Getting a bit crazy

So it hasn’t really slowed down around here. It has however seemed to get a bit crazy. There are still all the little things that I have to do daily but then some big issues have taken over. Coop is Doing much better because what we though was Dew Poisoning turned out to be a scuff from her metal shoe that took off a bit of hide and was oozing. Doc gave her some meds and she will be fine. Derf is still getting his feet all worked out but they are doing great. Holly is doing fine. Rodeo is being weaned. Precious is coming along and Storm is rocking the roping. Even with all that it is the big things that are getting in the way.

It all started with the A/C having to be replaced. We put the window units in about a week and a half ago only to find that two no longer want to cool our house. Mom had to order one online that was 110v but big enough to cool the kitchen and some of the living room. We got that here Thursday and then Friday we had a large group of kids followed by a blown water heater. The water heater wouldn’t have been such an issue if #1 the old one hadn’t been installed in May of 1988 and #2 if it hadn’t been propane. You see in the country we don’t have natural gas and our only heavy wiring is for the stove and the dryer. That means we had to special order a Propane water heater. It cost us a bit more and to top that off the size of a water heater has grown in the last 28 years. That means the standard water heater is now 40 gallons and not 30.

After special ordering the water heater it took a few days to get everything we needed to adapt the water and propane lines to handle it. By Wednesday we had everything lined out and hot water heating. To bad it took awhile before we actually had hot water. It takes time for it to heat up you know … LOL

At least we got to shower BEFORE my State 4-H Horse show. It was yesterday (Thursday). What was suppose to take a few hours took all day. I guess I didn’t mind since I got time to spend with my friends and it was my last State horse show. One the Plus side I didn’t win just one title. I won both that I entered.






Today Mom tried playing catch up but it didn’t go to well. We left to get feed at 7:30am so that we could be home by the time the inter got here … We were late. We ended up having to make a stop for gas and a stop for Dog food and a Jolly Ball for Derf. Then when we did get to the house, the intern’s Mom had a flat.

I changed her flat and got her back on the road before unloading the feed. By then it was getting hot and roping was out of the question. Mom tried to get the day back on track but I got a really good laugh when she messed up the cheese she was making because an egg customer showed up and kept her talking … LOL … On the up side they got everything ready for the first Book farm reading program before they went and worked Derf and filled waters.

Mom also had us use her new reusable Ice cubes for the water troughs. I will have to tell you all about that experiment in my next post because Mom says that this day has gone on long enough and we are all going to bed early to get back on track tomorrow.

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