Hunting, rodeo and deorating

Well, for the last few days I have been busy doing nothing new. My mornings are full of chores and then I take time to do a bit of hunting. The last few days it has rained so the only roping I have been doing has been in indoor arenas.

Friday night when I was home I did go back out to my hunting spot but with all the rain I haven’t really seen anything but a few squirrels. As for my roping, yesterday I won second in two events. I did break out on my third event though. And today was a bit of a let down as the roping I went to only got me and one other guy to come.

Normally, that would mean we didn’t get to rope but thanks to the guy putting it on not wanting to waste his time, he let us both have free practice time and free runs on his calves. We had a lot of fun and I did really well at practice too. Tomorrow I am going to go out hunting again. I still hope to bring in some more meat for winter.

The last thing to report is that Dad will be back on nights starting tomorrow. They told him he will stay on nights until after the 1st of the year too. I am just getting back on track with Dad on days this week … Now they go and mess me up again!!!

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