Beat the Blues Giveaway

Yesterday we again went to help my Great Aunt with Granny’s house.  This time it was kind of different.  It was just my Aunt and my parents and me.  There was more story telling and chatting.  After making a run to the place to donate stuff,  we all went out to eat where we continued to chat it up.

We came home with a few extra treasure in the form of Yarn, patterns, cookbooks and I got my treasured plate that my Granny made back in 1956.  After we got done there Dad and I headed out to Marshall’s house to go rope.  We got home to end the day as every other day around here.   Chores, dinner, shower and bed.

This morning it started out very nice.  Then as we worked the wind picked up.  However, after chores Dad and I got on the roof of the new barn and fixed it.  Come to find out we didn’t need the new piece of skylight we just had to pop the old one down in place and put in a few more screws.  That sounds easy but when you are scared of heights that 10 foot wall at the lowest spot is still way to high.

(EDIT:  My pictures didn’t show up I will try again …)


After that I took time to band Magnolia’s tail and tag her.  We wouldn’t want her getting mixed up with any other lambs and not know who her Momma is … would we … LOL.  As for now I am heading to Marshall’s again to get in a bit more roping.

There is one thing that I want to blog about though.  That is that we are going to have a Craft along with Cutseypu Creations.  I say craft along because now only does she crochet she makes cards and other things.  Anyway, together we are going to have a Craft along.  It is called the “Beat the Winter Blues with something new to you”.  You have up to 4 chances to win.  Twice with her and twice with us. Each of us will be giving a prize pack away.  The whole thing is based on you doing a new craft to you.  However, that can be a new technique, a new yarn, a different kind of needles … anything that has something that is new to you.

To enter in her give away she asks that you post in her Ravelry thread and you have to be a member of her group.  To enter our give away it is the same as always.  We will take messages on Plurk, facebook, youtube, and entries in the Ravelry thread.  However, if you enter on the thread you have to be a member of our group.  If you enter on Facebook you have to at least follow the farm page and on Youtube you have to be subscribed to the channel to win.  You get the idea!!  LOL

So this CAL (Craft along) will take place from Feb 1 to Feb 29th.  To get your bonus entry if your new to you craft has something blue in it or on it or whatever, You will automatically be entered twice.  You can use the same item for both entries.  For example: a Knitter might make a blue crocheted wash cloth.  They can post it in our thread and her thread, join both groups and that will be 4 total entries.

If you have any questions about this CAL please let us know … there might be something we over looked by accident or just haven’t thought of.  Remember tomorrow is the go day so think Blue (my favorite color) and think of trying something new!!!

Granny, A Baby and Kid

Yesterday I was going to blog but nothing really happened.  It was one of those normal days.  I did chores, school work and went to a friend’s house to rope.  I was a bit later then I thought I would be getting in so I headed off to bed.

Today got pretty wild … If I don’t say so myself.  First, Mom and I went over to Granny’s to help my Great Aunt get a few more things cleaned out of Granny’s house.  This was no big issue.  It is hard and sometimes I wish we didn’t have to but Granny is gone and it needs to be done.

While we were cleaning my Great Aunt shared a few treasures with us.  For me, a handmade yarn skeiner that was made by my Great Grandfather for my Great Grandmother.  Check this out … 10338345_936598946375892_1716852918571889640_n

He even made it adjustable … My Great Grandfather did wonderful work.  It has lasted a long time and will last a long time to come.

Mom brought home what she calls the “amazing gift”.  You see Granny has made a wonderful sweater.  My Great Aunt and her daughters had all tried it on but none of them fit it very well.  Granny had it all bagged up like she always did a gift but to our knowledge it didn’t have a tag or a person waiting on it.  Today My Aunt asked my Mom to try it on.  And it fit her perfectly!  My Aunt asked Mom if she wanted it and of coarse Mom told her yes.  Who wouldn’t??  So Want to see it???  I didn’t get a chance to get a picture of Mom wearing it but I stole this one to show you …


Mom also got some more yarn that was from Granny’s stash.  She got things like nylon Fluff that she plans on plying with some real wool she is going to dye up.  And she got some Mohlon and my Granny’s favorite Dazzle Aire yarns.  Mostly earth tone Dazzles.  They were put out by Caron and Mom doesn’t even know if they are still made anymore.

