Getting back to normal

Today Life seemed to get back to normal. For the last few days we have all felt like we were running behind and getting nothing done. Yesterday, we were all gone so we got yet another day behind. Today we managed to get caught up on most of the things we stopped doing to deal with the fire. Mom finished up her sewing and Dad and I got everything repaired outside and started working on the tack room.

Mom and I even took time to Podcast …

Dad and I fit in some roping today too. It is great to have Coop back under me. Yesterday her and I won 2nd in the average at my roping. Next weekend is the finals so I am hoping that we are back on track now. Tonight and tomorrow she will have to go back into the barn with wrapped legs as it is suppose to rain and she has to stay dry and clean.

The only other thing going on around here is Mom is working on a new bag design that is more like a backpack. I think they are going to be cool. Mom says the next purchase she makes will be an embroidery machine. Nothing fancy but just one so she can monogram the bags she makes. I am thinking that I would do another kickstarter but I don’t know ….

Fires are a nightmare

So Yesterday started out normal. Chores and helping around the house a bit. Dad is on nights again this week and we are all praying those will end soon. Our only Issue was the wind. I had even talked to the vet and he said that since Coop was doing so well she could have time out on the pasture as long as there was no dew or dampness.

The Wind was blowing so bad that I even talked to Mom about doing a blog post about it. Mom went outside and got a few pictures that we thought might show the wind. It is hard to get a 45 mph wind in still shots … LOL Here are the pictures we came up with…







I don’t know what I was going to say about the pictures but Mom and I had talked that I could explain about the weeds getting caught on the fence and the roof from the tack room and the large branches that were falling from the trees. While we talked I helped Mom match up some material for Christmas bags. She has been worried about money with all of the issues and expenses of Coop so we were working to get New Peek-a-boo bags in the shop for Christmas and try to get some sales coming in. As my afternoon horse training time came around I left Mom working on the bags for the shop in hopes that she could get them done and we could post them that night.

I grabbed a cookie for snack and headed out the back door. As I got to the back gate I took notice of the winter smells around me. Within seconds Panic set in and I realized it wasn’t the winter I smelled. We didn’t have the wood burning stove going so I got myself back into the house as fast as possible and got Mom.

Within moments our world come to a crashing halt. There was smoke everywhere. WILD FIRE!!! Mom and I jumped into action. We have always had a fire plan but only twice have we had any close calls and yesterday was the second. We have no idea if our plan will actually keep everything safe but we know in theory it should. My job was to get all the livestock off the pasture. Mom and Dad’s job is to wet around the house and barnyard area.

However, Dad wasn’t home so after I got all the livestock safe I worked the barnyard while Mom worked the two pens of livestock around the house and started wetting everything down. As we worked things got worse.





The Highway patrol come by and updated us. At one point there was a five mile wall of fire sweeping our way. At another time we were told to evacuate the area. Mom told me that I could stay and help her fight but when she said I had to leave that there would be no argument I would just go. As the day progressed into night the temperatures started to drop. At this point we were getting cold as well as wet. As we watched in horror at the flickering glow creeping toward us we continued to wet everything down. A friend called and he headed our way with the water tanker that he uses to water his cattle full of about 300 gallons of water.


Everyone from Fire Department to ranchers worked to get the blaze under control. Mom and I took turns wetting things down. When our hands got cold the other would take over and we would head into the house to warm up and post updates to let everyone know we were okay. By about Midnight the flames were contained that the fires were all but out. There was alot of damage to a large ranch just west of our house. We have neighbors that are now without hay and pasture land for the winter. Livestock were burned and hurt. Over 17,000 acres burned yesterday and last night but Not one single human lost it’s life. Honestly, we owe alot of that to our Fire Department, family and friends. (Just so you know our fire department is all volunteers)







Today it was so weird. The smoke smell lingered for awhile this morning but life just went on. I know some people were dealing with the after-mass but to me it seems Mother Nature just moved on. Mom is working to get those bags done to pay the Vet for Coop’s Bill so if you are thinking about it make sure you check the etsy shop tomorrow. We will have the new Christmas stuff up. Oh and for the holiday season you can get 10% off everything in the shop by using the code “COOPER”

Another Good one

Today was another good day for the most part. I got up and did my chores, the neighbor’s chores and then took care of Coop. She is doing great. The first issue we had is that after I did my chores I didn’t chain the gate to the back yard. Then entire Southdown breeding pen got out.

