Christmas Roping

I hope everyone reading had a great Christmas. For us Christmas is about a time to come together over a great meal and just catch up on everything. A time when we are not just rushing by but time to stop, eat, chat, relax and have some fun. Mom made a huge meal and that is just what we did. And we continued to do for the last few days.

On Christmas, we had a huge meal at noon. My Sister, her friend and Dad’s Dad were all here and it seemed to last forever. We did more talking and laughing then anything else. Oh don’t get me wrong, the Food was good, but the stories were a hoot. After we all ate and our family headed out to visit other places, Dad and I headed to a friend’s house to rope. There was a small bunch of us that got together to enjoy the day doing what we love. Okay, we all were trying to get in as much practice as we could before the weather turned … LOL. We roped until dark, came home, did chores and then headed to bed. Honestly, it was a pretty fun day.

Then next morning (Yesterday) Dad and I got up and got Mom a load of dirt she wanted and then hit the roping pens again. As we finished up roping the weather changed. It started with rain and before the day was over the temperatures would drop as well. When the rain first started it was still about 60 degrees outside. That made it warm enough to get the barn ready for Lambing season. We made sure we have everything we need and that it is all cleaned and ready for use after sitting for a year.

There are a few things still left to do but if were had to be ready today we think we are. I still have to bring the heating lamp to the new barn, Get the extension cord in place and move in the other set of pens. You see when we built that barn we didn’t think the horses would be in there much. We didn’t know at that time that Coop was going to get scratches and have to be kept dry. So that means we were suppose to have two large birthing pens and two small ones. Right now however we have 5 horses. That is the most we have ever had. That means the two large birthing pens are full. Don’t worry, as always we have a back up plan. We are going to move the portable pens that we used last year into the barn. That way if we need more pens we can set them up and it will be no problem.

After we got that done there was time for me to go to a team roping. So Dad and I left Mom to podcast and play with her Christmas gifts while we headed out to the roping. I had a ton of fun but it was late when we got home. There were a ton of ropers and each that caught kept going to the next round until they had caught 4 steers. It took forever. I made it to the last round with two different partners. Both of which missed so I got no pay check. Oh well, it is good practice though.

Today, I am heading to Tulsa to help tie the Calves for the Big roping Tuesday. It is still raining and cold and everything is flooded. However, the animals are safe and warm and they have a ton of hay out. So there really isn’t anything we can do here at home anyway. Mom is going to stay home and sew some blocks for a quilt she is working on so she will be keeping watch. Tomorrow maybe things will get back to normal … Just in time for the big roping!!!

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