Derf’s new Diggs

So It has been a long week of rain and roping and overhauls mixed in with Farm Visits. Oh and a Holiday weekend. Let me back up and catch everyone up …

Wednesday I went with Mom and got Feed for everything. We also picked up some mineral for the cattle, some fly spray for the goats and Derf. And a few other odds and ends. When we got home I had time to rope before chores. Thursday Mom and I spent day putting together Derf new stall in the barn. We headed to town and got four thick mats. It was a pain to get them from the truck to the barn as they were heavy and floppy. Mom figured out to use the wagon.



We laid them out first and then went to work cutting and fitting them into the stall … It wasn’t as easy as you would think …



For the Center Mom gave up her mat in the house pen so that we could finish the stall out. We will use it to finish the other one when we do it too.



We finished the stall out with Pine Shaving …


In the end Derf Hated it!! I don’t think it is the stall he hates as much as it is just being inside all the time.


Friday I got up early to rope. With warmer days it is to much on the livestock to rope so much in the heat so early in the morning it is cooler and better for them. The day was then full of farm visits and fiber Friday. We all had fun and I think everyone learned a lot.

Saturday a friend and Vet assistant came out to look at Derf. He offered a different approach in the care of him that Mom says we will talk to our horseshoer and vet about before we attempt it. By Noon more people had found their way to the farm and we spent the day making new friends and visiting with them. I headed out to a rodeo in the evening but I had the worst luck. I broke out and the calf got up.

Sunday I spend the morning helping Mom harvest some plants for the Community garden and the Farmer’s market. They have a program Mom is looking into and might join to take advantage of it to get our Egg packing license. That way we can sell our eggs anywhere. Not just here on the farm. I ended up back at the rodeo that night as well. This time however I brought home a paycheck with a 9.9 It was good enough to win the whole rodeo.

Today I went to another Roping. I ended up spending all day there. It was a two head roping. On my first calf I broke out but on my second calf I won the round. Now I am heading to shower and bed and I am going to try and blog about every other day from here on out. Sometimes Life just gets busy and it seems to get away from me. I don’t know if I will get it done but I am going to try.

Shearing is done!

So Monday I got up at 3am and worked on the shearing. The weather didn’t hold out like I had hoped. However, By morning I had all the goats sheared and the last two sheep in the barn nice and dry when the rains came. When Mom got up she helped me finish the last two sheep. I kind of had been rude to Mom about the weather and I couldn’t sleep because I felt a little guilty. Guilt will do funny things to you if you know what I mean. In the end it all worked out but not without issues.

The rains pasted and I got a chance to fit in some roping so I took it. At one point I have to admit I did fall asleep on the couch but then again I had been up since 3am… LOL … I know … My own fault there.

Today didn’t go as planned either. There was a bit of a large tiff, an argument or two, some strong words and some stomping out. As a family now know we need to work on our communication skills. So in the end we will be doing just that if we are going to all stay under one roof and survive.

After getting in some roping in between all of that, I did find time to help Mom with her truck. It now has a new oil pressure switch, an oil change and a few new spark plugs. As a thank you she took Dad and I out to eat where Dad and I were suppose to carry the conversation and not let it die. We worked hard to keep it going but I have to say we reallllly need to work on that. It is hard to keep a conversation going when you have to think about it.

When we got home we took some time to work in the garden, do chores and Mom even fit in some cheese making … and we ended the night by finishing the pod cast and getting it posting before heading off to bed.

Long days

So yesterday I spent all day at finals. I roped my first two but then I messed up my third. At Finals there was also a shot out and I missed my calf in that as well so I didn’t get to move on. I was upset and all Mom wanted to do was “talk about it.” I want to rope them all and I never want to miss and I shouldn’t have missed. That is all there is to it. I did make the top 15 and I got a cool vest but for some reason that really didn’t make me happy about how I roped.


I also got two cool pictures of Storm and Coop Roping from the weeks before. The one of Storm is picture perfect and I am super happy with that. Anyway, today Mom and I sheared the man pen and then I hit the roping pen. Mom was thinking we could shear the rest of the flock tonight before any more rain hits but since the rain won’t come in until tomorrow evening, I decided to wait to shear until tomorrow instead.




