Shearing is done!

So Monday I got up at 3am and worked on the shearing. The weather didn’t hold out like I had hoped. However, By morning I had all the goats sheared and the last two sheep in the barn nice and dry when the rains came. When Mom got up she helped me finish the last two sheep. I kind of had been rude to Mom about the weather and I couldn’t sleep because I felt a little guilty. Guilt will do funny things to you if you know what I mean. In the end it all worked out but not without issues.

The rains pasted and I got a chance to fit in some roping so I took it. At one point I have to admit I did fall asleep on the couch but then again I had been up since 3am… LOL … I know … My own fault there.

Today didn’t go as planned either. There was a bit of a large tiff, an argument or two, some strong words and some stomping out. As a family now know we need to work on our communication skills. So in the end we will be doing just that if we are going to all stay under one roof and survive.

After getting in some roping in between all of that, I did find time to help Mom with her truck. It now has a new oil pressure switch, an oil change and a few new spark plugs. As a thank you she took Dad and I out to eat where Dad and I were suppose to carry the conversation and not let it die. We worked hard to keep it going but I have to say we reallllly need to work on that. It is hard to keep a conversation going when you have to think about it.

When we got home we took some time to work in the garden, do chores and Mom even fit in some cheese making … and we ended the night by finishing the pod cast and getting it posting before heading off to bed.

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