A bit of normal

I am so sorry that I have been absent from everyone. First, let me thank everyone for their prayers and kind words. As most may have put together by now My Dad’s Dad isn’t ever going to get any better. Mom has taken care of him for the last week 24/7 with Dad and I helping out. I will say it again though we are all very tired. He is like taking care of a two year old that you can’t correct and doesn’t care what you say and he tells you how wrong you are too.

Sunday, was the second of two really bad days. The first was Friday when Dad went back to work. That day was really horrible for my Mom. Yesterday though I actually walked away from my Mother’s Sunday Meal table. I know some don’t see that as a big deal but in our house IT IS A HUGE DEAL. (That might just be from having a Reverend for a Mom who knows … LOL) We eat most meals together but Sundays are a day of Grace around here. My Dad’s Dad sat at our table of grace and was so rude to my Mom and he even asked me to get him a loaded gun and he would take care of him self. He screamed and yelled at my Mom in her own home about how he was going to do what he wanted and when he wanted too and she didn’t have any say about it. He told her he would was going to go and drive to anywhere she wasn’t and if he wrecked or killed anyone on the road he didn’t care. (His words not ours) And all that was just Sunday lunch!

My Mom seems to cry a bit more as She doesn’t want me to remember him this way. Dad’s Sister thinks it is all funny and laughs about how he treated us. Then again she hasn’t been the nicest to us either. I know why she says the things she says and most of it revolves around money. I did learn one thing though. It seems that my Mom and Dad have been doing what it in the best interest of Dad’s parents since they bought this place even though it left them very far in debt. Why is it my Parents have quietly done a lot to help Dad’s Parents and yet they are judged by what others don’t know??

I really want to tell you everything but Mom says that it isn’t anything we want aired … (we have been down that road) However, The more I live it the more I know my parents have been taking care of others silently for years and the family truly is clueless. It makes me proud of my Parents, angry at my Aunt and the other in the family that judge them without knowing the facts. All along I am Very Sad that I can’t forget what I saw this last week and just remember the good of my Dad’s Dad.

I know that teens have been said to have crazy emotions but Maybe, just Maybe, this time I have the right … To top all that off while I was busy taking care of other family member’s stuff and saving other family member’s calves, my animals took a loss. I lost a calf but I don’t know why. I do know that I have spent not enough time doing my chores and to much time doing others. Anyway, I found the calf in the pasture and it had passed away. I guess from now on I don’t think I will be doing chores for other people. Family or Neighbor, it doesn’t matter. Everyone thinks because I “only have sheep” and that I am home schooled, that I have all the time in the world. I let myself be pushed into doing chores that were suppose to be a couple of hours a day that turned out to be about 5 or 6 hours a day. Not only that I but when face to face with the person I did the chores for the words Thank you never crossed his lips. So from now on I am going to stick to my own farm. I have to much to do around here for the scarifies I make for them to not be recognized or appreciated. And if another person says but you just have sheep I am going to loss it. Some of my sheep are of greater value then cattle!

PS … I did tell you that Mom took the time to register the Merino babies and the Dorset babies before all this started right???

Another long one

Well, today Dad went back to work so that he didn’t lose his job or get anymore write ups.  That left Mom with her hands full as I worked to get all the chores done between the two places before I had to start the evening chores!

It is sad to say that my Dad’s Dad isn’t just forgetful.  As the days wear on they are turning very long.  Mom tries really hard not to have to raise her voice to him but this morning was horrible.  My Dad’s Dad broke down crying and giving my Mom a fit.  He wanted the preacher and wasn’t taking no for an answer.  Mom did put him off until 8:30am and his preacher was really nice and did understand.

As for Mom it was rough.  She had to do everything from feed to bath him.  Getting him to take his medications and to drink enough water all the while making him get up from time to time to move around No one thing was an easy task and most Mom handled with as much Grace as one woman can take.  Most things take two of us and I help when I can while trying to get chores done.

I will say that tomorrow Mom and I will get a break as she is taking me to a roping but Monday can’t come to soon when my Aunt returns.

Praying for relief

So these last few days I have been super busy and I know that I have missed blogging but the stuff that is going on around the farm isn’t anything Farmy.  It is more about Dad’s Dad.