Tumbler and Roping

Yesterday was interesting. Fun but interesting. It started with a Trip to Sedan Ks. For all you Wizard of Oz fans … Sedan has the world’s longest Yellow Brick road! And no we didn’t pass on the chance to take a photo on it …


I got to eat lunch with an amazing fiber artist/shepherd and some of her friends. We also acquired a new to us Tumbler. It is nice and big and works great.


The legs come off for portability but it is still big enough to hold a lot of fiber so Mom says she is going to get cracking and get some fiber going. Right after she motorizes it … LOL … Lord knows I am not going to be the one cranking that thing all the time.

While we were gone the farrier came and trimmed up all the horses. He didn’t like the way Derf’s foot was doing so on the way home we stopped at the Vet’s office. This time we picked up some antibiotics. This is our fourth Medication for him and the Vet says something else must be going on. So he is going to kick any bacteria that he may have picked up.

After we got home I went and helped a friend move a loveseat/couch … (I am not really sure what it was but I helped move it) From there I had just enough time to get home, Doctor Derf and head out to the Roping. I won the first round and second in the Average. It was a good day.

Through out the day Mom took care of Kid. Yesterday he didn’t throw up and was drinking water. He also finished his antibiotic shots. This morning he was actually eating and drinking small bits with out throwing up. To us that is a good thing. While he still lays around and sleeps a lot but we think with some time he will get back to his normal self.

The Facelift

Today started with more rain. However, as the day wore on the rain cleared away for a bit and Mom and I were able to work on one small project that we needed to get done. You see the Picnic tables were looking a bit bad and one had a few boards that needed to be replaced. They both needed new paint to freshen them up but that is normally done each year anyway.

We started by removing the old boards. It was kind of fun to tear them out …







Then we put new boards in their place


Then Mom painted them. She said the paint isn’t the color of red she wanted but for 11 buck a gallon it was close enough … LOL She also doesn’t have the very bottom painted but she said that she would have to wait until the ground drys out a bit to do it.



More Rain

Today was “nothing to write home about”. There was more rain and that kept me from doing a whole lot. I found time to clean out some stuff in the barn and kind of straighten up where we have been shearing. Not that we could shear today thanks to the rain.

I spent time playing with Rodeo just because there wasn’t much else to do. I wrote all my Graduation Thank you cards but having a small number of friends comes in handy in that aspect as It only took me about 30 minutes to get that done.

Kid still has an upset stomach but Doc had us give an antibiotic and keep fluids in him. We are hoping what ever his issue is it will pass soon and he gets back to his normal Puppy Self. I checked the cattle and Cosmo and Buttercup are taking the rain pretty good. Mom is planning a shelter for the pasture but that isn’t really helping right now … LOL.

Other then that I spent the day making tie strings. I lucet weave them and it makes them like a square braid. So far I have a pink one done and I am now working on a light green with Black specks in it. At this rate I will have it done by tomorrow.

Nothing but Rain

So today I really didn’t do anything. I had big plans but at about 4am it started raining and that stopped me from getting things done. I had planned to shear, that didn’t happen. I planned to fix the truck, that didn’t happen. I planned to Rope, that didn’t happen.

Yes today was full of that didn’t happens. There was one thing that did happen though. You see the wood bees have been driving the sheep from the pasture shed. So Mom got some stuff to treat them. With the cooler weather the Bees were in their holes. So we took time to spray every single hole we could find.

It was kind of weird to watch the bees come out and fall to the ground. Some came out head first, some butt first. Either way I don’t think they lived long after they came out of their holes. We not only treated the pasture shed but we took time to treat all of the horse sheds as well as the shed in the man pen. We are hoping that we got enough of them so that the sheep can return to the shed without the bees running them out any more.

Other then that Dad and I watched TV while Mom did a bit of this and that. She blew the eggs for the display she is giving to a Community Garden project and She even made a run to town for the spray for the bees. You have to admit at least some one was working around here. Oh and she also took care of Kid.

We don’t know what his issue is but he has been sick and not feeling well today. We called the Vet and we gave him some Pepto and a bubble under his skin so he doesn’t get dehydrated. We are hoping it is just a belly ache and will pass soon. Doc says he probably ate something that upset his stomach but we can’t figure out what that would be. He was outside some and inside some and we never saw anything suspicious or anything out of place. Please say a prayer that this tummy issue passes quickly and he get back to his playful self.