Two more

So yesterday the only thing that happened was Mom and I went to get feed for the 4 legged family here on the farm. I roped too but that was about it. Today however, was a different story. With the change in weather it brought more babies. Yup, Holly gave us twin bucks.

I give you Koa (creamy/tan) and Loblolly (Black with tan markings)


They are already up and bouncing around. They are to funny. Holly made us think she might have a third at first as she wouldn’t get up at all. Not even to follow her babies into the barn before the storms came.


With Holly now done, that only leaves Pace the Shetland, Curly the angora and Coacoa if she is even bred. We think she might be but can’t really make up our minds and she won’t let us get close enough to tell without stressing her. That means if you have a favorite name that we haven’t used yet don’t be afraid to post it on every picture we post of babies that are born. I know some people tell us that they have suggested before and we didn’t use their name so they stop posting. Honestly, please don’t be upset if we don’t use your name and please understand why we don’t keep up with all the suggestions. And going back to old posts on Facebook would take Mom forever … (nope she isn’t a great fan of the Bookface as she calls it … LOL)

Anyway, When I wasn’t in the barn with Babies I was cleaning my room. Okay, most of the time I was tinkering while I was suppose to be cleaning my room but hey, you can’t clean a room without tinkering … Just ask any kid of any age. It can not be done. LOL

Busy Easter Weekend

So Sunday was Easter and it was also a busy one. There was breakfast, church, ropings, dinner … You know the works. I was tired after a long day so I went right off to bed after chores and dinner. Today however, was a different story. Today was the day we scheduled to bring down the building. And bring it down we did but not before Cat had a little boy.



We named the two white rams that Mom delivered Saturday Teak and Easter Pine. You can read about Mom’s story about that after noon HERE Now we just have to get this little boy a name. Cat did have a few issues with him this morning as she kept trying to bury him in the hay. We don’t know why but we had to watch him and Cat for a bit but after about 6 hours everything seemed to be on track. Cat let the baby nurse and the baby seems to be doing well now. We will continue to keep an eye on them just in case.

The other thing we did was we took down the old tack room that was destroyed in the wind earlier this month. Check this out …












We did get everything cleaned up and we got the last of the building burnt too … After that I roped and then did chores.

It’s done …

So this morning we got up early and finished up helping Mom get the tin up on the leanto. She said that if we got it so that all she had to do was put in all the screws she would finish it. So that is what Dad and I did. We put up the trim and Flashing and got the top of the walls that Mom couldn’t reach done. Then I headed off to a rodeo.

At the Rodeo I got a call from Mom. Fig was in labor and it was a breech birth. Mom is very proud of the fact that she got through it on her own. She ended up pulling the Ram lamb with one foot back but in the end all was okay. She called me to let me know what happened and she was worried about the little lamb’s leg. I assured her it would be fine and she then got off the phone and got the Ewe and Ram to the barn.

About 20 minutes later I got another call and it was twins. Both White Rams with horns already coming in. In the middle of taking calls I managed to rope two head and split 3rd and 4th in the average. I can say this about today … It was a good day!

I stole a picture off Mom’s phone as it is dark and I can’t get a good picture of the twins …


Wild Horses and tin

So things are feeling a bit out of control here. Yesterday was just plan crazy. For starters Mom and I woke up to a flat tire on the flatbed trailer. The same flatbed that will be used to haul the old tack room off. So that meant we had to make a run to town and while in town we decided to get Easter Dinner as well as the tire. When we got home Egg sales were kind of crazy. Those that said they were coming to buy eggs didn’t show up and others did. We also had our first customer drop a dozen before getting to their car. The thing is that they then expected us to replace them. We did but we won’t do it again. Once you pay for them they are your responsibility to get to your car. After Mom replaced the eggs she looked up to find a horse running like wild fire down the road to the Highway.

Then all “H” “E” Double Hockey Sticks Broke loose. I had the trailer on the truck because I was getting ready to head to a rodeo. That means that Mom had to use the truck very carefully to get around the horse and cut him off with the trailer in tow. Man, she may not be able to back that baby up worth a hoot but put a horse in danger and she can get that truck and trailer around a horse over a crooked bridge and into position between the horse and the Highway in no time and like a champ I might add.

