One week

Well, I woke up to a very cold, rainy day by being bounced on by Mom’s Buddy. Not my favorite way to be woke up but when the electric goes out sometime in the night from the wind and storms, your alarm for some reason doesn’t seem to work. Getting a late start however, didn’t really change the day.

I did chores first and then ate breakfast. After that Mom had me get my room cleaned up. It wasn’t to bad as Mom has made me clean on it for 15 minutes each night for the last couple of weeks now. While I was doing that she cleared her desk and worked on Laundry. She had like 7 loads to do. With only a week before Thanksgiving Mom is cracking down on the whole cleaning up the house thing.

Honestly, our house always looks lived in. It is picked up and the floor swept … Things like that, but it never really looks spotlessly clean. Mom says that is because it is an older house. She says dust and cobwebs are a part of the house and always will be.

Anyway, after lunch I headed to the new barn. With all the hay in there, I can practice on the dumbie without feeling the chill of the outside air. I took time to clean out the stalls as Ice and Coop are both being housed inside at night nowadays. We only have sand in one stall at this time but Mom says that she will be getting the other stall filled in the next week or so. I love the stalls with the sand in them. They are easy to clean up and the horses feet are easy to clean. To me that is a win, win.

The only other thing that went on today is that with only one week left before Thanksgiving, Mom started her baking. By the time Thanksgiving actually gets here there will be breads, cookies and Pies galore. Not to mention the ham, turkey and all the trimmings. I will say that our house is more about the food and fellowship at the holidays then anything.

With that in mind, Mom also found a one bowl fudge recipe and made it … She hates it and Dad and I love it. It was super simple and Mom says it is actually good for Fudge but she doesn’t like fudge made with Semi-sweet chocolate. She says next time she will be making it with Peanut butter or milk chocolate. I wouldn’t mind either.

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