Days as Nights … Nights as Days

I know I have been gone from the blog for to long but this is one time that I can say nothing really happened here that was to exciting. The one thing that has taken all my time is the haying season. When the temperatures were hot we spent the days cutting and baling the hay. However, by night we could be found hauling it in. Then this last week the weather flipped on us and we had to work when the dew was off everything. Even my Roping has gotten all turned around. Most weekend I don’t get home and in bed until well after 3am.

Simply put when I am not in the hay field I am roping, eating or sleeping. Mom has taken on all the day to days around here for the most part. I have had to stop and help her from time to time with this or that but then again she drives the truck for us to haul on and she helps kick the hay off to us for stacking. All in all I think the labor evens out.

I have been blessed enough to win a few roping and rodeos but there have been nights I have walked away empty handed too. As Mom says “It will all even out in the wash” … LOL

While we still have one more section of hay to get down and in the barn, one thing that is of interest to all my fiber and animal loving friends out there is starting today! Yup, today Mom and I are taking on the task of sorting and getting the first of the breeding pens started. One is the Goats. This year we are not breeding any angoras. Little Ash from this spring isn’t taking the heat so well. He is eating and drinking but he isn’t his spry self and no one can figure out exactly why. So Mom says after what happened with Grace last year and Now Ash not being up to snuff, she is done Breeding Angora Goats. We will however, still be breeding The Cisco Kid to our milk goats. So there will be baby goats just not angoras.

The other pen that will start today is the Merinos and the Meat Sheep. This year we will be using Rammie and then he will be Withered. Knight has had a bit of a set back with his leg so we are trying to get that all cleared up before we make him breed. His hurt leg on the back and he can’t really stand on one leg to breed so he would probably do more damage then good if he did try. Anyway, Rammie is this year’s Ram of choice for that reason. And if Knight’s leg doesn’t heal up right for whatever reason … he will be withered too.

The final Pen that I sorted today is the pasture. It is time for Mr. Zebu to go play with the girls. And trust me he is ready!!! When I turned him out he went snorting and bucking all the way down the arena. This also means that either tonight or tomorrow B’Day will be going to play with her Bull Friend. This time she will be with him in a smaller pen so we shouldn’t have a repeat of last year …. LOL.

While the Rams and Billies only get to play with their ladies until the middle of October, Mr. Zebu will remain on the pasture until Calving season starts …. Which is about 10 months from now … LOL

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