We called the sheriff’s department who sent an officer but I have to be honest, He didn’t even help us. He drove to the neighbor’s house that we thought the horse might belong to and brought them to the horse then the just watched what happened. Anyway, after Mom cut the horse off we got him in our other neighbors yard. Thinking the horse was just scared I roped him but I was on foot and at first he turned to look at me. Normally when a Horse faces you on the other end of a rope, if they have any sense or handling at all, they will slowly calm down and you can talk to them while walking up the rope very slowly. However, This sucker was plum crazy. At this point he took off to the highway again. This time another truck saw what was going on and it turned in front of the horse and headed it for the second time away from the highway and back into the neighbor’s yard.

This time we to the horse in an area of our neighbor’s yard that it could be enclosed. It is at this point that the officer returned to the scene with the horse owners. Mom and I backed off as if they are the owners the horse should be used to them and they should be able to work with him right??? Well, they came and brought him a bucket of feed. That would make one think they had been catching him that way. So when we saw him thrash the bucket into pieces and not pay a bit of attention to the feed, we knew that wasn’t the case. The owners made several attempts to get close to the horse but after they made it apparent that they had no idea what they were doing Mom stepped in. We used the slow crowd method to get a hold of the rope that I had roped him with and then we dallied him off to a post where Mom held him in place. He fought so hard and so much he was actually choking himself to death. Mom acted fast giving each person their a job. My job was to Mug the horse. This means to get my hands around the horses neck and guide him … in the case guide him to the ground so he doesn’t get hurt. The owners were to move in fast when he went down and use a jacket to cover his eyes. Mom was still on the other end of that rope that was dallied holding on for dear life. (She is such a great working horse … LOL) Anyway, in a matter of seconds the whole thing played out like Mom said it would. The horse went down I got it’s head and when Mom yelled “NOW” the owner didn’t come in with the jacket to cover the horse’s eyes. Instead I looked up to find the jacket being thrown at me. So that left me to not only to guide him to the ground but I had to get the halter on him and get the jacket over his eyes as well.

Don’t worry I got it done. With Mom holding the dally I knew she would try to keep me as safe as possible. Finally, he was laying on the ground his halter on and his head covered. At this point Mom ordered both owners to take ahold of his head and keep him calm. The issue now was that when we released the rope to make sure he didn’t hurt himself and so that he could get good deep breaths. He decided to try us again. With no options left, Mom had me tie him down like a steer. It didn’t hurt him and he got a chance to stop fighting and catch his breathe and all of us got a chance to catch ours and formulate a plan to get the horse home. (not to mention Mom getting a break from holding that horse on the other end of that rope. Mom is not little girl but he out weighted he by quite a bit.)

With the horse under control the owner called someone with a trailer and some help. Mom and I headed back to the house to get ready to go roping. I left and got to the friend’s house I was riding with just as he was getting ready to leave. Talk about cutting it close … Anyway, I left and went roping. I took first in the first round, second in the second round and first in the average. It was after 1am when I got home and on the way to pick me up and bring me home Mom was stopped by a “safety check point”. She got stopped both coming to get me and taking me home … LOL … Gotta love the police they are like Santa they are checking it twice.

Anyway, I got up this morning more sore then I have ever been in my life … Okay, that I can remember anyway! And guess what? For the first time in like 10 days there was no wind. That means Mom and I had to use the day to get the tin up on the leanto. Okay, I am going to tell you the truth. Because Mom and I were so sore from the whole roping a wild horse thing the day before we took almost an hour to get three pieced of tin up on the roof of that barn.

You see Mom had to lift 12 foot long pieces of tin over the head, place them with the right over lap and then I screwed them down. With really sore arm muscles all those simple tasks took so much more out of us. We got to the last 5 pieces of tin and the wall to do and we took a break to wait on Dad to get home.

When he gets home before he even helps us get back to work on the barn, he informs Mom he needs a new battery for the car. He then tells her that he had to get a jump at work in order to get home. Mom was puzzled because she couldn’t figure out why it would go from working to just plain Dead. Normally there are things that happen before a car battery just goes all the way dead. As she inquires more she found out that not only had Dad’s car been messing up but the check battery light had been coming on. However, Dad didn’t really worry since it always went back off. LOL I love my Dad but sometimes I swear he is the dingy woman that cartoons make fun of about taking care of a car. He is the kind of Man that would lose the L10 cap and think that blinker fluid is a real item. LOL

Anyway, Mom sent Dad to get dinner while her and I got the last of the tin on the East wall and the roof. Tomorrow I will post you some pictures of it and hopefully get to fill you in on a few more things that have been happening around here … For now it is late and I am sore and tired. I am going to bed.