Mom was mad because the Shetland ram would let her put the ewes back in the pen they belonged in. He kept running them away from the pen. Anyway, when I got home from doing the neighbor’s chores I helped get everything where it went. I know it was the least I could do since I am the one who didn’t latch the gate right.

After that my day got to the good part. It started off great with Mom making homemade chicken fried Venison … I love it smothered in Gravy. Then it was time to work the horses. Dad and Mom worked Derf and this time I got to help. It was kind of like a spa day for him. Mom got all the cockaburs our of his main. We also switched him to the halter that is actually his so we can get the one that was on him back to the trainer. There was also a funny accident with the cat that had us all in stitches. Don’t worry the cat is fine.

It started when Dad was brushing Derf. The Morris the cat decided he would be under and around Dad’s and Derf’s feet. Dad ran the cat off several times. While Dad was grooming Derf and putting a jacket on his back to get him used to things flapping in the wind, the cat returned. This time he laid right under Derf.


By this time Derf was getting used the the jacket and was really loving the brushing … so when he accidentally stepped on the cat’s paw The hissing and flopping of the cat didn’t phase Derf. He just stood there … On the cat’s paw. Finally, Dad got Derf to step off of the cat and the cat took off like a shot. Mom and I finally got our laughing under control enough to check the cat and he was fine. As a matter of fact within minutes that nutty cat was right back under that horse.

After Mom ran the cat off again is when she took time to get Derf’s mane all cleaned up.


It was kind of funny because after Mom and I got his mane free and flowing Derf seemed to love it. He has taken to running his face on us and he really seems to enjoy being touched all over. He seems to trust us and he also seems to enjoy our company. He even stays ground tied while Dad works with him some. For those that don’t know Ground tied is actually just letting the horse stand in one spot with his lead just hanging down to the ground. Horses do this willingly and stay put willingly. In this case it means Derf stays and lets us work with him because he wants to. As Mom says “That is a good thing”

After Mom left Dad to finish up Derf, she headed over to me and Precious. Today was pretty cool. I got my first ride on her back. I saddled her up and then Mom gave me a “Pony Ride” on her. At first Precious was pretty scared of me up there. Mom had to really calm her down and after just a few minutes of Mom talking sweet and just taking little steps Precious understood that we just wanted her to walk around with me sitting up there. While she didn’t take to the mount and dismount as well as I would have hoped, she did great for Mom and I got to ride her. Check this out.





And to think all this was done with a wind advisory in effect. Horses aren’t normally calm in wind but these two worked like the champs they are. Anyway, The last thing that happened that really wasn’t my thing is that Mom saw a mouse in the house. She was cleaning Charlotte’s cage and found a mouse in her food bag. So Mom and I set out to find the little booger. And find it I did. Not just one though … that thing had babies. After I jumped around a bit and made Mom’s sides hurt from laughing I did manage to get them all outside and released away from the house.

Man I so don’t like those little creepy things.

YEAHHHH!! It works!!!!

Today was great. I don’t think I have ever been more excited with the results of a medical treatment. It just set the tone for the whole day and even though we were busy getting things done, it was a good day.

I started the day with chores like normal and then I went to do the treatment on Coop. Mom mixed the concoction and I headed to the barn. When I unwrapped Coop’s legs I was speechless. First, she let me unwrap them and didn’t kick at me or anything. That is a sign that she isn’t in pain. Then when I got to the one that had been swollen … It wasn’t! Mom and I made a video about this and we actually had to tell on camera that we couldn’t show the actual swollen part because the treatment worked so well.