He had been in and out of the hospital.  This last time he was released after my Aunt left for a trip to Florida and she is the only one with a power of Attorney.  My Uncle left the same day for Dallas.  He had asked me to take care of his farm while he was gone as it is calving season.

I have to admit that I had agreed before our family had to take on my Dad’s Dad.  The last time he was released from the hospital, the Doctor said he could no longer live on his own.  So over the phone we had gotten my Aunt and Uncle’s trailer to park in the driveway so we would have some place for him to sleep.

After that our lives went crazy.  Mom is best with Dad’s Dad and can get him to do things like brush his teeth, shave and shower.  Dad is trying to hold down his job but has missed two out of four days he was suppose to work.  I on the other hand spend my days running from farm to farm doing chores.  Each morning, I spend an hour doing my chores, then I do about 3 hours of my uncle’s chores followed by schoolwork only to get done in time to go to 2 more hours of my uncle’s chores and I get home in time to finish my chores.

I barely have time to eat and sleep.  And then if anything happens that I need to take care of it takes me longer.  Like last night there was a baby calf to get back to the barn as he was sick and couldn’t stand.  I spent time gathering him up and then I had to call Mom who came and doctored him and then we ended up taking him to our barn for the night anyway.  The calf is doing better but still can’t stand on his own.

I have to admit Mom is looking very tired as she puts my Dad’s Dad to bed at night and then has to be up with Dad and make sure he has stayed where he is suppose to.  Not to mention she helps me with my stuff and then does all the cooking and cleaning for everyone.  While controlling Dad’s Dad.  I am sure you can guess she has her hands full.

As you can tell all of us while we love Dad’s Dad very much he is stressing us all out a lot.  Dad is going to try and go to work tomorrow so that he doesn’t get into trouble and lose his job.  As for Mom and I we will see how it all goes.

Busy day of Nothing

So today Mom and I tried to get things back on track.  However, Things for Dad aren’t going very well.  His Dad ended up back in the hospital again.  This time they say that he will be there for a few days.

As for me I tried to get things done around here.  The problem I had was the cold rain that came today.  We needed the rain so I am not complaining.   Mom and I took the time to make our Fire Prevention Video.  Here is what we did but I think we might redo it because of the wind.

After that the rain moved in and I spent time and got some stuff done inside the house.   We didn’t do a whole lot of anything exciting.  Dad was at work and at each break he was trying to deal with his Sister and Dad.  I felt bad for him as his Sister really isn’t listening to him but honestly there isn’t much I can do about it.

The last thing that I did start was a series for my last session of History.  It is Ken Burns Presents the West.  It is a documentary that ran on PBS.    It is really interesting and much better then reading my History lessons.  As it brings to life what I have already read.  So watching it is pretty cool.  If you have netfix you might want to check it out.  It is Like 8 episodes I think but really interesting….


We keep rolling with the punches

So This weekend I went to my Rodeos. I had one on Saturday and I did pretty good. Then on Sunday I went to a team roping where I was one out of the money. I had a blast and even fit a little work into my weekend. Mom however, didn’t have such a great weekend.

So Saturday I went to my Rodeo and I did pretty good. There I also found out that I am in the running to win a saddle. Man I hope I can keep this up and do well at finals. I have one more rodeo before finals and if I do well enough I should win it. I am going to keep practicing and working for it. After Finals they will have an award banquet and that is when I will find out for sure. When Dad and I got home last night we took time to replace the skylight in the barn and then we set the last post for the lean to we are building off the new barn. I know it sounds crazy but there was no wind last night and we could get things done without fear of falling off the roof. So yes at 10pm we were outside working. LOL

Today After I did my uncle’s chores I headed to a team roping. It went okay. It was a three header and I entered twice. That means I start out with two steers. And I have to rope all the way through all three rounds to win anything. I made it to the last round with only one run and there I missed my dally and slipped a leg. I ended up one out of the money. Oh well.

The big issue around here has been with Dad’s Dad. He is in the hospital and he is kind of forgetting everything. Like where he is and why he is there. It is so bad that the hospital called my aunt and told her that he couldn’t stay there anymore unless a family member stayed with him at all times. And My Aunt doesn’t have time to go stay with him. My Dad was with me so he couldn’t go stay with him. My uncle is out of town and I am doing his chores so that leaves my Mom.

