I Graduated!!!

This week it has been a bit lazy and a bit crazy. And some times both on the same day. Tuesday morning Mom and I both had allergy issues so we just hung out and snoozed in front of the TV for a while. What is funny is neither one of us really knew what we were watching as we both would doze in and out and not at the same times … LOL Once we were feeling a bit better Mom said we needed to get up and round so she went out and worked the arena up for me. Of coarse I couldn’t not rope in a newly worked up arena could I???

Wednesday was so different. We spent half the day running around and getting things ready for our Summer programs not to mention we took the truck to get it checked out as it is using and leaking oil. We found that it needs a new oil pressure switch so Mom picked one up and I hope that I can get it changed tomorrow … with some help from Mom or Dad … LOL When we got the running done I did get to the roping arena for a bit of practice. After all that worked up arena was calling to me.

Thursday was a long one … we did chores and then headed to go get feed. We got the feed home and unloaded just in time to load up Precious and Coop and head to Tulsa. We took Precious to a trainer. He is the same trainer that helped Storm. We are hoping he can get Precious over her anxiety of being mounted so that we can start riding her. After we got her settled in at the barn and showed her progress to the trainer, we headed to a roping. Even though I was kind of tired I won both the first and second round and the average. We got home about 2am and headed to bed.

Friday Mom finished up the running. I manned the farm and did some shearing and did a farm visit. The parents were loving it but the little boy was having none of it. He didn’t even like the baby chicks let alone the goats and sheep. He wouldn’t even go into the chicken coop. It was okay though. The parents said that they will be coming back when he is a bit older. That evening I headed out to a church rodeo. I won second in the calf roping but didn’t do any good in the team roping.

Saturday was more of the same … Roping, Roping, Roping. First I headed to Perkins where I entered on both Storm and Coop. This was Storm’s first competition. Storm won second in the first round with a 10.3 but after that I couldn’t catch anything on either horse. I don’t know what the deal was. I was just a bit off. From there I headed back for day two of the church Rodeo. Sadly, I didn’t get anything done there either. For the weekend I am actually on the plus side so it wasn’t a huge disappointment. I just hate when I miss more then one in a row.

Today was a bit different but a really good day. For the record, It didn’t consist of much roping although I did get in a bit of practice. You see, it was my official Graduation day. Yup, I am now a High School Graduate. I don’t feel any real difference except that my stomach is full. We had a pizza party with my friends. There was food, friends, stories, laughs and cake. It was alot of fun.

Mom did do one silly thing. She got this dog that she had everyone sign. It was funny. She said she knew I probably won’t keep it but when she passes away and I call them to help me clear things out, she says that we will find it and do a bit or reminiscing. I think it kind of looks like Snoopy.


The Cake was good to and it was so Me. Simple but good …


I hope that everyone had a good time. I had some of my roping friends there but these guys were there for me through a lot of my 4-H days … Mom calls us the old gang. I guess my roping buddy and his family are the New gang … LOL. I don’t think I would have so many wonderful stories and Memories if it had been any other people. Thanks to everyone who came both old and new … I am blessed to have all ya’ll in my life.


Long Day

So today I spent the day getting the flock in order. While Mom ran Moose to the Vet to get fixed I used the grass clipping from the orchard to treat the man pen. After that it started to rain but that didn’t last long … Just long enough to delay the working of the flock.

Mom got back and we hung out doing a bit of dying and putting a fleece on the drying rack … Check this out…



We dyed like 8 – 4 oz balls of roving. We did some the way Mom dyes the yarn and we did others in a ball so it has a faded look from one end to the other. It was pretty cool. And I think I really like the way they turned out.

After that the rain had passed on over us so we worked the flock. Everyone got wormed, their annual CDT Vaccinations and their hooves trimmed if they needed it. While the last of the babies got tails docked, banded and ear tagged if they weren’t already.


After that, you probably know what happened right? You guessed it. I headed to the roping pen while Mom headed back to pick up Moose and bring him home. After that dinner and more chores and I soon will shower and head to bed.

