Blessings and not!

So yesterday I headed out about 6am to Tulsa to the Mike Johnson World’s Richest Invitational Junior Calf Roping.  It was a three head roping and the top 15 in the average got to come back in the final Championship Round.   I have to say I didn’t fair to well.

First calf out and the guy running the chutes didn’t wait for my nod.  So he turned my calf out to fast and I wasn’t even ready.  It was no wonder I missed.  That set the tone for the whole roping.  The Second calf I was so mad that it shook me and I missed again.  By the third round I finally caught and was only one out of the money.

We headed home and stopped at Wal-mart and Sam’s on the way so we could pick up a few things.  When we got home the day just kept on coming … Dad and I headed out to do the chores and found a piece of the new barn roof on the ground out side.

After inspecting the panel we found that there were no holes in it where it had been attached to the roof.  So Mom called the contractor and found out that the building is six days out of warranty.  So since we hadn’t inspected the roof since the last time they were out to repair their workmanship, we were out of luck.

Well, Mom wasn’t really happy to say the least.  She called around to the local lumber yards and had a new piece ordered in.   By the time it gets here the ice should be done and we will get up there ourselves and unscrew any screws holding the old piece down and remove it and then replace it with the new one making sure to attach it firmly so this doesn’t happen again.

After yesterday, we all slept in a bit.  Mom didn’t have anything on her agenda for the day but sewing and a bit of running this afternoon.  As for me I just didn’t want another repeat of yesterday where nothing seemed to go right.

Mom spent some of her time sewing and Dad and I watched a movie.  Until he got called into work early that is.  After that Mom and I decided it was time to get the running done.  So we headed to pick up feed for the animals, my deer that we had processed and a deer that was for my uncle and his family.  On the way home we had to stop and get some parts for the truck.

It seems that in this cold weather the truck has taken to dying when you pull up to a stop sign, traffic light or when slowing down to turn.  So Mom stopped by the parts store and had them hook it up and it showed two spark plugs misfiring.  So we got the plugs and hubs for those two.

We headed home but made one more stop on the way.  For New Year’s Eve we will be having tacos.  That means we needed cheese.  When we stopped to get the cheese at the little grocery store in the small town a mile way, we found a blessing.

You see they had a delivery of tomatoes that they were over stocked with and they were giving them away.  Yup, you guessed it Mom picked up enough to can up some to go with the deer for my uncle.  Not to mention she got some for her to can for us.

When we got home we unloaded the truck and Mom went to work on those Tomatoes.  Can you believe we are blessed enough to be canning stewed tomatoes just days before the new year???

Winter Weather

Today was the first time we have had really bad winter weather.  Last night we had high winds and really cold temps.   The wind was so bad that at some point in the night Coop got spooked and kicked a hole in the barn.  Not a big one but her shoe split the tin on her stall.

When the weather breaks we will be fixing that but for today we were pretty much stuck inside.  The temps dropped and it snowed for the first time this winter.

We all were kind of making jokes about it being spring, fall and winter all at the same time.  Right now, thanks to the spring like down pour that has been going on Since Saturday, everything is flooded out.  Our yard, the driveway, Even the road.

Don’t worry though because thanks to the fall frost everything is covered in the winter snow had something to cling to.  That left our road a mess.  Mostly we have this slushy kind of mud stuff everywhere.

The sheep and goats are all doing fine and with the exception of Coop’s little barn banging nothing of real importance happened today.

Mostly we stayed in and took down all the Christmas stuff.  Then Mom asked me to hang the new picture my Sister got my parents for Christmas.    From there Dad and I put all the Christmas stuff back up in the attic.  All but the outside decorations that is … LOL … No way were we going out to take those down today.

I did take some time to take a calf in the barn and practice tying him.  I have the big roping tomorrow and with this weather I really didn’t get any practice in.  I know to trust in God and what will be will be.  However, I did want to practice.

This evening we watched a bit of TV and we all plan to be in bed early so that we can leave in plenty of time to be able to take it slow getting to Tulsa tomorrow.

Christmas Roping

I hope everyone reading had a great Christmas. For us Christmas is about a time to come together over a great meal and just catch up on everything. A time when we are not just rushing by but time to stop, eat, chat, relax and have some fun. Mom made a huge meal and that is just what we did. And we continued to do for the last few days.

