Making Peace with it

For the last week nothing has really happened out of the ordinary here on the farm. We had a few things that didn’t go right but nothing major. We also had a few things go right but again nothing really surprising.

For example one day last week, a nest of chicken eggs was laid in the front flower bed and since we didn’t know anything about them they were left in the heat so long they exploded. The Smell by the front door was horrible. Of Course it has to happen when we had someone stop by so that was kind of embarrassing but I watered the nest down and cleaned it up while Dad took the other old eggs and got rid of them.

Another day The farm Got some thorn-less blackberry from the Community Garden to help make a better fence in the orchard. We got 5 starts and we planted them so that they will be all over the old fence in the orchard making it a better fence to keep the Orchard at least Kind of fenced.

We also had a wonderful farm visit with the Grandkids of another fiber artist. We think it went well and they posted a ton of pictures and according to Grandma are already planning their next trip to the farm. The very next day our Intern returned for the summer. She got right in and made a pen in the barn to keep the chicks safe before helping us work the sheep and goats. Everything was wormed and the lambs and kids got their second CDT shot as well as the man pen was vaccinated. She even returned again on Monday and helped get everything set for this Friday’s Fire Flies and Star gazing event.

I roped Thursday at a roping but things just seemed off and I couldn’t get it together. I decided that I would spend this weekend in the practice pen and get myself right before entering anything that costs money. Each day I have spent the cool of the mornings roping for about 2 hours. This is also a good thing since Mom’s truck needed an easy week before it made it’s way back to the mechanic … We will get it back this evening when Dad gets home.

Yesterday a new colt came in and Mom has been working with it … But that is her story to tell. As for me today I practiced and am now blogging all the while fighting a headache from the pollen blowing around. I took the time to put in the A/C in the kitchen to see if it will help filter at least some of it out of the house. Then nights are still cool so we really don’t need the units in the bed rooms yet but I know that time is coming too …

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