Tumbler and Roping

Yesterday was interesting. Fun but interesting. It started with a Trip to Sedan Ks. For all you Wizard of Oz fans … Sedan has the world’s longest Yellow Brick road! And no we didn’t pass on the chance to take a photo on it …


I got to eat lunch with an amazing fiber artist/shepherd and some of her friends. We also acquired a new to us Tumbler. It is nice and big and works great.


The legs come off for portability but it is still big enough to hold a lot of fiber so Mom says she is going to get cracking and get some fiber going. Right after she motorizes it … LOL … Lord knows I am not going to be the one cranking that thing all the time.

While we were gone the farrier came and trimmed up all the horses. He didn’t like the way Derf’s foot was doing so on the way home we stopped at the Vet’s office. This time we picked up some antibiotics. This is our fourth Medication for him and the Vet says something else must be going on. So he is going to kick any bacteria that he may have picked up.

After we got home I went and helped a friend move a loveseat/couch … (I am not really sure what it was but I helped move it) From there I had just enough time to get home, Doctor Derf and head out to the Roping. I won the first round and second in the Average. It was a good day.

Through out the day Mom took care of Kid. Yesterday he didn’t throw up and was drinking water. He also finished his antibiotic shots. This morning he was actually eating and drinking small bits with out throwing up. To us that is a good thing. While he still lays around and sleeps a lot but we think with some time he will get back to his normal self.

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