So you would think that with the kids back in school things would slow down around here. That is not the case. We have had a bit of this and a bit of that going on. I have animals to doctor and care to provide. However, during the daily tasks some shining things happen. For example with school back in session Mom took a day off. And I don’t mean just doing the family running I mean she left Me in charge and left the state. LOL

Okay so she only traveled like two hours away but it was in a different state. Her and friend went to a yarn shop opening and the fabric outlet. To be honest I am just glad Mom didn’t drag me along!! Anyway, when her friend came to the house to go with her she brought me and Dad some treasure. And Not just any old treasure. RODEO TREASURE!!! And I do mean lots of it …

You need to understand that this friend’s Dad used to work for My great Uncle Fred Lowry who was married to Kate Lowry that is the Aunt Kate that gave Dad’s Mom this house. With that in mind the thing that started it all was this … an article about Fred Lowry, Dad’s Great Uncle. That is Aunt Kate in the picture and she is the one that gave Dad’s Mom this house.



Then there is the first Rodeo program from Nowata Oklahoma. That is our home County Seat and used to be our home town … When we say we are headed to town that is normally where we are headed. Inside the program are things like the advertisement from the Fred Lowry Roping.



Then remember the Cowboy that helped Mom and I with our flat on the trailer on the way to get me to a roping a while back??? Well, here he is (middle) … In the old days he was a local hero by way of being a bull rider. Now he is just a quiet one that changes a tire!


There is Reba McEntire’s Birth announcement … Her dad Clark, roped with Great Uncle Shoat.


There is a Wrangle ad with Buck Rutherford … He was a friend of Shoat’s and Fred’s and a really good roper.


And that is just the tip of the ice burg. There is a ton of treasure that Dad and I spent all day sorting through.







There is even a ton of old post cards.


Mom says that she has a few plans for our treasure that will be framed and displayed here in the house. I think it is going to be so cool.

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