On Christmas, we had a huge meal at noon. My Sister, her friend and Dad’s Dad were all here and it seemed to last forever. We did more talking and laughing then anything else. Oh don’t get me wrong, the Food was good, but the stories were a hoot. After we all ate and our family headed out to visit other places, Dad and I headed to a friend’s house to rope. There was a small bunch of us that got together to enjoy the day doing what we love. Okay, we all were trying to get in as much practice as we could before the weather turned … LOL. We roped until dark, came home, did chores and then headed to bed. Honestly, it was a pretty fun day.

Then next morning (Yesterday) Dad and I got up and got Mom a load of dirt she wanted and then hit the roping pens again. As we finished up roping the weather changed. It started with rain and before the day was over the temperatures would drop as well. When the rain first started it was still about 60 degrees outside. That made it warm enough to get the barn ready for Lambing season. We made sure we have everything we need and that it is all cleaned and ready for use after sitting for a year.

There are a few things still left to do but if were had to be ready today we think we are. I still have to bring the heating lamp to the new barn, Get the extension cord in place and move in the other set of pens. You see when we built that barn we didn’t think the horses would be in there much. We didn’t know at that time that Coop was going to get scratches and have to be kept dry. So that means we were suppose to have two large birthing pens and two small ones. Right now however we have 5 horses. That is the most we have ever had. That means the two large birthing pens are full. Don’t worry, as always we have a back up plan. We are going to move the portable pens that we used last year into the barn. That way if we need more pens we can set them up and it will be no problem.

After we got that done there was time for me to go to a team roping. So Dad and I left Mom to podcast and play with her Christmas gifts while we headed out to the roping. I had a ton of fun but it was late when we got home. There were a ton of ropers and each that caught kept going to the next round until they had caught 4 steers. It took forever. I made it to the last round with two different partners. Both of which missed so I got no pay check. Oh well, it is good practice though.

Today, I am heading to Tulsa to help tie the Calves for the Big roping Tuesday. It is still raining and cold and everything is flooded. However, the animals are safe and warm and they have a ton of hay out. So there really isn’t anything we can do here at home anyway. Mom is going to stay home and sew some blocks for a quilt she is working on so she will be keeping watch. Tomorrow maybe things will get back to normal … Just in time for the big roping!!!

Merry Christmas Eve

I am sorry I didn’t get the blogging done yesterday. It was one of those days that you spend away from the house only to come home and feel like you are then running behind on everything. It wasn’t a scheduled day away but a friend called and asked it I would help with a bunch of younger kids that were getting together to rope at his house … I hate to pass up roping but How could I say no when they needed my help??? LOL

Anyway, yesterday when I got home Mom and I baked and cleaned up a bit. Then today was pretty much more of the same. I did take some time and go to help my uncle move some cattle off the pasture that burned up in the wild fire so that they will have something to graze.

Then Mom’s buddies came by and got their Christmas gifts and the gift they worked on with Mom for their Mom. They even dropped Mom off a bottle of wine and a really big wine glass to go with it … They got me a gas card! Yup I know how to use that baby! LOL

I took time to work Coop and Ice but I am having an issue with losing my stir-up while I rope. I don’t know why or how I just know that all day today I lost my stir-up when I roped … That isn’t good for someone getting ready for a big competition.

This evening Mom and I put on Christmas Cartoons. Mom made chili for dinner. Then we baked and decorated Cookies. Mom started the Turkey and ham and sorted all the pan and dishes we need to for tomorrow’s meal. I will say that with Granny gone this year Mom is having to deal with the innards of the turkey. Normally Mom took them to Granny who cooked them up and ate them. However, we don’t eat the neck, kidney, liver or heart as no one likes it in our house. So Mom started boiling them from Thanksgiving and Christmas for the Dogs. Moose, Jethro and Hank are going to love them. I am just glad I don’t have to eat them.

Dad is at work and we are trying to stay up until midnight when he is suppose to get off. When he gets home we will eat a bite with him and then head to bed and wait for Santa to come … LOL

A non productive day

Today started out like most days.  I got chores done while Mom got word that she wouldn’t have her buddy today.  Then we stated listening to our local radio station to see if any of our tickets in the Christmas bucks give away were winners.  It was kind of fun.  If your number was called you had a minute and forty seconds to call in.  If no one calls in they draw again.

There were 12 prizes and they actually send someone to confirm the winning ticket before they close out that prize.  Anyway, Mom and I were listening and checking tickets in my room (I am the only one with a radio) so when we got bored waiting in between drawings we would dust something.  I have to admit I really didn’t know how dirty my room was until today.  At first I wasn’t going to dust with Mom but when she had to go run to the post office, that left me by myself listening and I got really bored and started dusting too.