Anyway, after we finished up at Granny’s for the day it was time to go get KID!  He was ready and waiting on us when we got to the pound.  I signed for him and he got to stop by Granny’s and see my Great Aunt (she loved on him and held him a lot) and Mom and my Great, Great Aunt (who wasn’t impressed)  He slept all the way home.

When we got him home we took time to make the introductions with the other dogs.  Moose tackled him right off.  They are going to be playmates I think.  Hank, to our surprise, seemed taken with him.  Normally she runs and hides from puppies.  This time she was fine with him being around.  I am not sure but I think she knows, that after what happened to her this week, he is going to be back up for her.  Then there was Jethro.  He did a lot of lip lifting and growling.  He was having none of it but Mom says he will get used to him in due time.

After that Dad and I decided to go to the roping pen for a bit of practice.  I got the horses and brought them back to the barn to saddle up.   Then I headed to the arena.  I made it as far as the west gate to Coop’s stall before I saw it … FUDGIE!!!  About that time her water broke.  I called Mom to get her to open the barn back up while Dad and I helped her make her way to the barn.  We got her inside and set up.  And then Mom took over.

Dad and I went back to get the horses we let loose of to get Fudgie.  Once we got them gathered we brought the cattle up.  Then we got a call from Mom something wasn’t right with Fudgie.  She was pushing and pushing and then she would try to find the baby.  Then she would strain and strain again and then look for the baby.

Mom said it was time to see what was going on.  So Dad and I got our hands on her and then we saw it … one foot.  That isn’t good.  We couldn’t tell if it was a back foot or front foot and there wasn’t a nose.  I held on to her while Dad felt around a bit.  He figured out that it was a front foot and the other one was hung up.  He couldn’t get it together so Mom took over holding while I took over the lamb turning.

First, I got the one foot.  Then I got the other foot.  I made sure the nose was close by and then I started oh so gently pulling.  First the feet came and then the head.   At this point I stopped and cleared the little ones face, nose, mouth and anything else I could think of.

The body came next and it seemed to go on forever.  Then as if it was all effortless the hind legs slid right out.  Dad and I caught it on it’s way out and lay it down in the hay.


It was scary to pull a baby.  I have never done it before with a live birth.  Last year we had one ewe lose her twins and we had to pull them but this was different.  Oh so different.  I am not a fan of having to do it but I am so glad it went our way.  I also have to say that, that was one big lamb.  I didn’t weight him but he is bigger then Moose in the body and Moose weights like 10 pounds.  And that doesn’t count the head, legs or tail.


So at this point as far as we can tell, all is well with both Mom and baby.  The only thing left to do is give this big boy a name.   So what does everyone think?  Post anything you can think of in the comments below but remember it has to be a tree name.

After that my day went back to quieting down.  Mom did sheep checks on the pasture with the Kid in Tow.  Kid did really good until he was on the way back to the house from the barn.  The longer he was out in the pasture the more bold he got.  The more bold he got the closer to the sheep he got.  The closer to Hersey he got the more Hersey stomped at him.  I guess Kid thought Hersey was playing … she was not and  she rolled his little butt.  Hersey didn’t hurt him.  She just used her head and rolled him away from her making him flip over about 6 times …. LOL.  He learned real fast as he yelped and ran to Mom.  Us humans chuckled and went on about our business.

After all the days adventures Mom ordered pizza for dinner while Dad and I did chores.  Then we ate, cleaned up and put the house to bed.  That means me too.  So I am going to go get some sleep as we are heading back to Granny’s tomorrow for another day of cleaning.


