So what do you think??


Not much of anything

Today Mom and I slept in a bit. We woke up with headaches so we didn’t get up until 9am. After chores Mom set out to get a bit of cleaning done before Christmas. As for me I headed out to work the horses and check the pond. During the bad weather when the pond freezes we pen the horses and Cattle up so that we don’t lose anything due to the ice. The pond hasn’t thawed out since the cold snap last weekend. I keep watch everyday but I know by this weekend it will be thawed as it is suppose to get up to almost 70 Christmas Day.

Anyway, after working the horses Mom took me to help a fellow roper break in 50 head of roping calves. I took three horses and had fun. Now if I can just kick this cold before Christmas. Any tricks or suggestions on how to do that???

What a day

So as they say “never a dull moment” … That is just how things went today. First Mom and I got up and got gone by 4am. We headed to pick up the new mare. We spent hours in the truck driving only to load her up and drive her home. All in all it was 8 hours of driving but we did have to add in an hour for pee breaks and gas refills.

When we got home the fun really began. I got Her into her pen with just a little excitement. She pulled back as if to test me at first. She did it twice but the first was the worst and the second was just to see if she would get away with it. By the time I turned her loose she was letting me love all over her.

After that Things went kind of nuts. I took time to get my outside horse rode but as luck would have it he bent both his front shoes and they had to be taken off until the farrier can get here and roll them in a bit more to see if that helps. Then Mom found the pipe in the well house had burst so the water had to be shut off until Dad got home and could help me work on it. Then Mom tried to get a fire going and for reasons unknown the flue got shut and the entire house got smoked up … Then add in the antics of Billy Nelson and you have one wild west show going on around here today.

On the upside nothing was really to terrible all the stuff was just little irritations. Just compound them all on the same day within just hours of each other and well, It gets a bit much. As for now we are headed to bed … Tomorrow is a new day and the little things will be done and over with.


Okay so tomorrow is the day. We are actually get showers and getting ready to head to bed. We will be getting up at 3am and hitting the road by 4. We will be on our way to Pauls Valley Oklahoma to get the new Mustang. I have discussed all the name suggestions with Mom and so far we haven’t found one that makes Mom over the Moon with joy so keep them coming.

I will be taking the camera with us tomorrow and I hope to bring her pick up to you as soon as We can tomorrow. I think it will be somewhere around noon or 1pm when we get home with her so I will post sometime after that. And I will also be sharing my new adventure that I hope will showcase her for the up coming year.

Mustang Cabin Fever

I can’t take it anymore …. and it has only been a two days since we got the news!!  Mom is driving me crazy.  Between Christmas and the Mustang any normally sane person would have gone nuts by now. Now lock us in with super cold weather and I am telling you, she is CRAZY!!!!

I am sure most of you know that Mom is all about Christmas.  She loves the season and everything about it.  Baking and give cookies, Listening to the music, the big meals and even the weather.  And it is the weather that has us locked inside with all Mom craziness.  By Craziness I mean we aren’t going hungry.  We have cookies, a ham, a roast and soups. Not to mention a half eaten Gingerbread house… Okay so Dad and I helped ourselves to a bit of the house here and there.  LOL

Anyway, Friday Mom got the call that her second Mustang has made it to the pick up point in Pauls Valley. She really wanted to go get her the minute she got the call but thanks to drizzling rain they wouldn’t let her. They told her Tuesday was the earliest that they would load the mustang out. So Mom said we would be there Tuesday at 8am … LOL

Now she is like a kid waiting for something to happen. You know that feeling you used to get as a kid waiting for Christmas to come. Or Getting excited about a birthday party or dance. Well, Mom is like a kid on Candy waiting to go get this new girl. She has been all over me to post here to get some ideas for a name for this girl. So Here I am finally giving in and asking all of you to comment on names for the new mustang.

So here she is … She is 2 years old and has been worked with a bit at the Mantle Ranch in Wyoming before coming to us.



So if you have any ideas for a name please, PLEASE!!!! let me know as Mom is coming up with all kinds of silly names … things like pancake, waffle, snow, cold … Basically every word out of her mouth she asks would that make a good name for the new mustang mare???

