Long days

So yesterday I spent all day at finals. I roped my first two but then I messed up my third. At Finals there was also a shot out and I missed my calf in that as well so I didn’t get to move on. I was upset and all Mom wanted to do was “talk about it.” I want to rope them all and I never want to miss and I shouldn’t have missed. That is all there is to it. I did make the top 15 and I got a cool vest but for some reason that really didn’t make me happy about how I roped.


I also got two cool pictures of Storm and Coop Roping from the weeks before. The one of Storm is picture perfect and I am super happy with that. Anyway, today Mom and I sheared the man pen and then I hit the roping pen. Mom was thinking we could shear the rest of the flock tonight before any more rain hits but since the rain won’t come in until tomorrow evening, I decided to wait to shear until tomorrow instead.




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