Hank and the Kid

Okay, so yesterday I had a plan.  Finish my school work, work the horses, fix the barn and then get to bed early.  Yea, that didn’t happen.  Like farm life things changed on a dime.  This time it started with Dad having to work late. That took the fixing of the barn roof off the game plan.  Mom and I did take down the sign on the big door so we counted that as half the job being done. 

After that I headed to the arena.  At the very least I wanted to get the horses worked.  I mounted Ice and headed to the back of the arena to bring up Storm and Precious.  That is when I saw her.  There on the East edge about half way down the side, lay Hank the Cowdog.  I got to her and dismounted.  I looked for any response to her name.  At first, time stood still …. then a tail wag and a kick of a foot let me know she was still with us.  Alot of things were running through my head as I called Mom. 

Hank had been with us as I climbed the ladder and took the sign off the side of the barn.  Mom and I laughed and joked and I had asked Hank to do it for me as I don’t like heights.  Her and Jethro had been playing in the sheep pasture as we had worked.  I didn’t understand how or what had happened.  Everything changed in that one moment.  My questions changed to anger as I spoke the words to Mom.  “Something is wrong with Hank, she is in the arena and can’t get up.”  Mom’s “I am on my way” was followed by my thoughts of how could this happen? It isn’t fair!!

Oh so carefully, I picked her up and started for the gate.  Ice followed willingly as if he knew something wasn’t right.  Mom met me at the arena gate.  She took Ice and tied him to the fence as she got the gates making our way to the house.  Hank might be a dog but at 65 pounds my arms were starting to burn.  I didn’t really care but my adrenaline was wearing off and I could feel every muscle in my arm quiver.  It was awful but I knew it was nothing compared to what Hank was feeling. 

When we got to the house Mom grabbed blankets and headed for the living room.  I put her down and at that Moment I thought I had imagined the whole thing.  Hank got up and jumped up on the couch and lay down like nothing had happened.  I sat with her in the amazement that she was fine.  Then HER adrenaline wore off.  He head rolled back and her whole body seemed to quiver uncontrollably.  I looked at  Mom and told her “that is what she was like when I found her”.  Mom told me to get her off the couch and to the floor.

While I lifted Hank down to the floor, Mom headed to the kitchen to gather supplies.  She came back with medication and water.  Hank at this point had control over her head so Mom popped the pills into a cheese ball and Hank ate it.  A really good sign.  Then Mom made her drink a bit, which she did.  Another good sign. 

As we got her calmed down and the medication took effect Mom started to run her hands over Hank.  She found a large knot on her rear hip.  Mom was concerned with her spine and back.  The Vet said that he would need the swelling down to get a clear picture on the X-ray so to keep her calm and on the pain meds giving them every 12 hours. (The medication we have on hand is also an antiinflammatory)  For the first hour we all watched and waited.  Then Hank seemed to just come back to us little by little as her old self.  It is hard to explain. 

I know the pain meds kicked in but it was so weird.  Mom says that something probably kicked her in her hind quarters.  She also said that while a dog’s pain threshold is much higher then a humans, this time Hank had reached it.  Without her adrenaline she started to go into shock and Hank was actually fighting passing out from the pain.  Mom says that since I have never felt that kind of pain, it won’t make sense to me but that if I ever do It will stay with me forever and I will understand Hank’s reaction.

I felt bad but I couldn’t stay and watch Hank struggle so I left Mom and went to work the horses.  Hank was never far from my mind though.  When I got done and back to the house I was amazed.  Hank was Hank.  She was stiff and moving a bit slower but she was alive and walking and she was her.  Mom says that the medication kicked in making the pain bearable.  I was so relieved. 

Hank stayed in and lay around like an Old retired dog for the rest of the day and on into today.  She hated it but all us humans of the house were happy knowing that she would be inside and not chasing coyotes last night.  I did try to go to bed early but Mom and I both Had a time getting any sleep as Hank stirred and we checked her constantly.  This Morning Hank was fine.  As if nothing happened.  Hank will be staying on her medication for one more day but as of now she is just sore and moving a little slower.  The only thing she won’t do right now is go under the fence.  Mom says that it probably hurts her to get down that low so for now we will open gates for her.

