We pulled her

So today we had two things going on. First was we had a very cold farm visit. The second had to do with Hazelnut … Hazel for short. We decided that it was time to pull her from Hersey. So Hersey was turned back out on to the pasture without her baby.

The first part of the day was full of chores, schoolwork and the likes. Then after lunch we had a Farm visit. The kids (and there Moms) that came were brave enough to try and withstand the cold north wind. They were fun kids but it was so cold that we didn’t get to spend much time outside. They did get to “ride” B’Day the cow and they got to see everything. For the most part the most fun was had in the barn. The two older kids did everything from sit on Coop to look for the items on the treasure hunt. They also spent time with, held and played with Hazelnut. As well as feeding Coop and Ice Hay by the handfuls. Inside the house Mom taught them about fiber and wool. They got to spin and learn about how yarn is made. For the most part I think they will return in the Spring when the weather is warmer for the full farm experience.

After they left Mom and I ran to town and picked up some lamb milk replacer. Then we came home to do what had to be done. While it breaks our hearts that Hersey isn’t taking to her baby, we know what will be, will be and we will deal with it. Hazel got the important first milk from her Mom so she will be healthy. She is happy to sprong and bounce around the barn so we know she will be well adjusted. However, it is just a bit sad to see Hersey pay her no mind. You have to remember Hersey is Mom’s baby and Mom doesn’t like the fact that her baby isn’t taking care of her baby.

Anyway, I let Mom stay inside as I split Hersey and her baby up. I gave Gurtie and the Twins the bigger pen and put Hazel in the smaller one (the smaller one is bigger then the one she was in before when we had to keep her split from Hersey so she wouldn’t get hurt) So when I turned Hersey out she ran off and never looked back. So Hazel is now a bottle baby. It took a little bit but once she figured out what was in that bottle she slurped it all down. One the up side to this that means you guys and gals will all get to see more cute pictures of a bottle baby.

The last thing I need to tell you all is the names of the Twins. The Boy is named Elm but I know I will be calling him Elmer! And the Little Girl will be called Myrle.

The Men are in Troubbbblllleeee!

Just to be clear this is a post made by Mom!  LOL

I guess that sometimes when I say things to the men of this house, that I am not very clear.  Those times are most likely to be when they want to do something.  That is when they either don’t hear me at all or they don’t understand what I have asked them to do.  Today was a case in point.

You see, RJ has a standing “date” at a Monday night roping.  It isn’t anything special he just likes to go and hang out with his friends and help a friend stock contract cattle to it.  My point is that he doesn’t really have to go but goes for fun.  He doesn’t even enter the roping.

Today, about 30 minutes before he was to leave, Dad found Gurtie in labor.  I told RJ and his Dad that no matter how long it took, NO ONE was leaving this place until Gurtie was all done and in the clear.  RJ told me “No Problem, I hadn’t planned on it”.  Gurtie is a first time Mom and those pose their own set of issues when birthing.  She is also an older ewe.  Older ewes that have never birthed before sometimes have issues with dilation or the size of the babies and a lot of them need help having them.  We know this and have planned on it with the three new Merino Ewes.  They are only three of 5 new Moms that we planned on breeding.

So, Gurtie was no exception to the rule.  After awhile of watching her push with no progress we stepped in.  The lamb was pulled with the help of Dad and RJ while I, with my sore shoulder from the whole falling off the semi thing yesterday, Had to hold Gurtie (who I might add is an easy 100 pounds and was pushing with contractions and very upset)  I managed to keep her calm while they freed up a rather large headed little Lamb.

After the head was out, Gurtie did her thing and everything went well.  She had him the rest of the way naturally and she turned and started cleaning up the little booger.  I told RJ AGAIN, “Make sure there are no twins and everything is done and okay or you go NO WHERE!”  “Don’t worry Mom I got this” was his response.

He checked things over and informed me all was well.  He took Hazel inside to the kitchen pen so that Gurtie could have some private Quiet time with her baby.  He said that in about 2 hours Dad would put her back out there but he wanted Gurtie and the baby to bond without Hazel interfering (she is very active and loves to stick her head in everywhere).  I said that was fine but make sure everything is done with Gurtie … “Oh, I did Mom, don’t worry … I did” Just in the nick of time, RJ and Lee leave to go to drop RJ off at his friends.

Being the person that I am, about 10 minutes later I went to check Gurtie and make sure she was still cleaning and taking care of the little one.  With first time Moms you never know if they are going to lose interest or not so it is good to keep a watchful eye.  Even though I do trust RJ … I still want to see it with my own two eyes.

