The Weekend

So yesterday I started a post but then I got called away and I never got it finished or posted.  So today I am going to catch up a bit.    I will have to back up to Saturday to catch everyone up.

I posted on Saturday but it was a prewritten post that didn’t include my roping.  I did rather good at the roping though and was hoping to get home and edit my post before it posted but I was late getting home.   I won the first round but broke out in the second.  I did bring home a small paycheck and who could ask for anything else?

Sunday Dad and I let Mom sleep while we did chores and went hunting.  We still want to take another deer so that we can have enough meat in the freezer to get through the winter.  When we got home she was up and determined to get some things done and turn her frown upside down as we say.  When Dad and I left for my roping she was busy cleaning for Christmas and  working in her fiber room.

At the roping I did place and again brought home a small paycheck.  While we were there Dad got a call to come to work in the morning.  So when we got home he ate and headed to bed while I did chores and then helped Mom finish a few things up in the fiber room.

Today I did chores and headed out hunting .  I have been seeing a few deer but nothing within range of shooting it.  When I got home I helped Mom a bit before heading out to get in some more roping practice.  I only have like 8 days until the big event.

That is why I also went to my friends house again tonight and fit in a bit more roping practice.  This time however, Dad took me.  I don’t think Mom really wants to take me due to the whole 3 hours of waiting last time.

The last thing that went on today was that Mom and Dad talked about Christmas.  Since Dad is on nights, this will be the first time in their married life that they won’t be together from mid day Christmas Eve until the day after Christmas.  That means Mom and I will be the only ones home on Christmas Eve.

Our Tradition was that we always had dinner with the lighting of the Candle of Christ on the Advent wreath and then passed around the magic Christmas Gift followed by cookie decorating and board Games.  Well, Advent and dinner will happen and we will eat Christmas cookies but instead of board games with only two people  we will be watching Christmas cartoons and trying to wait up for Dad to get home.  If we make it we will eat with him then and then head off to bed.  Mom and I already warned him he might come home and find that we are both asleep in front of the DVD player….   LOL

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