This brings me to the other thing we did today.  Faced with Hank’s mortality we stepped up our, for lack of other words, commitment to bring in a new working dog.  We had been looking but nothing really jumped out at us but one that we thought would fit the farm and the job we had in mind for it.  Today we committed to the one …. He is a Puppy and he actually went and got fixed yesterday. He is bold and seems to have that Big personality we like to see in our guard dogs.  And for the record he is one of a litter of four and a pound puppy (that means we found him at the city pound).  He is a blue heeler mix and full of life and attitude. 

He will be the next working dog on the farm and Hank’s backup.  So I give to you “The Kid”


Okay, so it will be months before he will take his place in the ranks along side Jethro and Hank, let alone start his training BUT he will have the adventure of a lifetime as he meets and learns his new flock and family.  And the best part is that he will be here for lambing season so he will grow up with the babies that will be his to protect.

So right now our new “KID” is waiting at the pound until Friday, under the watchful eye of their vet tech.  He was fixed young and they just want to make sure he is okay from his surgery.  I have to say that I am a bit nervous about this little guy as we haven’t had the best of luck with dogs in the last year.  One thing for sure is that He will be staying away from the cattle and horses for awhile.

After getting Kid’s paperwork done I came home to work the horses.  Mom came out and helped Storm learn to leave the box a bit better and then we headed over to a friend’s house to rope a bit more.  I came home to chores done and all I have to do is shower, eat and head to bed …. Let’s see if I can get a bit more sleep then last night

Roping, Roping and more Roping

It has been a long weekend but like any weekend it wasn’t long enough.  The entire weekend was taken up with Roping.  Leaving Mom with Sheep checks and holding down the farm.

Saturday Dad took me to a calf roping.  I caught my first calf but my Horse shorted me in the second round.  That means she decided the run was over but it really wasn’t so I didn’t even get a chance to bring home a paycheck.

In order to fix Coop and make her understand that even long runs have to go on until I say, we stopped off at Marshall’s house.  There we ran practice steers for the rest of the day.  After a while Coop caught on and I think she figured things out.  We got home after dark and did chores before heading off to bed.

Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday with the exception of location.  Marshall and I team roped again but I didn’t do any good there either.   However, Marshall did better then most so we all went out to get a bite to eat to celebrate.  It was fun but again we didn’t get home until after dark and so chores were in short order followed by some sleep.

With Dad back on days, Monday started out more like our normal days used to be.  I did some break away roping on Storm and she did really well.  I worked a bit with Precious and even put a bit in her mouth but I didn’t mount her.  She is gaining weight that will keep her healthy though the cold month of February but it isn’t really the right kind of healthy for strength.  In other words she is fat and sassy but not muscular.

After that Dad took me back up to Marshall’s so that I could catch a ride with him to yet another team roping.  At this team roping both Coop and I did really good.  It wasn’t good enough to win a pay check but we made a good showing.  It was really late when I called Mom to come pick me up and we didn’t get home till 3am.  Thankfully, Dad had done chores before he went to bed.

Because I was late getting in I was late to get the day started as well.  After I finish up this post and my school work I plan to head out to … yup, you guessed it … rope.  This time it is just here at the house and I will also take some time to work the other horses as well.

When Dad gets home we plan to finally put the new skylight in the barn roof.  I am not really sure how that will go as Dad and I neither one like heights.  Today will have one difference though and that is that I will be hitting the hay a bit early.  By Dark Thirty, I plan to be nice and warm and sound a sleep in my bed.

Windy Magnolia

Well, today the prairie wind returned with vengeance.  It blew a cold north wind.  All the while the sun started to shine and tease us with an illusion of spring.  However, one step out the door and you would quickly remember winter wasn’t done with us yet.  Then as if God was saying “suck it up and get out there”, the morning started with the stupid neighbor’s dog in the baby pen that is right outside my window. 