When Dad woke up, him and I decided to go hunting and see if we could get another deer for the freezer.  About 11:45am this nice looking doe came into site.  I will say that I try my best to kill them with one shot so that they don’t suffer, but today it took me two as my first shot only crippled her.  I always feel bad for the deer when that happens.  Anyway, after I gutted her and drug her to the truck, Dad and I headed home to check her in. (Check in is done on computer here)

When we got there Mom had gone to a local home bakery and picked up a pan of home made Cinnamon rolls.  I ate and checked my deer in at the same time.  Once I got her checked in Mom took me to take it in while Dad got ready for work.  While we were in town we picked up the fixing for chili and a few other things we needed.  By the time we got home Dad and half the pan of cinnamon rolls were gone ….LOL … Dad loves those things

About the time we got the stuff put away, I got a text asking if I could come rope with my friend.  Mom agreed and I got my stuff together to head that way.  We roped for about 4 hours.  When we got home I ate dinner, did chores and then showered before heading off to bed. 

The Weekend

So yesterday I started a post but then I got called away and I never got it finished or posted.  So today I am going to catch up a bit.    I will have to back up to Saturday to catch everyone up.

I posted on Saturday but it was a prewritten post that didn’t include my roping.  I did rather good at the roping though and was hoping to get home and edit my post before it posted but I was late getting home.   I won the first round but broke out in the second.  I did bring home a small paycheck and who could ask for anything else?

Sunday Dad and I let Mom sleep while we did chores and went hunting.  We still want to take another deer so that we can have enough meat in the freezer to get through the winter.  When we got home she was up and determined to get some things done and turn her frown upside down as we say.  When Dad and I left for my roping she was busy cleaning for Christmas and  working in her fiber room.

At the roping I did place and again brought home a small paycheck.  While we were there Dad got a call to come to work in the morning.  So when we got home he ate and headed to bed while I did chores and then helped Mom finish a few things up in the fiber room.

Today I did chores and headed out hunting .  I have been seeing a few deer but nothing within range of shooting it.  When I got home I helped Mom a bit before heading out to get in some more roping practice.  I only have like 8 days until the big event.

That is why I also went to my friends house again tonight and fit in a bit more roping practice.  This time however, Dad took me.  I don’t think Mom really wants to take me due to the whole 3 hours of waiting last time.

The last thing that went on today was that Mom and Dad talked about Christmas.  Since Dad is on nights, this will be the first time in their married life that they won’t be together from mid day Christmas Eve until the day after Christmas.  That means Mom and I will be the only ones home on Christmas Eve.

Our Tradition was that we always had dinner with the lighting of the Candle of Christ on the Advent wreath and then passed around the magic Christmas Gift followed by cookie decorating and board Games.  Well, Advent and dinner will happen and we will eat Christmas cookies but instead of board games with only two people  we will be watching Christmas cartoons and trying to wait up for Dad to get home.  If we make it we will eat with him then and then head off to bed.  Mom and I already warned him he might come home and find that we are both asleep in front of the DVD player….   LOL

RIP Duke

This is just a quick note. I am heading to a rodeo and if I get home before this posts I will update you on how I did. If not I will let you know tomorrow. I did get in my hunting this morning after doing chores but the day started out really badly.

Duke is a young merino ram that Mom bottle raised and since he was to little for the man pen we were making him stay in the dog kennel during the day. That way the sheep on the pasture could be around him yet he couldn’t breed anything we didn’t want bred. At night we would take him in the barn so that he was protected.

Anyway, This morning we went to the barn and found that he had hung his front feet in the gate and passed away. I am not sure why he would even have his feet where they were but we are guessing that he tried to jump out of the stall and misjudged. He hasn’t ever shown an interest in jumping or acting up so we had no idea anything like this could happen. It really is a fluke but it doesn’t make it any easier on Mom.

She bottle raised him and was very attached to him. So while it has been a rough morning … Mom has a broken heart.

Sick Puppy

Today I over slept. I do have to say that for the last few days I have been fighting some kind of head stuff and for the last few days I have been taking my medication faithfully. I am thinking that is why when I got home late last night and took it I couldn’t get up this morning. I was going to go deer hunting as Doe Days opened today but I ended up with a little later start then I wanted.