Happy Mother’s Day

So this weekend was kind of weird for me. You see for the last 6 years or more I have always spent Mother’s Day at the District 4-H horse show. This year they changed things up a bit and we had the horse show yesterday. That means today I will have to figure out what other people do for their Moms on Mother’s Day.

Yesterday I spent all day at the 4-H District Horse Show. I only entered the roping events and there were just three of them. I honestly thought that I would have time to go to my other rodeo but the horse show was run kind of slow and I didn’t have time to make it from one place to the other. I was kind of bummed that I missed my other rodeo but then I got a delivery right at the horse show. A leather worker and friend of Dad’s Dad made me a belt … It has Straw on the Back and my initials on the front end. I have to say I LOVE IT!



And just so you know never wiggle your butt when Mom is taking pictures for your new Belt … she will later use it against you. LOL Mom let me start using the belt that she got me for Graduation after I got home so I was really loving it then.

Today was Mother’s Day. And since for the first time in years My horse show didn’t take up Mother’s day I had to figure out how to make it a good one for Mom. I can’t say I started off very well. I got up at 7am and helped with the chores and then Dad and I went back to bed … And slept until 11am. I know, I know I wasn’t off to a very good start but I thought Mom was going back to bed too … Then a storm rolled in and she didn’t.

By the time I got up Mom had dinner in the crockpot, dishes, the floors and a load of laundry done. Not to mention the entire New series of Videos she edited and scheduled on you tube. I think she had like 15 videos done. When Dad and I finally got up we decided that we needed to get something done. So Dad got the Tractor going. Mom was super excited about it. Then Dad helped Mom reclaim the Orchard.

As the day went on I helped a bit in the barn and then with the farm visit we had. Dad and I did fit in going to get Mom some Pepsi so that was a plus. Other then that I was in the Roping pen. Then this evening we ate and watched a Movie together. All in all it was a good family day but nothing real special for Mom. I will have to get a bit better at the whole Mother’s Day thing now that I don’t have an excuse not to be … LOL

My Lucky Day

So Wednesday I had a post that I was going to post but then life changed things up and I asked Mom to take care of the post for me as I really didn’t want to do it. Then Yesterday I spent the day doing the running around and getting stuff done with Mom. We even traveled about an hour away to get the water pump for the old tractor. This morning at 6am I headed out to a rodeo. I rode three hours to get to a rodeo that I was going to rope at only to find it had been cancelled. I had called Monday and got the info and today when I arrived I found that Wednesday they cancelled it. When I got home I found more disturbing news. You see I had left a cotter pin in my jeans pocket and it got washed and when Mom dried my jeans the cotter pin messed up the belt on the dryer so I had to help Mom fix that as well.


The bad part is that while fixing it we managed to knock a rack off the wall, smash my finger and Mom’s foot. My luck is kind of out of whack today as even when I went to put out the trash, the bag broke!! REALLY??? At this point in the day I knew my luck had to change as even bad luck runs out!


And change it did. You see for the last few days we had been waiting on Snapdragon, The Longhorn Cow, to give birth. (I had a post ready the other day about waiting on her that I never did post due to life changing … I just edited it and popped it in as part of this post) So what made us think she was going to have a calf? Well, first off she had been running with Mr. Zebu for awhile. Who is Mr. Zebu?? Well, he is our only Unfixed Male Bull on the place. Second, We know only one thing causes this …


I know it isn’t a very good picture but as you can see very well, while she is itching her head, that she has a rather large bag on her. We also know that it isn’t just her being fat, as her bag had been growing bigger each day. Finally, there is this …


It is hard to get a good picture of it but her Whoha is Very swollen. Everyone that has seen her in the last week just keeps saying she will calf “any day now”. Well, today I got home at lunch time from my drive to the nonexistent Rodeo. Mom had made Lasagna for lunch so after I put Coop up I thought I would checked Dragon before I went in to eat. Mom said she had been a bit agitated all day. Don’t worry though I found out why. “Any day now”, Turned out to be today … LOL