And see it I did.  In DOUBLE!!!  With all the “Yup, I got this” and “Don’t worries” I got to deliver the second of a set of twins!  This time it was an easy birth as it was a little girl and she was a bit smaller then the first baby that was a big ol’ boy.   After I got done I called RJ.  All I said when he picked up the phone was “It’s twins!” and his response was “WELL, I THOUGHT SHE WAS DONE!”

Really??? Now I know that some people who read this blog don’t really know this but Labor in any species is kind of hard to miss.  It isn’t like we are talking hours in between twins.  They come within Minutes of each other.  RJ and Lee had only been gone 10 minutes and I am sure Gurtie was showing some kind of signs … It isn’t like you spit one baby out and then show no signs of the other.  She would have been in active labor!!  Honestly, I am not sure how I could have been any clearer but I think RJ wanted to go to his roping more then he wanted to stay home and watch sheep.  I understand that if he was late he would miss his ride with his friend, as his friend was contracted to be there on time.  But what happened to priorities around here.

Even Lee just said “Oh well, good thing you stayed home” … Really???  Good thing for who???  At this point I have to admit my shoulder is actually a bit sore.  Okay, “a bit” is a bit of an understatement.  It was just a bit stiff today and if I took things slow it didn’t really hurt.  But I never again plan to hold a large Ewe and deliver her second baby the day after falling off a Semi!

For the record one girl and one boy and we need tree names for this beauties …



Super Sunday

So I went to a friend’s house Friday and rode with him to the rodeo.  We had a few issues.  First, we had planned to make two rodeos.  The first rodeo was the Tulsa Heritage Rodeo.  In the first go everyone got a turn but only the top 10 would be allowed to return that night for the short.  The Second rodeo was a saddle series that I am entered in at Briddle Creek Arena.  The plan was to take part in the long round, go to Briddle Creek and then return for the Short go.

So we got to the long go and it took much longer then we thought it would.  I didn’t do any good but my Friend did.  However, by the time I got done there wasn’t enough time to get to the Briddle Creek Rodeo.  So we stayed at the Tulsa Heritage Rodeo until my Friend got his turn in the short go.

I got home late … around 1:30am.  Dad came and got me from my friends so that I could get some good sleep and be here at the house today.   Today Mom made a good meal and invited a few people over to help celebrate her Birthday a day late.

Today was fun.  First, everyone showed up for a good meal.  Mom made a turkey with stuffing, potatoes, gravy, mac and cheese, corn and biscuits.  For dessert we had ice cream.  After we ate Mom and Ms. Karen went to see the Baby sheep.  Ms. Karen couldn’t stay long but she had time to check out the babies … LOL … her and Mom disappeared for a bit but the rest of us went to the roping pen.

My friend has a Semi type truck that pulls his trailer and he pulled it right up to the arena fence so that his little one could watch us.  Mom did have one little issue though.  When she was going up the stairs the wind took the door of the semi and as she tried to grab it she fell down the stairs.

She is okay but she says her shoulder hurts.  She says at first just her butt hurt but as the day wore on her shoulder seemed to get  a little stiff.  She says it is nothing a little aspirin and a heating pad can’t handle.  Dad and I are taking the wait and see approach.  We will wait and see if Mom is okay in the morning … LOL

After everyone left we edited the podcast and it should post sometime tonight.   Other then that wasn’t a whole lot going on around here.  We are still waiting to see when Carrie, Baby Girl and Gurty are going to have their babies or if they are even bred.  So we keep checking and waiting.



Of all things …

Yesterday, time got away from me.  There wasn’t much to report on the home front though.  I did chores, school work and such like normal.  The good of the day came when I unwrapped Coop’s leg.  All the swelling was down and I actually ponied her a bit and she moved really well.

Then I spent the evening with a friend roping and practicing for the Tulsa Heritage Rodeo on Saturday.  It is going to be a tough roping but with practice I might be able to bring home a pay check.   So my friend and I have been practicing a lot.  We practiced Monday, Wednesday and we plan to practice Friday too.  It does get me home late but Friday I plan on spending the night at his house so that I can just ride to Tulsa with him and I won’t have to get up so early.  That means if I blog Friday it will be before I leave and if I blog Saturday it will be after I get home.

As for today Mom and I had plans to pick up the craft room and then to work on going through her material so that she can make a quilt for a young man that I think will be going from a Crib to a big boy bed soon … and we all know you can’t do that without a big boy blankie right … LOL  He is the son of the friend that I have been hanging out with and practicing with so much.  He and his wife both rope and they have been helping me with my roping so I think it will be an awesome way to thank my Friend and his wife.