Mom isn’t happy about it but she went and spend the better part of the day with him. She found out that he is so bad that he took the heart monitor leads off his chest and turned off alarms on this monitors. He also didn’t sleep at all last night but roamed the halls getting in the nurse’s way and keeping them from taking care of other patients. By morning he was calling people on his cell phone to come get him because he was stuck at the hotel with no way home. (Yes he said hotel and didn’t realize he was in a hospital)

Anyway, Mom stayed with him and got him back in his room. She then started talking to him and getting him to think rationally (okay as rational as a delusional person can think that is) Mom said she had to kind of chuckle at the staff when they came for shift change. They all were talking and calling her a Godsend. It was so bad that the hospital assigned a nurses aide to take care of just him for the whole night. Mom left her number for the aide to call and told her if she needed her to get him under control to just call and Mom would come.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting. Dad’s Dad is going to get a heart test and after that from what I am hearing it seems as if he will either be moving in with us or going to a nursing home. My Aunt will have to figure it out as he has left her in charge of everything. I will keep you posted but for now I am going to bed.

Wild Days

Well, after Carrie’s issues on Tuesday I thought the worst of the week was over … boy was I wrong.  This week has been very wild and weird.  Wednesday, I was suppose to go to my Uncle’s house and see what he needed done as far as chores.  That got cancelled at the last minute so I tried to work Storm … that didn’t go as planned and it was my fail.  Then Thursday, I did get to my Uncle’s house only to come home to a wild fire at ours.  Thank Goodness for  Fridays!!!

So Wednesday I was suppose to go to my Uncle’s house and learn what he needs done while he is away.  I am trying to help him through the weekend as his hired hand quit him.   I didn’t have to be there until 1pm so Mom and I made a quick run to Sam’s Club.  We got all the needed items and got back home in time to eat lunch and my Uncle to cancel on me.  I decided that I would then work the horses since I had extra time.

I started with Storm.  For the last few days I haven’t been able to get her to understand that I want her to run fast while I swing the rope.  When we are just trotting around and I am swinging the rope and roping things she does great but ask her for speed and she just won’t do it.  So I called in Mom.  And then Mom had to retrain me.

You see every time I was using her to bring up the cattle we would be slowly walking around and I would swing the rope.  But when I would fire her up and really get after it I would just hold my rope thinking that if I got a bit closer to the calf I would swing.  Well, in order to get her used to going fast while swinging the rope I have to actually swing my rope while she is going fast.  Does that make any sense?

Well, with Mom helping me out she got her to fire out of the box very nicely.  However, I forgot to swing my rope.  I could tell Mom was yelling something when we left the chute area but I didn’t image it was her letting at me to swing my rope.  It never even dawned on me that I wasn’t.  Until Mom pointed it out.  After that I got it together and Storm did great.  I guess it was me that needed the training and not her this time … LOL

So Thursday I thought I had my head on straight.  I headed to my uncle’s where I learned everything he needed done and what pastures to watch for calving while he is away.  I knew this weekend would be a busy one but I didn’t think it would get so busy so fast and on Thursday … Thursday isn’t the weekend!!!  However, when I got home at about Noon things had already gone crazy.  A wild fire had broke out and with the 39 mile an hour gusts of winds blowing our way, we were in the direct line of fire.

Dad had taken the day off so that he and Mom could get a few things done around here.  They had hauled of the annual trash and came home to the craziness them selves.  The thing is that Mom has a fire plan.  I know it sounds crazy but she has a working plan that can save all the animals and us but not necessarily the building on the farm.  Mom always aims for no lose of life.

Anyway, Everyone worked to gather the flock and babies into the front yard pen.  Then I headed to the barn and got Coop saddled so that I could go gather the cattle from the pasture.  While I did that, Dad filled buckets of water and started watering the perimeter of the holding pens we use in our fire plan.  All the while, Mom took her position at the sheep pen and started watering it’s perimeter.

We met our neighbor at the fence line and talked to him about getting his cattle into our arena should the need arise.  (Yup, we now have a fire plan for the neighbors livestock.)  When it looked as if the fire had missed us we called Dad’s cousin to check on them.  They where fighting the fire along side the fire department with sprayers hooked to tractors and garden hoses to keep the fire away from the house.  We even opened our North gate to allow anyone in need to run their livestock onto our pasture for safe keeping.  Then we waited.