Windy Wednesday

So today started out with a large bloody nose. Nothing like waking up to find that the pressure has changed and that you laying down all night made it build in your head. It was so bad that when I pinched off my nose, tilted my head back and headed for the bathroom, My mouth filled up with blood from the back of my throat. It is not a good feeling. I got Mom to help me and she got me to the couch and fixed me all up. Within about 10 minutes I was fine.

I got chores done and when Mom and I were coming back to the barn we noticed Pistol in the corner of the pasture stall. She never really looked as if she was in Labor so I left her alone. I spent the better part of the day Laying down on the couch so that My Nose bleed would stay away. I watched a bit of TV and made sure to check Pistol every hour.

Then about 2pm when I went to check her I found that she has given birth to twin Girls … And one is our very first White Shetland … I give you Cottonwood (white) and Redbud (brown)


After we got the babies out of the wind and settled into a their stall, I headed to the roping pen. I only ran like 6 runs though because the wind was kicking up more dust then Coop needed to have in her face. After I unsaddled her, I went and helped Mom clear out the stuff around the old tack room. Mom was going to knock the walls in on it’s self today but the wind wasn’t being nice to her sinuses so we put it off for another day.

Fun times …

So Mom and a Friend decided they were going to come up with some fun NEW pictures to use for Advertising our Spring on the Farm Event.  And while Mom taught her to spin on the walking wheel and they looked at Mom’s fabric stash, not to mention the coffee and brownies and the DIY projects they discussed. I have to admit I think the Pictures were the most fun to do and … I have never seen anything like them before … LOL … Check these out.



There were peaceful times as well where we just enjoyed the animals …





I think the best ones were the Crime ones … Mom hasn’t put words on them yet but here is what she will be working with … You see we were trying to get the perfect shot


That is when it happened … our Model made a break for it


With Good security she didn’t have a chance … First was a locked Door


Somehow though She sneaked past us to find her way out of the building

We can not stress enough that great security is a must on the farm with so much cuteness around … Hank was the first to get to her as she made it to her car

Jethro jumped in to back Hank up as I got there for the take down


While security held the perpetrator I managed to confiscate the contraband and overt a APB being issued


What a day that would have been, APB would have read … Be on the look out for a Black Mini Van full of goats headed south to Tulsa on 169 with a Crazy Red Head at the wheel … Fun, Fun, Fun …

Blah and Ha!

So this weekend I had my Rodeo Finals. Things did go very well due to the fact that some people don’t honor the rules. With that said, I was denied the right to rope in the open Roping. The biggest issues where that I had the rules in my hand that said I could rope, they even took my money. Then it came time for me to rope and they didn’t call my name and I had to go figure out why. The whole thing was not only wrong but it was handled wrong as well.

The biggest issue is that the person in charge was over heard telling someone “Oh I am not worried, It is just RJ and he Doesn’t complain” No, I don’t make a scene and fuss at an event. That is uncalled for and I was always taught that there is an appropriate time and place to take care of things like that. I did try to call and discuss it with them but they didn’t have the dignity, or respect for me, to even return my call. When I tried to talk to the owner the second time she wouldn’t even show me enough respect to hear me out. She walked and I tried again to discuss it with her. No, I don’t say much but I did try and try again to make it right and since that didn’t work I will be a man of action.

Since, they don’t respect me or treat me with the dignity that I deserve, I will not be returning to their Summer Series. I have always been taught that if I didn’t like the rules I was always free to take my toys and go find another sandbox. This is one of those times. The part that got to me was that the rules of the sandbox were in writing and still were not honored. So I am done.

There was one shining star in my weekend though. I did help a young man who had never won the team roping bring home a first place run. I do help the other kids and even though it doesn’t count for me in any way and I get no paycheck, I do love helping the younger kids and seeing the look on their faces when everything goes right.

As for today My Monday started out a bit better then the weekend due to one new little addition. You see Sally had a little boy this morning…


This Little guy in going to be named “Sago, for the Sago palm, since he just missed Palm Sunday” Now I am not sure how it is really said but we are pronouncing it “Say-Go”


There was one other issue today and it isn’t a great thing but I am convinced it will be okay. Paige’s baby, Ebony, was found in the pasture “carrying” one Front leg. She gets around fine but she will not bear weight on it so she is back in the barn with her Momma and Sally and Sago.