Anyway, we all know what happens around here when I make plans don’t we???  So you guessed it.  Plans went awry.  Mom and I got the Craft room mostly picked up and the table cleared.  Then we got the material tub out and made some selections.  We did the math and by then it was time for lunch.  Every 3 hours or so we did sheep checks so after I ate I headed out to the pasture.

That is as far as a planned day as I got.  You see when I got to the pasture shed there stood … DERF!  He had escaped his stall.  Behind the hay feeder in that same stall was Hersey and she was had a sack exposed.  I called Mom in for back up.  While she made her way to the pasture shed, I had to do something.

So I started with Derf.  I had to get him back to where he was suppose to be.  This would take away part of Hersey’s stress.  She wasn’t laying down because Derf was upsetting her.  That means she was running around with that sack swinging and it could break at any time.  I got Derf back into his pen as he is super sweet.  I just walked up and grabbed his mane and put him away.  Then I latched the gate my way to keep him in.

About that time Mom got to the shed.  Her and I tried to get ahold of Hersey to calm her down but she was in a tizzy.  Mom went and got some feed for her.  While Mom made her way back to the shed with the feed, I got her cornered and was able to head her to the barn.  Some place in all that her sack broke.

Mom used the feed to help guild her into the barn when we got her into a pen.  At this point we had time to breath and think this thing over.  Our issues where this.  First, if labor is interrupted in some species, labor can be delayed by up to two hours.  Second, the sack broke so she should have been delivering pretty quick.  Therefore the wait might take the life of the baby.  Third, upon checking Hersey, we found that the lamb had a leg back.  Fourth … I couldn’t get either of our Vets on the phone.  Fifth, I didn’t want to have to pull another one.

Mom called the Vet Tech Program we sometimes work with and the Vet there said we had to intervene.  So we got to it.  Mom held while I worked to get ahold of the one leg that was forward.  Hersey was doing all she could to help and with a bit of luck, Little Hazel (short for Hazelnut) joined the world.


Now the fun began.  Hersey wanted none of Hazel.  She didn’t want her in the pen with her.  She didn’t want her sucking her.  And Mostly she didn’t want to clean her off.  So Like last year, we did all the work.  I worked to clean up Little Hazel while Hersey would try to headbutt her.  Once cleaned up Mom and I got ahold of Hersey and held her while Hazel sucked both sides of Hersey’s sack dry.



After that I took a much needed break and when to the arena to rope.  Mom took up residents on a bale of hay with her spinning wheel in front of Hersey’s pen.  Mom spun and kept the little girl safe as Hersey tried to get used to her.


After about 2 hours Dad got home and he had to answer for Derf’s bad behavior.  As punishment Dad got to help set up the grafting stall.

The stall is what we use to help make new Mommas great Mommas.  Or in this case to remind Momma’s how to be great Mommas.  As well as for grafting babies to Mommas.  What this stall does is hold the Momma in place with her food bowl and yet allow us to help the little one latch on and get their feeding as well.  By the time we had done it twice at least Hersey was letting the little one around her without headbutting her around.

20160204_15060620160204_163153So after that we started what will be the first of many family fun feedings.  At this point I am doing today’s feeding.  Dad will take the 3AM one and then I will feed every feeding until I leave Friday.  At that point Mom says she will take over for me but she said that Sunday I have to let her sleep in.



Mom’s Stash

So I got in late last night and just beat the storms.  When I got to the house the rain had already set in.  I worked to get Big Momma and Magnolia into the barn as I didn’t want the other sheep and goats stepping on her when they all got under the shed for the storms.  Or worse her pushed out into the cold rain where she would have caught the death of a cold.

I worked fast as I had to get Ice into the barn and find Hank.  Hank has never liked storms and she will tear things up trying to find a safe place so we just make sure to find her and put her in the house.  We tried the Barn once but she went mad because everything sounds louder in there.   So the house is her storm safe place.

I started with Magnolia and boy was Big Momma mad when I stole her sleeping baby.  She had the whole flock after me as I made a mad dash for the open barn door.  I made it to the barn and over the little fence in her pen just as she blew through the door.  Mom closed it behind her and it took a bit to let them calm down.  I do think if she could have caught up to me she would have tried to put a thumping on me for sure … she is such a good Momma … LOL

Next I headed to the trailer to get Ice to the barn.  He took it all in stride and jogged along behind me as if to say I wasn’t going fast enough but he didn’t care.  I didn’t really take much time with him as I had other pressing issues to take care of before the storms turned from rain to ugly.  I even left my saddle and tack in the center alley so that I could get thing done a bit faster.   After I got him in the barn and settled in next to Coop for the night I headed out to find Hank.

