Praying for relief

So these last few days I have been super busy and I know that I have missed blogging but the stuff that is going on around the farm isn’t anything Farmy.  It is more about Dad’s Dad.

He had been in and out of the hospital.  This last time he was released after my Aunt left for a trip to Florida and she is the only one with a power of Attorney.  My Uncle left the same day for Dallas.  He had asked me to take care of his farm while he was gone as it is calving season.

I have to admit that I had agreed before our family had to take on my Dad’s Dad.  The last time he was released from the hospital, the Doctor said he could no longer live on his own.  So over the phone we had gotten my Aunt and Uncle’s trailer to park in the driveway so we would have some place for him to sleep.

After that our lives went crazy.  Mom is best with Dad’s Dad and can get him to do things like brush his teeth, shave and shower.  Dad is trying to hold down his job but has missed two out of four days he was suppose to work.  I on the other hand spend my days running from farm to farm doing chores.  Each morning, I spend an hour doing my chores, then I do about 3 hours of my uncle’s chores followed by schoolwork only to get done in time to go to 2 more hours of my uncle’s chores and I get home in time to finish my chores.

I barely have time to eat and sleep.  And then if anything happens that I need to take care of it takes me longer.  Like last night there was a baby calf to get back to the barn as he was sick and couldn’t stand.  I spent time gathering him up and then I had to call Mom who came and doctored him and then we ended up taking him to our barn for the night anyway.  The calf is doing better but still can’t stand on his own.

I have to admit Mom is looking very tired as she puts my Dad’s Dad to bed at night and then has to be up with Dad and make sure he has stayed where he is suppose to.  Not to mention she helps me with my stuff and then does all the cooking and cleaning for everyone.  While controlling Dad’s Dad.  I am sure you can guess she has her hands full.

As you can tell all of us while we love Dad’s Dad very much he is stressing us all out a lot.  Dad is going to try and go to work tomorrow so that he doesn’t get into trouble and lose his job.  As for Mom and I we will see how it all goes.

3 thoughts on “Praying for relief

  1. Many prayers for all concerned. I’ve been there and when in the midst of the situation, and not knowing how long it will last is quite exhausting, mentally, physically, psychologically and spirituality. Hoping that your aunt and uncle get back soon and can provide some additional help. I will pray for stamina for you, your parents, and other extended family members. May God give you exactly what you need to work through this rough spot in life.


  2. This is so very hard on all of you. We had a time with my father when he became irresponsible. Your Mom has to be exhausted, physically and emotionally. So are you and your Dad. Do let your parents know that my thoughts are with you all.

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