I did do some roping today but the big thing we are trying to get done is actually getting the tin on the leanto. We just need the prairie winds to lay and we will get it done but it didn’t happen today as they wind advisory was in effect.

Feast or Famine …

So I have heard it said that life on the farm is feast or famine. I have also heard saying like when it rains it pours. Up until lately I knew what those words meant but as I grow up the full meaning of the phrases are starting to make an impact more on my life.

You see today we had just normal everyday life happening on the farm. First there was pasture checks and chores. After that I had to take care of a few special cases. By that I mean that we have a few animals that have health issues. Nothing that we can’t handle at this point but still things that need to be done. Some times we have nothing to doctor. Then it seems as if we have one thing to handle that soon becomes only 5 if we are lucky. Health issues seem to multiply although I have no clue why.

So let us start as I did. First, there was Derf and his new boot. It took me a bit of doing and I tried to doctor his foot and put his boot on him while Mom went to pick up the tin for the leanto so we can get it up this weekend. Well, I didn’t get it done. I know that you all think I say to much about Mom but I am telling you she has this effect on animals that I just don’t have. I mean I am calm and they love me but when it comes to things like doctoring she has the touch. While she was gone I tried for over half an hour to get Derf’s foot medicated and in that boot. I took stomping and kicking time and time again. I can’t tell you how many times that boot went flying across the stall.

Then Mom got home. With her talking and holding him, he did great and it took no time at all and we had him walking on the boot like a champ. She has this one certain voice that says Good Girl or Good Boy over and over and the animals all seem to know that is Mom’s “I am so pleased with you” voice … While it gets the job done, It is so annoying to me … LOL


So after that I needed to worm Precious. She is still a bit thin and when we got her, we had to only worm her lightly as her poor body condition wouldn’t allow for much more. So I tried to get that done but once again I found Mom had a better handle on the situation then I did. No, worming a horse is not really a big deal but it is when you can’t get close to the horse while she eats. Then come to find out she eats right out of Mom’s hand. When did that happen … Well, I don’t know. Apparently Mom takes her a handful of feed each time she goes to check on her and well, she isn’t going to just go into the pen to feed one handful so Precious comes and gets it. So much for me being so proud of myself for being able to stand with her while she ate yesterday! Yup, that is also what I used to gage if it was time to worm her again. Mom let me boast and brag all day and didn’t say a word. Needless to say I had no issue worming her with Mom there. To bad I couldn’t get it done by myself.

After that there is Reba’s treatment. You see she is still way to thin. We have worked with the vet and she has taken more medication then we know what to do with. So in Desperation Mom called a very nice lady named Kate. She is s sheep person and she has a spinners flock about an hour and a half from here. She has done sheep for many, many years and even is part of the colored wool council. I think she is a board member or something like that. Anyway, she knows sheep and has seen just about everything. I say she has seen it all but she says sheep can still surprise her.

Anyway, she gave us a new plan of action. First, she is on a strong wormer for 3 days along with antibiotic. She is also getting vitamin Complex shots once and she has electrolytes in her water. The Vitamins and Electrolytes are to help her body deal with the drugs we are throwing at her. Then 7 days from now she will get treated again but this time just a worming and the Electrolytes. Kate said this is a case of throw the book at her and something is bound to work. LOL We have had Reba for about two years now I think and we struggle to keep weight on her everyday. We have even took the time to feed her separate from the flock to make sure she is getting a full dose of feed. However, since birthing (and for the record the problems are why we didn’t want her bred) she has remained hungry all the time and yet thin. In the past she has been on iron shots along with a wide variety of other medications to see what will help her.

Anyway, today was Reba’s third day of treatment and now her body will get a short break before we treat her again in 7 days. After that we took time to address Reba’s baby, Willow. Willow had a swollen umbilical cord. I got my hands on her a few days back and noticed she had a bit of infection so she too was on antibiotic. Now normally doctoring sheep is no big deal but Reba and Willow have gotten wise to the fact that if I come to catch them on the pasture it is time for shots. Here is where Mom comes in. Reba will come right up to her. Most times Mom has cookies and Reba knows it. So once again it took Mom to catch her. Once she was caught Catching the baby wasn’t so hard either.

