My day off

So Today was the first Saturday in a long while that I didn’t have a Roping or Rodeo. That means I took the day off. Okay, so I didn’t really take a day off. I started by getting in some roping on Ice. We even managed to Rope a turtle … LOL … It was huge (Huge for a turtle anyway).


I kept him in the water troughs until Mom and I took him to a new home at the creek.

He was so made at being roped he peed on me … LOL

After I got done with the horses Mom took me down the road in the truck with my new friend in a bucket.

I turned him loose and I am sure he will love his new home.

And there he goes!

After that Mom and I worked with Caballo. It took us a bit and with the help of the chutes we got his halter on him for the first time.


After that I lead him from one pen to another with very little trouble. He is such a quick learner.






I did teach him with Feed but that is only because he already follows us into the stall when ever we feed him. So to make it easier on him I used it to convince him he could move in that halter.

After that Mom said it was time to work with Precious. We are introducing her to a new form of training. All we did was get her used to the flag today but she did great. At first she was spooky at everything. Then she settled in and seemed to catch on that it was going to be okay. She relaxed and let me do anything I wanted.







By getting her used to the flag we should be able to start building her confidence a little at a time so that she will learn to trust again.

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