Breeding season is over

I feel like I am kind of still catching up on things. I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday just because I was so busy around the farm. We were trying to beat the rain and I think we pretty much did.

First, I got all the men into the man pen. Then it was just a matter of sorting off those that need to fatten up with an extra meal. That way they don’t get pushed out of the feed pan. I also took time to worm them just in case they were a bit wormy.

Then I let all the other healthy, fat and sassy ewes and does out on the pasture for the winter. I also took time to put Blotch into the pen with the other little ones so he can get a good meal or two as well as be wormed. He still has scours so we are watching him very close.

Dad and I also spent some time Cleaning out the old tack room and moving stuff into the new barn. With the roof coming off the old tack room we know it won’t last much longer so we figured we better get it done. Besides it will be nice to saddle Cooper and Ice in the barn during the colder months. As a matter of fact, they are now living in the barn during the rain. That way, Coop is kept dry and she isn’t alone as she has Ice with her for company.

As for Mom, she spent the day making the menu and getting shopping lists ready for Thanksgiving. I tell you if you are in the area and need a meal come on by. The way Mom is planning we will have more then enough for an army!! LOL

Today with all the rain we are just working in the house. Mom was suppose to go to a seminar but that didn’t work out so We are cleaning up a bit and staying dry. This afternoon Mom and I will be going to pick up feed while Dad goes to work. Dad is on nights again this week so Mom and I plan on getting the house cleaned up and ready for the holiday

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