After that I did fit in a bit of roping. The only other issue today was that it was suppose to rain. That means since Mom is so protective of the three new babies (Wally, Whitebeam and Strawberry) we left them all in the barn today. However, Sweetie isn’t as Pleased about being in the barn. The difference between goats and sheep is that Goats let you know when they no longer want to be penned. So far I think I have put her pen back together and the two babies and herself back in it a millions times. This last time she even helped Biscotti and Wally escape. Tomorrow for sure if it doesn’t rain I will be turning them all out into the small yard pen for the day.

The last thing I had to attend to was Gurtie. As the day wore on Mom noticed that she had droopy ears and wasn’t her normal perky self. So tonight with chores, Dad helped me doctor her … AFTER we doctored Derf again. And this time, now that he knows it doesn’t hurt, he was an angel …. LOL

Kidding Time

So today Mom had two things planned for the day. First she was having a friend over but due to her hubby’s health, plans changed and she didn’t get to come. The other thing was the horse shoer was coming. That went as planned … Well, Kinda!

So the Morning was open to chores and such as Mom’s friend didn’t get to come. I worked a bit more to get the stuff from the Tack room into new homes in the new barn. Then I decided that if I was going to rope I better get it done Before the horse Shoer got here. So that is what I did. I worked Storm, Coop and Ice before I heard strange noises coming from the pasture stall.

I went to check it out and found this …




I have to admit I played with Mom a bit and it was so much fun. She has been waiting and watching Sweetie very closely since last year her baby was stillborn. So when I saw they were healthy, I couldn’t help but give Mom a hard time. I did this by NOT telling her anything but that Sweetie had her baby when I called her on the phone and let her know. I wouldn’t tell her what they looked like or anything. I made her wait until she got out there to even tell her that it was twins. LOL It was so funny and Mom was kind of Mad faced to me but then she would turn around to them and be melting every time she saw the new babies … I don’t mind, I kind of had it coming. (I admit it was funny and mean all at once)

Mom snatched them up and got them inside so that Sweetie could bond with them in peace. Okay, that is what she said but I think it was so that Mom could play with them. She is in love with them both but I think her favorite is the brown one as it is super soft. Or so she keeps telling everyone and anyone who will listen.


No more then we got Sweetie in the barn then the horse shoer was at the gate. Rocky, our horse shoer did all the horses with no real problems until it came to Derf.


And he had alot of help doing the horses too … LOL … Tilly thinks he is the boss no matter the task!


Derf acted fine but the issue was that he still doesn’t have healthy feet. And the one that we were doctoring isn’t making great improvement like Mom wanted either. However, the horse shoer says that it looks more like he took a chunk of hoof off when he made those two little cuts just above his hoof. So After the horse shoer got done with him, I gave the vet a call. For starters he had us change medications. This new medication will treat Bacteria and Fungal infections and help the hoof heal. He also had us pick up a medical boot for him. Starting tomorrow Derf will be sporting a new look on one foot and I will make sure to get some pictures of it for you.

I say tomorrow because we couldn’t get everything rounded up and brought home before it started getting dark and I didn’t want to break Derf into a new anything in the Dark.

The last thing that happened today was that in between everything Mom let Biscotti and Walnut (Wally as Mom calls him) out onto the pasture for a bit of sun.


However, it is suppose to get kind of cold tonight and we even have a freeze warning. So they came back into the barn for the night to hang out with Sweetie and her two babies, Whitebeam and Strawberry. Yes, they are both Irish trees … If you don’t believe me just Google it … LOL

Helper and a baby

Today started off great. How can you not have a good day when the first thing you see when you do a pasture check is this …



We are going to call this little guy Walnut … Wally for short … His Mom, Biscotti, is so docile. She is one of Mom’s “Babies”. She loves everyone and this little guy does too. After getting them settled in a nice Quiet pen and giving Biscotti animal crackers, Mom and I started to work on cleaning up the barn again.



About Noon Mom headed out to get feed while I stayed to finish cleaning up the barn, moving hay and cleaning the nesting boxes. That was until I got a call about a little one wanting to hang out at the farm while his Mom and Dad went to the Doctor … How could I say no to free help? We did a bit of everything together.







I will say that it is funny how parents … even “ranching” parents don’t get why our farm is so much fun. Big ranches are anything but cattle and they are far, far from the friendly petting farm that we have …