By night fall the fires were all but a few hotspots and the fire departments were dealing with them long into the night.  As for us, we were safe and lost nothing.  However, the winds were another story.  We have a few stalls to repair and another skylight to fix in the new barn and limbs to clean up but that is about it.

I did get a chance to work on my real task for yesterday but I didn’t get it done.  You see I volunteered to set the 5 posts we need to build the lean to off the south side of the new barn.  We are hoping to have help Sunday to frame it out so I have to have my post set by then.  I will be gone Saturday, doing chores in the morning and then off to my rodeo until the evening.  So I had Thurday and Friday to get it done … Nope that didn’t happen.

You see today I actually had to do my Uncle’s chores then I worked two of the horse before it was time to go practice with my team roping partner.  When I got home from there it was already dark.  So how far did I get ???  Well, I only have one more to set so that isn’t to bad.  So far I have dug only one wrong hole and broke one board.  Oh well, I will get it done and done right.

There are few other things that have gone on that have been lost in the wild … First, Gurtie is now going to the pasture everyday.  She only comes in at night to eat and sleep.  The twins no longer support their jacket and are a bit harder to tell apart.

Then there is Carrie.  Her Baby, Gidgee, weighed in at 16 lbs. and Carrie is very sore.  She hasn’t been eating but a few cookies from Mom and a nibble of feed here and there.  Today I called Doc.  She got a shot of Vitamin and Banamine.  The vitamin will pep her up and help her appetite while the Banamine is for pain management.  By the end of the day she was doing well enough to go out of the pasture for a bit.  Then she came in tonight and ate all of her feed.

Well, with everyone kind of caught up on the happenings around here I am going to head to bed.  If I get in early enough I will post tomorrow but if not Look for many Pics to post on Sunday!!!

Carrie, Carrie, you are so Very ???

Today was so out there that I don’t even know where to start so I will start with yesterday.  I spent most of my day roping with a friend and then headed to a team roping with him.  It is my normal Monday Roping schedule but since my friend was off for President’s Day we fit a bunch of practice in before hand.  I think we started roping about 1pm and I didn’t get home until about Midnight.

So while I was gone Mom found Carrie staying away from the flock and not wanting to eat.  She moved her into the barn and kept watch.  Everything was fine through the evening and the night.  Dad made the last check this morning about 3am before he went to work, however, when I got out there just hours later Carrie was in full fledged Labor.

I checked her and then I got a call from a neighbor that had a flat just down from our house.  Thinking that I could do chores when I got back and that Carrie was progressing fine, I went to help out.  After getting my neighbor back on the road, I headed back to check Carrie and attend to chores.  When I entered the Barn I didn’t like what I saw.

Carrie was no longer progressing and she was on her side in distress.  I called Doc.  He told me a few more things to check.  When I got her all checked I couldn’t feel anything in the Birth Canal and she now had a browning discharge.  I knew something wasn’t right.  I called Doc back.  I asked him is he could see her if I brought her in.  He had a full day but he knows I don’t come without an appointment unless it is important, so he told me not to worry he would fit her in.

Thankfully, Carrie is one of Mom’s Babies.  She is halter broke and will go anywhere with Mom.  So she loaded right up and we headed to Doc’s. After giving Doc the run down, Doc’s first thoughts were worries about pregnancy toxemia.  He said that if it was that we were going to induce her fast and get everything delivered.  He didn’t know at this time if a baby would survive.  He had to stop and take care of a patient or two and then he headed to the trailer but when he got there the plan changed.

He could see that Carrie was trying to have it but that she couldn’t for some reason.  Again it fell to Mom to get her moving and into the back stall room of Doc’s office.  Mom and Carrie walked slow but steady and made it to the stall.  There I held Carrie while Doc Checked everything out from the inside.

That is when he figured it out.  A large Baby was Breech and trying to kick it’s way out into the world.  Doc worked very hard to help Carrie.  At first he had on these long gloves that were to help keep everything sanitary and his hands clean.  Then as things progressed Doc had issues and he actually ended up taking off the gloves and really getting in there.  Carrie was a champ through it all.  She did kick a time or two but she did great.  Honestly, I can’t say as I blame her.  Have you ever tried to push out a large baby with a hand trying to turn it and the baby kicking like a football player?