For those that are interested here is the Video it is a bit long but if you fast forward you can get to the actual part with the horse in it. At first we talk about the concoction so you might want to skip that….

Anyway, after that we had breakfast and then Dad and I went to get the sand for Coop’s stall. Even though she is getting better we want to be able to keep her hooves clean and dry. The sand will help with that because we can clean up her dropping easier in it.


After that I worked horses while Dad got another truck load of wood cut for winter. When he got home Mom helped him work Derf. Mom talked Dad through it and Derf really kind of took to Dad. For awhile after Dad turned loose of the lead Derf just stood and let him brush him. I think he likes to be brushed now … LOL … and when he is relaxed check out his ears … Mom thinks it is just flat out cute.



From there Mom unloaded the truck load of wood while Dad ran the chutes for me to rope. Mom made her way to the arena just a we were finishing up. I didn’t really want to get back on Storm as she was feeling good today so Dad rode Storm while Mom got her into a trot. (I sat on Ice and watched … Storm follows Mom’s voice commands better then she does anything else) So far all she has done is walk but today Mom taught her she could Trot with everything on her back as well. When Dad got done I asked him if riding her was like riding a runaway? Sometimes it feels like you are not in control when Storm listens to Mom and not the reins.

As the sun set Dad started our chores while I went to a friend’s house to do their chores for them. I will be doing them Morning and night for the next few days … They decided to have a baby today. So they are at the hospital enjoying a new precious little girl so I don’t really mind …

Coop’s Issues

Today I spent most of my day at a team roping. I made it to the final round but my heeler broke out so I we didn’t get a paycheck. The rest of my day was spent dealing with Coop. She isn’t at all pleased with what she is having to deal with. On the up side I hope to have her back to her normal self with the new treatment I started her on.

Mom was researching on the internet to find out how to help Coop and Prevent this from Happening again. In her research she found a concoction that I am going to try as it is suppose to work fast to relieve the symptoms and that way Coop wouldn’t be in pain. I had most of what I needed in our emergency Kit but I did have to pick up one thing at the farm store today. Now that I have it all I put the treatment on her and we will see if it is any better by morning.

It starts with a good cleaning to soften the “wart” like bumps. Then yesterday evening I put iodine on all the spots and gave Coop a Shot of antibiotic. Then this morning I put more iodine on the spots. This was all done to make sure everything was cleaned off really well.

Tonight Mom mixed the concoction. It contains scarlet oil, which serves as a binding agent that is good for wound care. Next is chlorhexidine, which is anti-fungal. There is also DMSO, which allows the penetration of the skin as well as serving as an anti-inflammatory, and last there is nitrofurazone, which is anti-bacterial to attack infection. Mom mixed them all in equal parts. Then she gave me a new paint brush and I painted this treatment on Coop’s Legs. I then poured extra solution onto some wraps we cut up and put those around her legs and then wrapped the whole thing to make sure the treatment stayed in place and that all her spots were kept clean. Then we followed that up with another shot of antibiotics.

Mom is making a video of what we are doing because as far as we can tell from our research, getting this cleared up and the horse well, can take anywhere from two weeks or longer. Mom can’t stand for an animal to be hurting that long. So she is trying anything that she thinks will help Coop heal. If this worked we will be giving the formula to our Vet and making sure everyone knows how to clear it up fast.

It’s going to get better

Well, today was both good and bad and up and down. We started the Morning with Mom attending her craft show. The Up is that she had a blast and met some really nice people and got the word out about our Spring on the Farm event. The down is that she didn’t make very many sales. While she was at the show Dad and I went to a roping. The good is that I borrowed a horse and won 2nd in the average. The bad is that I got a call from the Vet and Coop is to be stalled for awhile. She has been diagnosed with a fungal infection.

