Shetland Update

One of the things I like about our farm is that I get to keep in touch with the people who purchase our lambs. Last year I had three buyers – one a young girl from about 20 miles north of us. We hear from her from time to time and she always lets us know how things are going and calls if she has any issues. I think Mom is even going to let her borrow our ram later this year. The other buyer was a small farm – Mother and Daughter team and they were just here for Fiber Friday to check out Mom’s tumbler and talk Merino. Today I wanted to share about the third buyer. We don’t hear from her often but I did get one such update and we were super happy about that. She wrote:

Thought you might like an update on the little Shetland sheep we got from you last Fall. They survived their first shearing…looked so funny without all their fluff and those big horns! 😉
I named the brown one Milton…he has always been the bold one, quick to come up to you for food, but still very skittish and quick to instinctively bump you with his head and run away if you move to quickly.
Nigel is the black one..he has come out of his terrified little shell and is ornery with the others when they are playing. And just last week he decided he loves me! He comes up to me for affection and leans his face into my chest while I give him a good rub down. What a delightful victory 🙂

She also included photos I thought you all would like to see. The Brown and white looks just like his Daddy – King Panda – What do you think??




2 thoughts on “Shetland Update

  1. Aww! They look like happy sheep!
    I need to send you pictures of the 4 you let me take home – once I get all of them sheared…….

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