Mom loaded him up again and took him home.  She spoke to the mother of the owner and asked one more time if they would please keep the dog home.  In the past we have done everything we can think of to get that dog to go home and stay home.  I will be honest with you guys.  We have shot him with air pellet guns and he can’t feel them through his fur.  So we have shot the gravel around him with Mom’s little .22 spraying dirt and rocks at him.  We have let Jethro and Hank whoop his butt to a point of him yelping and wetting himself. In turn the dog comes right in our house, loads in our trucks and acts like our farm is his playground.  He has been loaded up several times and taken home for lack of other alternatives.  Today is the last of it.  Dad says that with the first lamb on the ground, if he sees him, he is going to shoot him. 

Mom and I have convinced Dad to give us one more chance.  If his owners don’t keep him away, the next time I am going to leash him and then take him into our pasture on my terms.  I will take him by each animal and if he even postures as if to stalk one I will correct him very harshly.  He will know I mean business. And if you think he wets himself for the treatment he gets from our dogs, let me tell you, he will do more then that when I get done.  I know it sounds mean but it is his last chance at life … Because if he kills any of the animals on our farm again I probably will drop him myself.

Anyway, winter couldn’t keep little Magnolia from coming out to explore her new world.  We had taken her jacket off yesterday afternoon and by evening we had shut off the heat lamp.  She did great so today it was her day to go out into the pasture and find her place in the flock.



After awhile things calmed down within the flock and you could see Magnolia bouncing around her Mom as if to see if she would let her roam far.  Big Momma didn’t allow her to go anywhere by herself and just for a bit of extra safety tonight we put them both back in the barn …. Just in case the neighbor’s dog come back.


Running and a Birthday

So today a couple of kind of important things happened.  First and Most important is that we got a propane delivery.  We use propane for hot water and 16 months ago we got a hundred gallons of propane.  Well, we have had hot water all that time but we were getting really low and Mom decided it was time to put in another hundred.

Sad thing is that the service upped their minimum delivery amount so we had to take 150 gallons.  I guess they won’t hear from us for at least 18 or 19 months this time … LOL After we took the delivery, Mom took me to get my phone back in working order.

You see when we got it from the repair man it didn’t work right.  He says ATT messed it up and ATT says he messed it up.  Me?  I don’t care who messed it up I just want it working.  So I went to a new guy who fixed me up … So I have my phone back in working order.  Lesson learned is don’t always trust a repair man.  I know they make mistakes too but the issue is when they won’t man up and take responsibility for it.

Anyway, the rest of my day was sheep checks.  Mom and I did a walk about and checked every ewe and she has changed her choices on who is going to birth first.  Now she says Carrie and Gurtie.  Then Fudgie and Hersey followed by Baby Girl if Baby Girl is even Breed.  Me???  I say Fudgie or Hersey is next but honestly, who ever goes next goes next … LOL

I ended the evening spending time with my Team Roping partner.  It was his birthday so we all got together ate burgers and played a little cards.  It was kind of fun.  I enjoyed it and we all laughed and cut up for awhile.  I even broke down and filled him in on what happened when I got home from roping with him on Monday.  He was laughing saying that is always the way farming goes … Long days and Longer nights!!



So today Mom and I worked hard to stay inside and stay warm.  That is fine for the most part … Except Sheep checks … and doctoring Precious and Derf.  Those trips out are cold but well worth it.  The horse trips are just once a day while the sheep checks are constantly.  When we were inside staying warm, Mom and I took the time to Fight the Etsy shop.

We now have everything from all three Christmas shops and the extra product from the booth up and listed on Etsy.  If you take notice the prices are really low on all the bags.  That is because we have them all on a clearance sale.  However, we couldn’t figure out how to make a code that is just for those items in the bag section of the shop.

I know other people find Etsy easy to use but that isn’t always the case for Mom and I.  We both end up fighting with the computer and then don’t really know if we even got everything listed right.  Tonight we did notice a  couple of our pictures were missing as Mom tries to post at least two of each item.

Anyway, if you have time go check everything out.  You can find the shop at  Honestly I hope you find something you are looking for and if the shipping is off by more then a dollar I will adjust it.  We just got tired and had issue weighing everything and making sure they were all perfect so we started using a basic postage.