Freezing Cold

So over the last few days the bitter cold has set in.  I didn’t do much yesterday but I did ride and fit in a bit of computer work.  Then today was a bit more of the same.  There is one difference coming up in the near future that I wanted to drop on ya’ll.  First I want to say that we are going to try this and if it works, it works.  If not, we will not be repeating it.

We are going to attempt to be live this lambing season on Youtube.  Mom has her old computer and an old cam that we are going to set up in the barn.  We are going to see if we can broadcast live during births.  Her old Pc and cam did hook up tonight but it was really choppy.  We can’t seem to get it on my pc at all but Mom is thinking that she may hardwire the pc in to see if that does a better job.

What that means to you is that if it works we will be bringing you live lamb births online.   However, to find out and see when we go live you will need to subscribe to our youtube channel.  I want to be up front and let you know that if we mess this up …. It is what it is.

You can check out our youtube explanation if you are interested in more information …

Dentists all around

So this weekend was interesting but it was mostly Roping.  It started Friday when I went with Mom to get feed and the makings for cookies.  Lots and Lots of Cookies.  Then Friday night I took the truck to a friend to get some new O2 sensors.  Saturday started with me taking time to do the podcast with Mom.  Dad took that time to moved the three big round bales of Hay to the farm.  We bought them to get the cattle through the winter.
Saturday Night I went roping but they didn’t really get to many.  I think it was the cold weather.  By Sunday Morning I was headed to a friend’s house to practice team roping before I headed to another roping.  This time I won the second round of that roping.
This morning I started out at the dentist.  It was a normal 6 month visit but they had to fill a cavity.  When I got home I worked my contract horse before heading off to the vet with Coop.  She too had to have her teeth tended too.  When I got home I took time to band Cosmo.  He is of age and has dropped and I didn’t want Mr. Zebu thinking he was competition.
Then this evening I helped Mom put the Little Library in place and get it filled with all those wonderful books about water, soil and habitats.
The final thing that I worked on was the web page.  For those that keep up with it as well, you might notice that it has a new cleaner look.  That is because each year we take time to give each one a face lift.     You can check both Mine and the farm’s page out and let us know what you think.

A whole lot of cold

So today it was cold again.  That means I wanted to stay in bed just a bit longer then normal.  Yes, it made me late getting around.  However when I did finally get things done Mom and I found time to finally get the Christmas Cards Mailed off.  Other then that Mom just had me cleaning up the kitchen a bit.  She has been being crafty lately and the bar had her craft stuff everywhere.

Tomorrow we are heading to town to get everything for cookie day as that is this weekend.  Mom has also decided that she is going to make a gingerbread house so we will see how that turns out.  After lunch I headed out to work my Contract horse while Mom headed to town for meetings.  She will be teaching a few classes in the county through OHCE so that is what the meetings were about.

After her meetings she brought home burgers for dinner.  I took the time to get out the heater for Mom and Dad’s room before I ate and watched a bit of television.  As for now I am going to finish listening to the NFR and then head off to bed.

Oh, I did move Cinnamon into the barn today.  She isn’t getting her fair share of feed because she is so little and with the colder weather I think it makes her a bit weak.  In the barn she will eat good meals and I hope put on a bit more weight.  She will go out when it is warm during the day but I guess the barn is better then in the past when she was staying in the kitchen all the time … LOL.


So today they said it was going to be cold. Well, it was and still is. They also said it was going to snow. Well, it did this flurry every hour kind of thing but I still don’t want the snow. I know winter has to come but on the farm it is never really a good thing. That being said, It is with a really heavy heart I have to report that Mom’s Old Girl Curly has met Jesus for Christmas this year. The last two days she didn’t seem herself. I don’t know how to explain it. She still ate her cookies, dinner and drank plenty of water but she hadn’t really gotten up and around in awhile and with the cold I didn’t take her outside. Then tonight I think she just gave up.

Yes, she was old and yes, I understand the circle of life. However, that doesn’t make it easy to take. Curly was a Momma’s girl. And to tell the truth I think it hurts more to see the tears in Mom’s eyes knowing her heart is broken then it does to know Curly has moved on. She had this weird under bite that made her so memorable and we loved her. But she hadn’t been doing great in sometime and I know she is in a better Place … RIP Curly. We will Miss you!!!