Yup it has been one of those days. As for the details as to Coops condition, well it is some kind of fungal infection. There is a name for it that is long and I don’t remember how to say it but the old timers call it Dew Poisoning or Scratches. We had to clean up the wounds and look over all her legs and treat anything we find. When we did that we found the little wart things on all four feet. The Vet says there is a shot that we can give her that will help her get rid of this infection but he is going to have to track it down. Mom did do a bit of research on her own and found a concoction that we have all but one ingredient for and I will be picking up that ingredient tomorrow on my way home from my roping.

I will also try to get a few pictures and make a more clinical post for all the horse people out there so they can see what works and what doesn’t and her progress.

Coop is Stalled

So today was one of those WOW kind of days. First, I got chores done and all my normal morning stuff done before heading to town to get my Dad’s Dad and take him to the funeral. He is having a terrible time remembering things. Mom had to call him yesterday and today and remind him of the funeral. Then when we get to the house he gets in the truck and asks “And who’s funeral did you tell me we are going to??”

Anyway, it was a really nice service. There were flowers everywhere. And when we first arrived I was relieved to see a closed casket. We got all the way through the service only to have them open it at the end so everyone can see. I didn’t want to see. I just wanted to have the service and then let the family know I was there for them if they needed anything. Where we were seated we had to pass right past the casket to get to the family and I am not ashamed to tell you I didn’t look. I watched my feet the whole walk until I got to the family.

After the service, we took My Dad’s Dad out to eat before returning him home to his place. By then it was after one and I still needed to get the horses work. So Mom and I headed home. It is still muddy from all of the rain yesterday so I went in to change clothes before heading to the barn.

At the barn I had a bit of a scare. I gathered Coop and was going to start with her but her leg was swollen. This put Mom and I both in motion to get her inside the new barn, cleaned up and figure out what was going on. Yesterday, I had noticed that Coop had knocked off what I thought was a wart from her front foot. It was draining and didn’t have any swelling or heat to it. So it was kept clean and watched really well. This morning if her foot was swollen at all it wasn’t enough to really make me take notice.

Anyway, I called the vet but he was in surgery so I texted him a picture of the wound that really isn’t a wound and waited for him to call back. It is really weird though. There isn’t a wound really it is just a spot that has drainage coming out of it. When I got tired of waiting on Doc to call me back I called Dad’s cousin. She used to run Roy Clark’s horse ranch that raised race horses. I talked to her and she told me how to doctor it.

Coop will be kept in the new barn until this is healed up. Mom and I spent some time making sure there wasn’t anything she could get into. Then we gave her hay and water. I fed her tonight with the nightly chores and she ate like a champ. I know this is going to make people laugh but her favorite cookie is the girl scout cookies that are the shortbread kind of things. Every time I touched her leg, she would want to move it away in pain, so I bribed her with girl scout cookies and I got her all doctored up … No sweat!!! Even with me doing it all in the dark tonight too … LOL

To draw out the swelling, I put some Furazone on the spot that was draining. Furazone is a ointment and it is used to sweat out the area and draw infection out. To keep it clean and allow the Furazone to work we wrapped it with a cloth and Vet wrap.


You really can’t see it to well in the pictures but it is a good thing Coop is a girl as for the next 24 hours she will be sporting a nice hot pink Vet wrap bandage. LOL


After I quit messing with it she was back to her old self so I don’t think it is sore to stand on I just think whatever that spot is … it is what is sore.

One thing Mom and I were fussing about was the fact that she isn’t sure that the horses won’t honor the chain across the stall openings. I say Coop will behave. Mom isn’t sure so she is keeping watch and checking. All the while Mom also has all the chains up to keep her out of things should she get out of the stall. I think she will be fine … after all she doesn’t seem to care here.


The only other issue I had today was that with Coop out of commission I don’t have a horse to make it to my roping tomorrow. And I have to make one or two more of these to qualify for the finals. I called a friend and it looks like he is going to let me borrow one of his horses for the day. I Pray by the Grace of God everything works out. From my roping to the healing of Coop.

(And if you want to know Mom is having her first craft show tomorrow. When she wasn’t in the barn with Coop she was getting things labeled, tagged and packed!)