To top that off if you are lucky enough to have one of three coupon codes that are active you can still get the 10% off.  (In Case you forgot “COOPER” is the last one I gave out but there are two others that are always active)

And just so everyone is on the same page with the Lambing season … No one is showing anymore signs of Labor.  Okay, we missed the first signs of lambing in Big Momma, but Mom didn’t think she was even ready yet.  So I guess that means we could have missed some others but we don’t think we did.

I am now going to get off here and get me a shower and head to bed.


Life Exploded

Have you ever had those times when Life just seems to go crazy … if you read my blog at all you know I have those times quiet often.  This time however, it came out of left field when I thought I had everything under control.  Imagine that … Life going crazy when I wasn’t expecting it … LOL

So lets back up To Saturday.  I had the Winter Woolfest in Kansas and we had a ton of stuff going on.  First, we met another podcaster named Kendra from CutseypuCreations.  She was a lot of fun.  She brought us some handmade cards.  And I didn’t even have to share mine … Mom got her own pack … However, Mom isn’t sure if it was meant as a give away or for her to keep.  Mine are for me to keep.

Mom taught at this festival as well.  She did her Tunisian class again and this time it was full.  To make her class even better she added videos on the farm site so that everyone in class can make sure to have time to really learn it.  We also got to see some of what people made from our yarn last year.  Check this out …

12552722_930696380299482_7764817183493855827_n12552971_930696360299484_7962655427893187543_nThis last photo is Ms. Kendra herself.  She is wearing a scarf thing she made out of some handspun she won this last winter. 12540846_930696313632822_3665104822574867714_n So after all the fun we came home Saturday night.  I was tired so I headed off to bed thinking I would blog the next day.

Sunday I hung out with Dad and cut firewood all day.  Mom and I did Podcast before she left to go to her babyshower … Okay her friend’s babyshower … LOL.  When she got home she cooked goats cheese lasagna for dinner while Dad and I did chores.  After dinner I sat down with my laptop and promptly … FELL ASLEEP!  I guess I was tired from the trip and cutting wood.  Honest, that wasn’t my intention.  I planned to blog all about the show and the fun we had but Mom covered me up and let me sleep.

The next day I knew I wasn’t going to have much time to blog.  There was a Martin Luther King Jr. Day Team Roping.  I didn’t just plan on going but I had promised my team roping partner that I would help him load his steers and get them there.  I helped work and sort three pens of steers Monday.  Not to mention we roped in it.  It was run in a round robin style and My partner won the whole thing.  I got 4th but it didn’t bring home a pay check.  After we got done and got home it was about 1am.

Normally, this isn’t an issue.  Mom had roast in the crockpot and had enjoyed her day and even moved the living room around a bit.  Dad and I normally go put the horse up and then come in and eat before showering and heading to bed.  However, you did she the word normally right???

So Mom in all her fun of the day had kept Watch for any sign of labor or birthing.  There were none all day.  Except that when I got to the barn to put the horse inside, there stood Big Momma, with a head and two front legs presenting.

Oh you know what happened next don’t you???  We through the barn open shoved her and the horse inside and ran and got Mom.  By the time we got out there the baby was on the ground in the barn and Dad was freaking out.  For some reason Dad wanted to pull on the baby and such but Mom stopped him.

At first Big Momma just lay there not sure what was going on.  We worked to dry the little thing and get her warm.  You could actually see steam rising off the baby.  Within a few minutes of working on the lamb the lights seemed to come on for Big Momma as to what had just happened.  She got up and got to the baby and started helping us dry and clean the baby up.

Mom stayed with them while I took Dad to get a pen set up.  I had them in the barn but as most know I didn’t think we would need them until next week.  Anyway,  We worked to get everything set up and going for the first lamb of the season.

Mom posted a picture on Facebook and even with the late hour names started to be posted quickly.  The one I like the most is …. Yup it is a Girl … I give to you Magnolia.   And for those who track who belongs to who … Big Momma is a Merino and her Daddy is Knight the white Merino!


