It’s the last Turkey Day for it

So yesterday I had a bit of an accident so I didn’t take time to blog. It isn’t anything horrible but I do have a very puffy black eye. You see I had a normal day for the most part but when I was roping Coop and I banged heads. Her head didn’t feel it much but just above my eye where I hit her … Well, it is puffy, swollen, bruised and sore. Lesson of the day … Watch what you are doing because you never want to knock heads with a horse.

When it came time to blog I had a nice headache. With nothing really out of the ordinary I am sorry to say I just went to bed. I hope you understand and will forgive me for not at least popping in and telling you it was a normal day. As I crawled into bed I could hear Mom in the kitchen clanking pots and pans. With Thanksgiving on my mind I drifted off to sleep with the smells and sounds of the coming Thanksgiving feast in the air.

This morning I got up and around with no issues. My eye is sore and puffy but all in all I am no worse for wear. I did chores, went hunting and helped Mom in the kitchen, all to occupy my time until Dad got home. Sadly, We did have something that didn’t live to see it though the day. And that my dear friends is Mom’s hand mixer. It died in the middle of making mashed potatoes so we had to eat them with lumps in them. They weren’t bad but the Mixer it’s self is Dead. When Dad got home it was dinner time. We had so much food and we snacked and ate all day. People stopped by and seemed to come in a trickle effect.

There was everyone from my Sister and her Boyfriend to my Dad’s Dad. And we ate a bit with each and every person that stopped by. This evening after our meal, as the house quieted down, we got geared up for our Christmas traditions. This evening we put up the tree. By about 3pm the rain had moved in and the cold wind was starting up. Mom decorated the tree while Dad and I went hunting again. I shot a buck but it wasn’t a good enough shot to kill him instantly, so I had to track him and lost his blood trail before I found him. When we got home we worked to get everything else down from the attic. While we started to decorate for the Christmas season, Mom and I watched the Movie Hachi. I will say this …It is a good movie, but by the end Mom and I were both crying and used half a box of tissues. The movie it’s self has more music than words and yet it can invoke more emotion than any spoken words I know.

Tomorrow, Mom and I will finish Christmas Cards and get them in the mail. At evening meal, Dad will Bless the Advent Wreath and we will continue a long line of traditions that lead us to Christmas. Tonight though I am heading to bed … Good night world, Enjoy the peace of a wonderful Thanksgiving Night!

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