Roping and Storms

So I spent the weekend roping again. I did really well and Yesterday I won a round and the average and then today I won the rodeo. I did have to take some time to fix fence before I could go but other then that not much happened around here until today.

After fixing the fence Mom had me take off the front of the stall in Mr. Zebu’s pen. It seems Egor got stuck because he is getting to big for that stall. Then after Dad and I left the storms hit. Mom took a few pics that I will share.

This is Coops stall and the only one Mom didn’t have fixed when we Got home from the roping.

This is the Man stall. There were two sections that went back up pretty easy Mom said. She also said that each piece is only held in place with one nail so we will be adding a few more to make it a bit more sturdy.

The other stall that blew apart was Caballo Thunder. In the worst part of the storm Mom found him outside the stall and that is when she headed out and found all the wind damage. He wanted under the stall but it was making him very nervous with the piece flapping.

Mom said she calmed him down, fixed the stall and he went right on in.

When we got home I fixed Coops stall but the storms had long gone. Everything is muddy again but nothing to terrible …

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