We kept watch and checked her every few hours.  This morning she was showing signs of having nursed and she seemed to have a full belly.  We have seen her latch on but never for very long.  I think that is because we are catching her sucking for snack and not meals.  Just to be sure I checked Big Momma’s bag and it is full of milk and the plug is gone so that means all should be fine and that Magnolia Figured it all out.  For now Magnolia is sporting a small brown jacket.

With all the birthing fun of last night we kind of got a late start this morning. To be honest that wasn’t a good thing.  You see this morning our farrier had an 11am appointment with us.  I barely got things done before he showed up.  It took a bit to get all 5 horses done.  Coop doesn’t like getting shoes and with the frozen ground it wasn’t a choice so she kind of acted up.  As he trimmed Precious we found that she has some how cut her leg.  We are now treating it.  To top that off Derf seems to have a bit of Thresh in one of his feet.  So he will be doctored for that too.  This funny weather this winter is springing all kinds of little issues on us right now and to tell you the truth I really could live without them.  The little issues that is.

After the farrier left if was time to go get my phone picked up from the repair shop and get feed before the next round of winter weather comes in.  Now you know when I say life has gone crazy that a simple statement is never simple.  Well, Okay, getting feed was simple.  Mom also took time to get a new red bulb for the heat lamp and some new treatment for Derf’s thresh.

The little issues came when I got my phone back.  Long Story short, att says repair man messed it up … repairman says it is an att issue.  I say phone is going back tomorrow for one or the other to fix it because it wasn’t that way when I took it in.  All it needed was a new connection for the charger to charge it.  Everything else worked.  Now it doesn’t.

Anyway, for tonight we will keep watch over the sheep and try and get some sleep.

Lambing Season Started

So I have been super busy and haven’t gotten to blog … the one night I had time I fell asleep … But to make up for it Here is a picture of the first Lamb of the season … Big Momma gave birth to the first girl of the season about 1am … we even got video … But for now enjoy these steaming pictures of the new baby … and don’t forget post your tree names so we can stop calling her Big Momma’s baby girl.20160119_005754[1]

Getting going

Yesterday  I had to get a lot of little thing done before we could leave today.  So while Mom went to her Quilt Class I took time to get it all done.

I started by cleaning the hay pile in the little lamb pen.  After that I took time to get in a little break away roping before the weather turns cold again.  When I got done I headed to the calf pen to doctor a new calf that came in.

He has scours and needed to be wormed.  All of his issues are just the simple things that stress causes in livestock that is moved.  So It got a shot of wormer and antibiotic and then he was put in the pen with the water with treatment in the water as an extra precaution.

After Mom got home from her fun, her and I headed to town to pick up two very important things.  The first is the concrete for the Chicken coop.  When I get home from the festival I am going to put it in place and see if I can get the chicken coop set a bit better so everything can stay dry.

We also picked up the new sky light for the barn.  It was in a bit earlier this week but we just didn’t have time to go get it before now.   And of course we stopped to pick up a bit of Food for the trip too.

When we got home I took time to clean out the truck.  I actually thought that I might pack the truck last night but it got late and I was tired so when I got done I just headed off to bed.

This morning I got up and did chores before getting breakfast and loading the truck.  While I did chores I made sure to make sure all the animals are double loaded with hay.   Since Dad will be having weird hours while we are gone the extra hay will keep everyone’s Belly full.

As for the rest of today It was mostly driving but we got to the festival and got set up.  We are now kicking back at our beloved Simmer Motel … yup I included a link so you can go check it out.  Each room has a theme … They are so cool and the owner is a wonderful artist.  The murals around here are rockin’  If you are ever up here check them out.  They do things the old fashioned way … with a ton of customer service!!

The last think I am going to let you know is that if you are coming out to the festival, the first 10 people to come to the booth and let us know what social media you follow us on and we will give you a small free gift.  With that said I hope to see and meet all of you tomorrow!!!