After what seemed like forever, Doc is able to deliver the baby backwards.  Normally, he would try to turn the baby but he couldn’t get it turned because it was kicking and he had so many issues trying to turn it that he finally gave up and just delivered it backwards.  We will take that.  After the delivery Doc turned his attention to the baby.  He called me over and started telling me how to help.  Mom kept Carrie very calm the whole time this was going on.


Doc held the baby upside down.  As it was delivered backwards it seemed to be gasping for each breath.  Doc wasn’t sure if it aspirated fluids or not but he wasn’t taking chances.  We then hung the baby over a fence rail so that Doc could hand pump it’s chest.  I held those little slimy legs with all I had while Doc worked away.  He worked to clear the nose and the mouth as well as trying to keep anything from getting to it’s lungs.

After what seemed to be an hour or so Doc got a faint little Baaa and I thought Mom was going to bawl.  While both were alive, at this point neither Momma nor baby were in the clear yet.  Doc went into his office and came back with two shots.  He gave Carrie a long lasting shot of antibiotic.  And he gave the baby a mix of a steroid and a medication to help dry it out, just in case he missed anything he tried to pump out of it’s lungs.

Doc is the sort of Man that is up front and honest with you.  He tells you the hard truth even if you don’t want to hear it.  When we loaded Carrie and the baby up he told us that if the Baby gets up in the next few hours it most likely would be fine.  It would be slower to stabilize enough to leave the barn but it should be fine.  If it didn’t get up then it was more then likely oxygen deprived for to long and it may never get up.  He then said that for Carrie, while she did bleed a bit he couldn’t find any tears in the uterine wall so as long as she will eat and drink and have normal body functions (poop).  She should be fine but that she would be weak and sore for a day or two so we needed to watch for depression and make sure she bonded with the baby if at all possible.

We then loaded our little family up in the trailer and brought them home.  Carrie was in no shape to warm the baby on the ride home and Mom and I both thought  (after the fact) that we should have put the baby in the cab of the truck instead of the trailer with it’s Mom.  By the time we got them home, the baby was chilled to the bone.  We got Carrie in the barn and Mom and I took the baby inside.

We didn’t have a fire going so we headed to the bathroom.  I turned on the Gas heater and Mom brought in her two heating pads and the electric heater from the front room.  We then grabbed dry clean towels and Mom went to work.  She had the heating pads on the floor under a layer of towels.  Then she had the lamb and covered her with warm towels from the dryer.  One top of all Mom put the electric heater and gas heaters on high.  While the Gas heater warmed air in the bathroom the electric heater blew right on the baby bundle.  Even with all that Mom then lay down with the little one and started to rub all over it.


Within 20 minutes of so the little one started to show signs of life.  Mom made sure that the lamb was cleaned up and not shivering.  Then I milked out some colostrum from Carrie to help the little one along.  Mom also puts a tad of honey on it’s tongue.  Finally when the inside of the lamb’s mouth was warm, we then take it back to Carrie.  At this point Carrie still wasn’t up.  She did Poop some but the poop didn’t look good.  I am praying that in time it will return to normal.  Anyway, we put the baby under a heat lamp in Carrie’s pen right nose to nose with Carrie.


Over time they both show progress.  Some how they are drawing strength from each other.  At this point Mom had to go pick up the 5X5 post for the awning for the barn.  She ordered them yesterday and was suppose to get them this morning.  However, better late then never so we ran and got them.  When we got the post home, Mom took time to encourage Carrie and the baby some more.  The end results were this …


So far Carrie has Drank and pooped, however she is still woobly and weak but has not eaten, so she is still not in the clear.  The Baby however, is rocking it.  First, the baby is a girl.  Second, I am going to let Mom name this girl.  You see, she says that if this girl is going to fight that hard to be in this world she would need a strong name.  I wanted her to stay with the tree theme so Mom looked up hard woods and found Gidgee.  Gidgee is the third hardest wood in the world and found in Australia.  So World, Meet Gidgee …

I spent the rest of the day putting the bottom railing on the front pen and checking Carrie and Gidgee.  As for now, it is shower and bed time.  If you watch Facebook I will post an update there first thing in the morning.  What a day!