When I did get up and around I got chores done. Then Dad and I headed out for a few hours of hunting. We saw some but nothing we could shoot. On the way home we stopped and delivered the last plate of cookies. As we were pulling up to the house I got a text from Mom wanting to know where the syringes were. The barn is a bit messing and that didn’t make her happy on top of needing a syringe in a hurry.

You see while she was dealing with her buddy and cleaning up a bit Moose decided to use the steps to get some oatmeal raisin cookies off the bar. They were homemade cookies and Mom loves Raisins. So to say these cookies were loaded with them is about right. The bad part is that Raisins and Grapes are poisonous to dogs. Thankfully Mom knows what to do and that is why she headed for a syringe. Putting a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide down Moose’s throat was no easy task and with a syringe it probably would have been impossible.

Mom barked orders to us as we came through the kitchen. Moose’s body temp spiked and as we put the hydrogen peroxide down him you could feel the heat. I think some of it might have been his nerves as this was his first poison encounter. Anyway, I helped Man Moose’s mouth while Dad held him. Within a few minutes of treatment Moose vomited everything up. And let me tell you that dog ate quite a bit … He vomited three times and I swear he lost half his body weight.

After a few minutes of the incident Moose acted like nothing had happened. He was right back to his old self. He was jumping around and playing and chasing his ball. I think Mom was more upset that it happened then he was and it was him who had to throw it all back up … LOL

After that I spent about 3 hours working the horses. Today Storm finally understood the opening of the gate from her back. It is always satisfying when one of the horses finally get what I want them to do. I ended the night by hitting my hunting spot but this time didn’t even see anything.

I am heading to bed on time tonight so that tomorrow I will get up on time too. Because Tomorrow, I plan on fitting in some hunting and some roping!!

First Snow

Today we started our day doing all the running.  This time of year Mom schedules as many days as she can in a row to stay home.  She says the only reason for her to leave the farm for the next week and a half is to take me to roping practice and to my big roping in Tulsa that takes place after Christmas. 

The running today was to get the groceries for the meal and to pick up the gift Mom’s buddies are giving their Mom for Christmas.  Mom also picked up the stuff for my sister’s and my stockings … I think we are getting something other then coal…lol By the time we got home Dad was up and had the horses saddled and ready to work.  It was so cold and damp feeling I wonder how I made it through without freezing out.  All the horses are doing great.  Dad works Derf by getting him used to a rope. 

After the horses were worked I came in and warmed up a bit.  I got a call about 4 to see if I would come rope early.  It sounded great so I went to hook up the trailer.  What I found kind of surprised me.  It was snowing.  Not really heavy or anything but it was flurries.  No one told me it was suppose to snow and my weather app didn’t show snow so I really don’t know where that came from.  As we drove the snow came down a little harder but thankfully nothing stuck to the ground. 

To top it off I didn’t get to rope early.  The kid that I was roping with decided to wait on two other people to get there so I didn’t rope until about 3 hours after I got there.  Mom was sitting in the truck that whole time. To say she wasn’t really happy about wasting all that time is a bit of an understatement.  I think my friend is just wanting me to come hang out with him but with Mom driving me I don’t think he really understands that it takes a toll on Mom.  Oh well, I lived through it and tomorrow Dad and I will be working Coop in our arena so that she will have more room to run.  I just hope it is a bit warmer … LOL

Roping, riding and freezing

Today I went through my normal routine with one very big difference.  It was cold.  The temps have dipped to remind us that this is winter.  And the North wind was making sure we got the message.

Dad and I worked all the horses today at a fast pace.  With the wind being what it was, Storm didn’t let me even twirl the rope while I was riding her.  I did let Dad ride her a bit to give her a taste of something new but Dad got in trouble by Mom because he was kicking a lot and wasn’t using his legs to apply pressure the way he should have.   Needless to say Dad and Storm didn’t do that well together.

By this evening I was off to get in a bit more roping practice at a friends house.  Today I was very glad he has a small indoor arena.  He also has burn barrels that we had going to keep us warm.  It wasn’t anything special, it was just a barrel or two that we burn wood in but it does the trick.

I know that it seems like all I am blogging about right now is Roping but I have a big roping coming up and I want to get as much practice in as I can before I go to it.  It is kind of a big deal around here so if I am going to lose I am going to at least make sure that it I only lose because I got beat, not because I didn’t preform well.

Anyway, I am off to shower and then Bed.  Tomorrow Mom wants to run her errands and get home before Dad gets up.  I think we can pull it off if we get out of here on time.