When I first checked Snap Dragon, she had a water bag and was laying on her side. I went in and ate a quick lunch and then started to take over Mom’s Checking duties while working on the dryer in between checks. At some point, on about my 4th check, Mom had looked out the back door and said … “Either that is the funniest looking chicken ever or Dragon had her calf”. When I got to the pen I found this …


At First, I told Mom it was just a funny looking Chicken because early on I had thought it was going to be an ugly looking calf. You see, Zebu have a hump on their necks and long horns have fuzzy hairs on theirs. Mr. Zebu was grey that fades to white and Dragon is white with Brown spots. I really couldn’t see this being a very cute Calf at all. As a matter of fact at one point I had told Mom it would only be a cute calf if it was one of those times that it was so ugly it was cute. And from the first pictures you can see it wasn’t looking pretty at all.

However, Dragon kept cleaning the baby up and within just a few hours it was up, running, playing and bucking around. This calf is one hardy little thing. Dragon isn’t a tame cow (she is easy handling and trusts us but she is in no way Like B’Day the old Show Cow) so the best looks I can get leads me to think this little one is a girl. It isn’t like I can just go take her from her Mom and look. Dragon is a Long Horn and yes she has horns and yes, she knows how to use them. Why, I have seen her use them to throw a skunk up and over my head as I was sitting on a horse in the pasture. No Sir, She is so not afraid to use them. Anyway, This little thing is going to need a name. Yes, a Wild Flower Girl’s name.


And for the Record I now know she isn’t so ugly and I actually find her kind of cute. Funny to watch on those Long gangling legs but cute none the less.

EDIT: Just my Luck I got it wrong … SHE has lumps making her a HE!! It is a BOY not a GIRL … LOL Oh well, everyone has to have days like this sometimes … LOL

Heart break happens

So Today RJ had a post all about yesterday and waiting on Snapdragon to calf. However, He left to go roping with some friends and asked that I post “what had to be said”. Well, Heartbreak is what happened today and that is what had to be said. So Here goes one of those kinds of posts.

The day started out great we were getting things done as normal. The morning was full of chores. Both inside the house and out. I had done the Dishes and mopped the kitchen floor like normal while RJ did the outside chores and started to move hay for the new barn to the old barn to use for the man pen, Derf and Dragon. By the time I finished my chores, RJ was at the old barn unloading and I headed out to help unload. As I crossed the pasture I saw all the sheep laying in the shade and as I passed they all got up and moved around. All but one that is.

We have no idea what happened but Buck, Coco Drop’s baby, didn’t get up and run off. As I got closer I could see he was no longer with us. This broke my heart. He had been fine at feeding time as both RJ and I saw him and he came with his Mom to Breakfast with the Flock. So why he has passed just a few hours later is a mystery to us. The hardest part for me is that Coco Drop is our last pure OE Southdown. The others that we had, have all passed over the last few years. Don’t get me wrong they lived long happy lives and each ranged in age from 11 to 13 years old. Anyway, I broke down crying as my heart broke for Coco Drop. This year was her first year lambing and as you can tell it didn’t end well. We will continue to let her be bred by our OE Southdown Ram so someday she may be a Mother again and heck who knows maybe even a grandmother ….

RJ was a great kid and he took care of Buck laying him to rest with respect and love. Even with all the drama, we had Rodeo’s little owner out. He played and didn’t want to leave. His Mom Gave RJ an Ear lowering (my name for a haircut) as a way to thank him for everything he has done for Rodeo.


Little man has also found a new friend in Loblolly as well as Rodeo. And it looks as if Lob will return home with Rodeo when they are big enough so that Rodeo has someone to buddy with.





Little man had a great time playing with Rodeo and Loblolly and it looks as if Lob will return home with Rodeo when they are big enough so that Rodeo has someone to buddy with.

