Merry Christmas Eve

I am sorry I didn’t get the blogging done yesterday. It was one of those days that you spend away from the house only to come home and feel like you are then running behind on everything. It wasn’t a scheduled day away but a friend called and asked it I would help with a bunch of younger kids that were getting together to rope at his house … I hate to pass up roping but How could I say no when they needed my help??? LOL

Anyway, yesterday when I got home Mom and I baked and cleaned up a bit. Then today was pretty much more of the same. I did take some time and go to help my uncle move some cattle off the pasture that burned up in the wild fire so that they will have something to graze.

Then Mom’s buddies came by and got their Christmas gifts and the gift they worked on with Mom for their Mom. They even dropped Mom off a bottle of wine and a really big wine glass to go with it … They got me a gas card! Yup I know how to use that baby! LOL

I took time to work Coop and Ice but I am having an issue with losing my stir-up while I rope. I don’t know why or how I just know that all day today I lost my stir-up when I roped … That isn’t good for someone getting ready for a big competition.

This evening Mom and I put on Christmas Cartoons. Mom made chili for dinner. Then we baked and decorated Cookies. Mom started the Turkey and ham and sorted all the pan and dishes we need to for tomorrow’s meal. I will say that with Granny gone this year Mom is having to deal with the innards of the turkey. Normally Mom took them to Granny who cooked them up and ate them. However, we don’t eat the neck, kidney, liver or heart as no one likes it in our house. So Mom started boiling them from Thanksgiving and Christmas for the Dogs. Moose, Jethro and Hank are going to love them. I am just glad I don’t have to eat them.

Dad is at work and we are trying to stay up until midnight when he is suppose to get off. When he gets home we will eat a bite with him and then head to bed and wait for Santa to come … LOL

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