A non productive day

Today started out like most days.  I got chores done while Mom got word that she wouldn’t have her buddy today.  Then we stated listening to our local radio station to see if any of our tickets in the Christmas bucks give away were winners.  It was kind of fun.  If your number was called you had a minute and forty seconds to call in.  If no one calls in they draw again.

There were 12 prizes and they actually send someone to confirm the winning ticket before they close out that prize.  Anyway, Mom and I were listening and checking tickets in my room (I am the only one with a radio) so when we got bored waiting in between drawings we would dust something.  I have to admit I really didn’t know how dirty my room was until today.  At first I wasn’t going to dust with Mom but when she had to go run to the post office, that left me by myself listening and I got really bored and started dusting too.

When Dad woke up, him and I decided to go hunting and see if we could get another deer for the freezer.  About 11:45am this nice looking doe came into site.  I will say that I try my best to kill them with one shot so that they don’t suffer, but today it took me two as my first shot only crippled her.  I always feel bad for the deer when that happens.  Anyway, after I gutted her and drug her to the truck, Dad and I headed home to check her in. (Check in is done on computer here)

When we got there Mom had gone to a local home bakery and picked up a pan of home made Cinnamon rolls.  I ate and checked my deer in at the same time.  Once I got her checked in Mom took me to take it in while Dad got ready for work.  While we were in town we picked up the fixing for chili and a few other things we needed.  By the time we got home Dad and half the pan of cinnamon rolls were gone ….LOL … Dad loves those things

About the time we got the stuff put away, I got a text asking if I could come rope with my friend.  Mom agreed and I got my stuff together to head that way.  We roped for about 4 hours.  When we got home I ate dinner, did chores and then showered before heading off to bed. 

2 thoughts on “A non productive day

  1. OH MY you have to try a backstrap done in the crock pot with potatoes and carrots!! Awesome!!

    And it just dawned on me it might not be called backstrap where you live but I don’t know what you would call it … LOL


  2. It’s a pretty productive day if you are putting food on the table (so to speak), the dusting is just a bonus. 😉 What is your favourite way of cooking deer? Our localish butcher has venison cuts & I am curious to try them.

    Good luck in the big roping & Merry Christmas.


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