After We hung out a bit with them, we finally got back to work and finished moving the hay. Then we came in to eat a bite and get drinks and just take a break in General. At this point we left Kid outside as he has spent more and more time outside these days. And at the same time the Ducks from the Barn were out as we moved hay and left the barn door open as we always do. Anyway, while we were taking a break and getting something to eat, some how Kid managed to actually catch the small call Duck from the barn that was from back in RJ’s Showing days. The duck was old but it could still fly so we have no clue how Kid actually got a hold of him. In the end The little duck passed.

This is one of those times that really got to RJ and he cried as his heart broke. He had showed that duck and won so many awards with him and they had a real bond. I even have a picture of that duck and RJ with SANTA1 I think the part that really broke RJ’s heart is that we had discussed putting the ducks back up but in the end thought that since they were having a great time outside on such a pretty day it would be okay to leave them out for a bit longer. After all we would be right inside. It was our mistake but the little duck paid the price. And that is a hard pill to swallow for anyone. After the little guy was buried I snapped this shot that broke my heart all over again.


It seems even Jethro took today hard as he lay out there guarding the grave site. Please remember that Kid is just a puppy of about 5 months old. So please don’t blame him … God Knows we don’t.

chilly day

So today started out normal. Chores were done and I helped Mom milk the goats. It is overcast and chilly with a threat of Rain so no shearing went on today. After the morning chores Dad headed out to get his Dad and Mom headed to the Tax man. The afternoon was full of roping and I rounded out the day with more chores. And to end the day Mom ordered my Graduation Present.

This morning and through out the day really it was chilly here. The clouds were keeping the sun at bay and it just seems a bit to cold to do any shearing. The threat of Rain was all around us and just to our north it was said to have hailed. Anyway, about 10:30am I headed to the roping pen to see if I could get a bit of roping in before any real weather hit.

Dad spent some time with his Dad and then came on out the run the chutes while Mom took care of the taxes and did a bit of running in town. When I got done in the roping pen my friend called me and wanted to rope at his house too. So I loaded Ice up and headed on over. We roped and practiced for about 3 hours and then Dad and I stopped and picked up dinner on the way home.

I ended the day doing chores like normal but when I got back in Mom was on the phone. She took some measurements of my waist and belt and when she got off the phone she took time to explain what was going on. You see Dad’s Dad has a belt special made for himself by a friend. The belt is not only special because it is made by the friend but because it houses a secret Money compartment. I had express that I was interested in having a belt like that. So for Graduation Mom called the friend that makes Dad’s Dad’s Belt. They made some kind of deal and here in a few weeks I will have a special handmade belt just like I wanted. Besides the belt, for my Graduation Mom is giving me and my friends a small pizza party. I know is sounds weird but I didn’t even want her to do that. On the other hand I am super glad she did and so are my friends. Graduation … Yup I am graduating High school.

Another Roping Weekend

So this weekend is just about like every other weekend. I went to a friend’s house to practice Friday and then I rode with him on Saturday to a Roping as well. I finished off the weekend by making one more Roping today. After a full weekend, I am tired but doing okay.

Friday We got our blades back so I did take time to shear a sheep. But then it started raining so that ended that. I worked with Mom and we got the Etsy shop back up and up to date. You can check it out Here. Then that evening I went to a friend’s house to practice roping. We got a lot of roping done and I felt pretty good going into Saturday’s Roping.

Saturday, I rode with My Friend and his Mom to a roping. I got a 10.8 on my first run. While it didn’t get me a paycheck it set me up to be able to hold my own in the Average. However, on my Second run I broke out and ended with a 19.3 That knocked me out of everything and I ended up with Nothing. My Friend didn’t do any good either. From there My friend’s Mom made a barrel race on the way home. She knocked over the third barrel so our whole trip was a bust and I didn’t get home until 1:30am.

By 11 am this morning I was back on the road. I headed to another roping and this time I did a bit better. On my first calf I was 17. and that wasn’t really a great run. However, on my second run I got a 9 second time and that was enough to bring home a small paycheck for the fastest time of the day. This evening we took some time to go see Dad’s Dad but that is another story.

As for Snapdragon Mom has kept watch all weekend and she is progressing but still no calf!