I headed for her normal hidey holes.  The old tack room … Nope.  The Well house … Nope.  Then I just turned around and there she was.  One word to “go to the house” and she left in a brown streak a mile wide.  I didn’t have to tell her twice … LOL She beat me to the back door by a long shot and Mom let her in.  I brought of the rear and while I was a little wet, I got in before it turned really nasty.  With everything safe and sound I called it a night and went to bed.

This morning I got up and found minimal damage from the storms.  A piece of siding was off one of the stalls but that in nothing new … It happens every time is storms so I hammered it back up and got on with chores and my day.

One thing I had promised Mom is that when the weather turned this week, is that I would help her get all Granny’s stash on Ravelry.  She has a few really old ones that other people might need a skein of here or there to finish a project.  So I helped her get them all online.  You can see them all one her Ravelry Stash page.  And yes she is willing to trade or sell them so make an offer if you need them.  I will say that about half way through I was wishing I hadn’t promised … LOL It took longer then I thought and it was kind of boring.

After I got done, since the arena had dried out, Mom let me go rope.  I finished up the day with dinner and chores.  But as I finished roping I did notice that some really nasty clouds had blown in too.  I am hoping that we aren’t in for another stormy night as Mom doesn’t sleep that well when it is and that means I have to take care of Kid!  He is getting to be a hand full nowadays … LOL

The little things

Today we spent the better part of the day taking care of the little things that needed fixed and repaired or cleaned up around here.  The winter and storms always leaves lots of little things for us to do.  With this last week being kind of nice there were things that we needed to get done and today was the day to work on them.

I started by working the sheep and goats.  The goats got feet trims and wormed if they needed it.  Then I got hands on some of the sheep and goats from the pasture.  One thing that I have noticed is that once I get the ones that are in the “baby pen” going there are always a few that have to be added or returned to it each time I work them.

Today, two new sheep were added to the ranks of that pen while others were turned out onto pasture.  First up … Meringue was added as we found that something has happened to her left eye.  We noticed it watering a day or so ago but thought it was just wind.  We knew we wanted to get hands on her and check it out.  Today when we did we found she is totally blind in that eye.  At some point she must have gotten a piece of hay or something in it.  Anyway, she is fine other then that but we did take time to put her up so that we know she is getting enough to eat and that her eye isn’t keeping her from the feed trough.


Gurty also jointed the ranks of the Baby Pen as she is a bit thin and she seemed weak.  Top this with her droopy ears and she also got a shot of antibiotic.  She is the largest sheep in the pen so we hope she will be sure to get enough groceries to build her strength.

After that Mom headed to pick up feed while I cleaned up the entrance to the Equipment pen.  It was nothing big just buckets and stuff that we set just inside the pen as we feed each day.  That along with a few pallets and ropes that where left there after different uses.  After that I went to work Storm, but that came to a halt when I found Coop limping.  I found a spot that was draining and swollen.  I doctored it and put her in the barn.20160201_124800

While Mom was on her way she did take back the skylight we didn’t need to use on the barn.  She traded it in for some wood that was to line the horse stalls so that the who kicking through the tin won’t happen again.  When she got home Dad and I helped unload the feed and wood.  Then I took time to get a few pictures of my brilliant Idea.

You see the chicken coop has been flooding because we moved it and the bricks used for the new foundation left holes for the rain water to easily drain into it.  So I took and put cement down in front of the holes and sealed them up.  Then to keep the chickens out of it until it sets up I used an old blanket to cover it all.  With a bit of luck my wonderful plan will work to make the rain run around the coop and not into it … LOL


After that Dad and I went to get some roping done.  While we were doing that Mom did a bit of this and that.  First she fixed the gate between the Baby pen and the yard pen.  Then she went in and put the new wood in the stalls.  You see first they looked like this …


Now they look more like this …



Mom was only short one small section and she says she will pick up one more piece of wood to cover it in a day or some when she goes to town.  As for me I am heading to a friend’s to go help him take his steers to a roping.  It should be fun.

There is one last thing I needed to mention and that is just because I keep forgetting and that is that Fudgie’s Baby – The Big Boy I had to pull the other day is now named Rowan.  I say it is because we almost ruined him but not pulling him … LOL