Coop, Rain and colic

Well, it rained some more. That means no shearing went on today. It also means that Mom and I had time to work on the drainage in the lots. On a break after lunch Mom went to check and see if we had made any improvement with all the rain and she found Coop in trouble.

So with all the rain Mom and I worked on the drainage of the pens. When I was a kid, we called it playing water tamer and I always had a blast. I had no idea it was work or that we were keeping the pens draining properly. Since getting older it still looks like playing in the mud but it is actually keeping the small shallow ditches that Mom created along the fence lines clear and draining extra water away from the pens.


After a bit Mom and I went into work on the Taxes as Dad had a Doctor’s Appointment. We also took time to eat lunch. When Mom came back out she heard a banging sound coming from the barn and found Coop acting as if she was in pain. Her tail was up, she was sweaty, she had pawed a depression in the center of her stall and you could see the veins and muscles on her belly tightening up. All are signs of Pain and Colic.

We got Coop haltered and since Dad had just gotten home, he started walking her. Mom sent me for a shot of Banamine. Then she got Doc on the phone. Doc said we were doing everything just fine and to keep walking her until she had a bowel movement and the medication took hold. He also said we could drench her with some mineral oil but at the time I couldn’t find the mineral oil so Dad just kept Coop moving. With in about 45 minutes she passed a bit of bowel. Not really the normal amount but enough that we put her in her stall. Her tail was relaxed by then as well and she was no longer sweating. Her stomach muscles also seemed to be relaxing and that was a good sign too.

We spend the rest of the day keeping watch over Coop and Rodeo. Rodeo is the Goat that came in earlier this week. He still has scours and so for the next 24 hours he will be on mineral water. I know it sounds bad but one thing that we have learned is that giving an animal milk when they are scouring is like throwing gas on a fire. It make the issue worse. So at 10am tomorrow Rodeo will get his last vitamin bottle and at 4pm he will get a milk bottle … with a little of God’s Grace it will straighten out his bowels and tummy and he will get on track to go home.


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