Microwave Popcorn

So Yesterday I went to a roping.  It took all day but it was worth it.  Today I went to the same roping.  It was a short day and I kind of wasted my time.  For the most part, all in all, a great weekend was had by all.

Saturday I roped and I did really well.  It was a 3 head and I won the average and the side pot.  I brought home not only a paycheck but I won a new breast collar.


Yesterday, we left right after I did chores and I didn’t get home until after 11pm.  It was all worth it though.  Today however, was a horse of a different color.  Today we got to leave an hour later and we were home earlier.  In between I roped ok and only missed one calf all weekend but today it wasn’t  enough to win anything.  Oh well, you can’t win all the time. Right??

There were a  few things that Mom did today that I do think you all would like to hear about.  First, she let Gurtie out onto the pasture so that Fudgie and Big Momma would help her with the twins.  Sheep are funny creatures that way.  They use a community Babysitting system.  You see all the Mommas put the babies together in one place and leave one Mom in charge while the others go graze.  Then after a bit they rotate Mommas.

Mom saw Gurtie poop today and it looks good again so she felt the socializing and help with the twins would do her some good.  She was right.  Gurtie is put back in the barn for the night so that she can get some good sleep and feel safe, all at the same time.  Mom also spent some time with Hazelnut.

One thing is for sure she may have been called that because Hazelnuts are dark in color and so is she but she is more a nut then a hazel.  LOL  Anyway, when we pulled up Mom was out in the pasture being a Momma sheep.  She was walking with Hazel and calling her every little bit just like other Mommas do.  That way Hazel will know how to be a sheep and not a Momma’s girl.  Anyway, the Rooster named Nugget has taken to flogging Mom.  I am not sure why but Hazel doesn’t like it.  It was funny to watch Hazel try to get the Rooster, while the Rooster was trying to get Mom and Mom was trying to get to Hazel while keeping the Rooster back with her foot.  As you can imagine it was a pretty funny dance to see.

The final thing that happened today was I got a Valentine’s Day gift.  It isn’t your traditional gift but I like it … and Mom says that if it works out right she will pick me up another one.  So what is it???  It is a light … but not just any light. Check this out …

And that is only half of it … Yes it is a light … but there is more





Yup, it is on a 6 foot pole and I get to use them in the roping arena. I don’t rope after dark much but in the summer I rope before Dawn! If it works out Mom says she will pick up another one next payday. Mom also broke down and bought a microwave that Dad and I were wanting. Mom didn’t miss it when we didn’t have one but Dad and I did. I did find out that there was one thing Mom never could make without a microwave. Well, she could make it but it was never the same and that was Popcorn. There is Popcorn and then here is microwave popcorn and they aren’t the same. LOL

Gurtie Day

So today we didn’t have anything planned. Mom decided to work on the lil’ Buckaroo Quilt so she busied herself with that. I did my normal stuff around here. Chores, schoolwork Excreta, Excreta, Excreta …

There was only one notable thing that happened today. Gurtie has scours and wasn’t wanting to eat. We can’t have that with her nursing babies. So we did a few things to help her out and make sure she was okay. First, I gave her a few cookies. If she wouldn’t eat that then we know we have a big problem. Don’t worry she ate them. So Mom came out to visit her and she ate a bit of feed for Mom.

Then we tried to bring Baby Girl into the barn to be a companion for Gurtie, but with the babies around it didn’t really work. So we let Gurtie out into the baby pen with the few that are getting extra feed. This went much better. She was fine out in the open although she did get a bit fussy about her babies.

When sunset came Dad and I took her and the babies back into the barn. There to my relief, Gurtie ate her feed. We did give her a shot of antibiotic, a bit of saline solution under the skin, wormed her and gave her a bit of vitamin. All these things will help her handle any stress issues she has had with birthing. Sheep stress very easily. And stress can cause other health issues such as worm attacks, tummy aches and dehydration. So we made sure to handle all of those so that we can rule them out as causes of her not eating.

Tomorrow we will let her out during the day and we will put her in at night. And we will pray that everything we did tonight straightens her system out and she gets healthy and raises her two babies.