It’s Hay time again!

So this week a few little things have gone on around here. Most of which is centered around our haying season. And if it wasn’t centered around the hay it seems that Hay lead to a few other things that happened around here this week …

First, as the first round of hay was cut Mom and I cleared out the barn of the last 50 bales left over from last year. In order to do that we called our horse trainer. He feeds about 200 bales a month so he can use the hay up fast and he always needs it. While we were moving the hay out we found a Hen sitting on a nest and one baby chick. We saved them all and put Henny on Daisy’s old nest since she was no longer sitting on it. In the end we have three new chicks. They are so Cute.


While Kevin was here he did an interview for a future post on youtube. He also took time to check Derf out. We think he likes how he is doing as when Kevin was here Derf was in the pasture. Kevin also got to check out the Donkeys. After he was gone he had time to think about it, he decided he wanted to be Jack’s forever home. Kevin called Mom and let her know and yesterday Dad and I took Jack to his Stables.


With the stalls in the barn empty Mom and I decided it would help Precious to be in the barn and around People more so we moved her in. She was really jumpy the first few days. After that she has gotten her lovings everyday and she is doing much better. Not like a normal loved horse but Much better for her.

Another thing that came from this hay season already is that I managed to get 4 – 10X10 horse stalls. How did I do that??? I traded some hay for them. Mom is going to let me put them up under the awning outside the barn for now. They do need some work though. The wood isn’t any good but Mom and I plan to redo the wood and the Paint on them.


The other stuff going on is the normal farm stuff. By Day, I am riding Horses daily. Sugar is a great trail horse. I use her each day to gather cattle. She can walk for a long time but if you ask her for anything more right now she gets out of breath easily. She is still a bit over weight but we are working on it. Precious is being ridden as well and between that and the inside barn stalling she is making great strides. Caballo is now trailer trained and we have a call into the vet to see about getting him Cut. Coop, Storm and Ice are all roping and Derf is just Derf. LOL

By Night we had been hauling in over 700 bales of hay so far. It makes for long days and short nights and about a 3 hour nap window in the heat of the day. And Yes I am still Roping on the weekends. Last weekend I brought home a paycheck that was enough to keep me going this weekend and last night I got a small paycheck as well. All in all it is one of the busiest times on the farm, Second only to lambing season!!!

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