Wild Days

Well, after Carrie’s issues on Tuesday I thought the worst of the week was over … boy was I wrong.  This week has been very wild and weird.  Wednesday, I was suppose to go to my Uncle’s house and see what he needed done as far as chores.  That got cancelled at the last minute so I tried to work Storm … that didn’t go as planned and it was my fail.  Then Thursday, I did get to my Uncle’s house only to come home to a wild fire at ours.  Thank Goodness for  Fridays!!!

So Wednesday I was suppose to go to my Uncle’s house and learn what he needs done while he is away.  I am trying to help him through the weekend as his hired hand quit him.   I didn’t have to be there until 1pm so Mom and I made a quick run to Sam’s Club.  We got all the needed items and got back home in time to eat lunch and my Uncle to cancel on me.  I decided that I would then work the horses since I had extra time.

I started with Storm.  For the last few days I haven’t been able to get her to understand that I want her to run fast while I swing the rope.  When we are just trotting around and I am swinging the rope and roping things she does great but ask her for speed and she just won’t do it.  So I called in Mom.  And then Mom had to retrain me.

You see every time I was using her to bring up the cattle we would be slowly walking around and I would swing the rope.  But when I would fire her up and really get after it I would just hold my rope thinking that if I got a bit closer to the calf I would swing.  Well, in order to get her used to going fast while swinging the rope I have to actually swing my rope while she is going fast.  Does that make any sense?

Well, with Mom helping me out she got her to fire out of the box very nicely.  However, I forgot to swing my rope.  I could tell Mom was yelling something when we left the chute area but I didn’t image it was her letting at me to swing my rope.  It never even dawned on me that I wasn’t.  Until Mom pointed it out.  After that I got it together and Storm did great.  I guess it was me that needed the training and not her this time … LOL

So Thursday I thought I had my head on straight.  I headed to my uncle’s where I learned everything he needed done and what pastures to watch for calving while he is away.  I knew this weekend would be a busy one but I didn’t think it would get so busy so fast and on Thursday … Thursday isn’t the weekend!!!  However, when I got home at about Noon things had already gone crazy.  A wild fire had broke out and with the 39 mile an hour gusts of winds blowing our way, we were in the direct line of fire.

Dad had taken the day off so that he and Mom could get a few things done around here.  They had hauled of the annual trash and came home to the craziness them selves.  The thing is that Mom has a fire plan.  I know it sounds crazy but she has a working plan that can save all the animals and us but not necessarily the building on the farm.  Mom always aims for no lose of life.

Anyway, Everyone worked to gather the flock and babies into the front yard pen.  Then I headed to the barn and got Coop saddled so that I could go gather the cattle from the pasture.  While I did that, Dad filled buckets of water and started watering the perimeter of the holding pens we use in our fire plan.  All the while, Mom took her position at the sheep pen and started watering it’s perimeter.

We met our neighbor at the fence line and talked to him about getting his cattle into our arena should the need arise.  (Yup, we now have a fire plan for the neighbors livestock.)  When it looked as if the fire had missed us we called Dad’s cousin to check on them.  They where fighting the fire along side the fire department with sprayers hooked to tractors and garden hoses to keep the fire away from the house.  We even opened our North gate to allow anyone in need to run their livestock onto our pasture for safe keeping.  Then we waited.

By night fall the fires were all but a few hotspots and the fire departments were dealing with them long into the night.  As for us, we were safe and lost nothing.  However, the winds were another story.  We have a few stalls to repair and another skylight to fix in the new barn and limbs to clean up but that is about it.

I did get a chance to work on my real task for yesterday but I didn’t get it done.  You see I volunteered to set the 5 posts we need to build the lean to off the south side of the new barn.  We are hoping to have help Sunday to frame it out so I have to have my post set by then.  I will be gone Saturday, doing chores in the morning and then off to my rodeo until the evening.  So I had Thurday and Friday to get it done … Nope that didn’t happen.

You see today I actually had to do my Uncle’s chores then I worked two of the horse before it was time to go practice with my team roping partner.  When I got home from there it was already dark.  So how far did I get ???  Well, I only have one more to set so that isn’t to bad.  So far I have dug only one wrong hole and broke one board.  Oh well, I will get it done and done right.

There are few other things that have gone on that have been lost in the wild … First, Gurtie is now going to the pasture everyday.  She only comes in at night to eat and sleep.  The twins no longer support their jacket and are a bit harder to tell apart.

Then there is Carrie.  Her Baby, Gidgee, weighed in at 16 lbs. and Carrie is very sore.  She hasn’t been eating but a few cookies from Mom and a nibble of feed here and there.  Today I called Doc.  She got a shot of Vitamin and Banamine.  The vitamin will pep her up and help her appetite while the Banamine is for pain management.  By the end of the day she was doing well enough to go out of the pasture for a bit.  Then she came in tonight and ate all of her feed.

Well, with everyone kind of caught up on the happenings around here I am going to head to bed.  If I get in early enough I will post tomorrow but if not Look for many Pics to post on Sunday!!!

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