We keep rolling with the punches

So This weekend I went to my Rodeos. I had one on Saturday and I did pretty good. Then on Sunday I went to a team roping where I was one out of the money. I had a blast and even fit a little work into my weekend. Mom however, didn’t have such a great weekend.

So Saturday I went to my Rodeo and I did pretty good. There I also found out that I am in the running to win a saddle. Man I hope I can keep this up and do well at finals. I have one more rodeo before finals and if I do well enough I should win it. I am going to keep practicing and working for it. After Finals they will have an award banquet and that is when I will find out for sure. When Dad and I got home last night we took time to replace the skylight in the barn and then we set the last post for the lean to we are building off the new barn. I know it sounds crazy but there was no wind last night and we could get things done without fear of falling off the roof. So yes at 10pm we were outside working. LOL

Today After I did my uncle’s chores I headed to a team roping. It went okay. It was a three header and I entered twice. That means I start out with two steers. And I have to rope all the way through all three rounds to win anything. I made it to the last round with only one run and there I missed my dally and slipped a leg. I ended up one out of the money. Oh well.

The big issue around here has been with Dad’s Dad. He is in the hospital and he is kind of forgetting everything. Like where he is and why he is there. It is so bad that the hospital called my aunt and told her that he couldn’t stay there anymore unless a family member stayed with him at all times. And My Aunt doesn’t have time to go stay with him. My Dad was with me so he couldn’t go stay with him. My uncle is out of town and I am doing his chores so that leaves my Mom.

Mom isn’t happy about it but she went and spend the better part of the day with him. She found out that he is so bad that he took the heart monitor leads off his chest and turned off alarms on this monitors. He also didn’t sleep at all last night but roamed the halls getting in the nurse’s way and keeping them from taking care of other patients. By morning he was calling people on his cell phone to come get him because he was stuck at the hotel with no way home. (Yes he said hotel and didn’t realize he was in a hospital)

Anyway, Mom stayed with him and got him back in his room. She then started talking to him and getting him to think rationally (okay as rational as a delusional person can think that is) Mom said she had to kind of chuckle at the staff when they came for shift change. They all were talking and calling her a Godsend. It was so bad that the hospital assigned a nurses aide to take care of just him for the whole night. Mom left her number for the aide to call and told her if she needed her to get him under control to just call and Mom would come.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting. Dad’s Dad is going to get a heart test and after that from what I am hearing it seems as if he will either be moving in with us or going to a nursing home. My Aunt will have to figure it out as he has left her in charge of everything. I will keep you posted but for now I am going to bed.

4 thoughts on “We keep rolling with the punches

  1. I agree with Nancy.. Make sure your aunt knows, and has him checked. My dad got a UTI following surgery, and it went undetected, and we had problems with him for months before it was caught.
    Good luck with the saddle!


  2. Does he have a kidney or urinary tract infection, as that can make elderly men delusional. I have a friend whose husband was the same way and is mentally fine now.


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