Hunting, rodeo and deorating

Well, for the last few days I have been busy doing nothing new. My mornings are full of chores and then I take time to do a bit of hunting. The last few days it has rained so the only roping I have been doing has been in indoor arenas.

Friday night when I was home I did go back out to my hunting spot but with all the rain I haven’t really seen anything but a few squirrels. As for my roping, yesterday I won second in two events. I did break out on my third event though. And today was a bit of a let down as the roping I went to only got me and one other guy to come.

Normally, that would mean we didn’t get to rope but thanks to the guy putting it on not wanting to waste his time, he let us both have free practice time and free runs on his calves. We had a lot of fun and I did really well at practice too. Tomorrow I am going to go out hunting again. I still hope to bring in some more meat for winter.

The last thing to report is that Dad will be back on nights starting tomorrow. They told him he will stay on nights until after the 1st of the year too. I am just getting back on track with Dad on days this week … Now they go and mess me up again!!!

It’s the last Turkey Day for it

So yesterday I had a bit of an accident so I didn’t take time to blog. It isn’t anything horrible but I do have a very puffy black eye. You see I had a normal day for the most part but when I was roping Coop and I banged heads. Her head didn’t feel it much but just above my eye where I hit her … Well, it is puffy, swollen, bruised and sore. Lesson of the day … Watch what you are doing because you never want to knock heads with a horse.

When it came time to blog I had a nice headache. With nothing really out of the ordinary I am sorry to say I just went to bed. I hope you understand and will forgive me for not at least popping in and telling you it was a normal day. As I crawled into bed I could hear Mom in the kitchen clanking pots and pans. With Thanksgiving on my mind I drifted off to sleep with the smells and sounds of the coming Thanksgiving feast in the air.

This morning I got up and around with no issues. My eye is sore and puffy but all in all I am no worse for wear. I did chores, went hunting and helped Mom in the kitchen, all to occupy my time until Dad got home. Sadly, We did have something that didn’t live to see it though the day. And that my dear friends is Mom’s hand mixer. It died in the middle of making mashed potatoes so we had to eat them with lumps in them. They weren’t bad but the Mixer it’s self is Dead. When Dad got home it was dinner time. We had so much food and we snacked and ate all day. People stopped by and seemed to come in a trickle effect.

There was everyone from my Sister and her Boyfriend to my Dad’s Dad. And we ate a bit with each and every person that stopped by. This evening after our meal, as the house quieted down, we got geared up for our Christmas traditions. This evening we put up the tree. By about 3pm the rain had moved in and the cold wind was starting up. Mom decorated the tree while Dad and I went hunting again. I shot a buck but it wasn’t a good enough shot to kill him instantly, so I had to track him and lost his blood trail before I found him. When we got home we worked to get everything else down from the attic. While we started to decorate for the Christmas season, Mom and I watched the Movie Hachi. I will say this …It is a good movie, but by the end Mom and I were both crying and used half a box of tissues. The movie it’s self has more music than words and yet it can invoke more emotion than any spoken words I know.

Tomorrow, Mom and I will finish Christmas Cards and get them in the mail. At evening meal, Dad will Bless the Advent Wreath and we will continue a long line of traditions that lead us to Christmas. Tonight though I am heading to bed … Good night world, Enjoy the peace of a wonderful Thanksgiving Night!

So Weird it made me mad

Today wasn’t suppose to be any special. I had plans for deer hunting but that was just this morning after chores and school. Mom had her Buddy as his Great Grandma passed and his Mom didn’t think he would be quiet through the service.

When I go hunting I normally go out in the morning, come in about noon and then go back about 4pm. It gives me time to rope and deal with things here on the farm. Today I came home a little early and I am really glad I did. I got home about 10:30am and when I pull in the driveway, I found two men trying to steal my call duck from our yard.

I know you all are going to say that I should have handled it different but I grabbed my gun and got out of the truck. Those men got in their truck and without a word sped off. I wasn’t going to shot them but if they hadn’t left the thought of shooting out a tire had crossed my mind.

You also have to understand what those ducks mean to us. They might just be ducks to some but to Mom they are “her flock”. Every morning she calls them to the yard and feeds them. They nibble her shoes and grab her sweats with their beaks. They are really friendly to Mom and walk right up to her all the time. Even Mom’s buddy feeds them and they come right to him as well.

I got really mad at the thought of someone trying to steal my little guy. The one they were after was the little white call duck. He has a bum leg and can’t get away as fast but he can fly short flights. The other ducks left in a hurry so they could be caught, but honestly Why would anyone try to steal my duck from my property?? Some People are just mean!

To fix the issue I put the little guy in the barn. He will now call the new barn his home and he will stay in where it is warm and the other ducks can’t pick on him and NO ONE can steal him.

As for the rest of the day … it was Mom’s issue. She had her buddy and he was throwing up and then the school called and his brother was throwing up. Mom let their Mom know and she said she would be right home after the funeral. She didn’t show up until after Dark. The funeral was at 10am. Mom didn’t get her baking done and she was also a bit upset. She actually said she felt used!!

Mom was used and some one tried to steal my duck … What a day! Tomorrow will be better!

Long days

Wow. Did life get a bit crazy for a day or two. For you to get the whole story I have to back up to Friday. Which started out normal. Mom had her Buddy and they spent some time making things for Thanksgiving snacks. Old Fashioned Chex mix was one of the things they made. It was okay but not the same as the bagged kind.

When Mom’s buddy took his Quiet time everything changed. He woke up crying saying his ear hurt. His Mom was to far away to get him to the Doctor so Mom had to take him in. It turns out he had an ear infection.

While Mom was taking care of her Buddy, I got a call from my Dad’s Sister. I didn’t understand it at first. Something about my Dad’s Dad being found “taking a nap” by the side of the road in his front yard. So Mom went from picking up her Buddy’s Medication to going to check on Dad’s Dad.

I don’t know what she said or what happened but she then called and told me that her Buddy’s Mom would be by to get me and bring me to the emergency room. When we all got there Mom sent her Buddy with his Mom who then took me to the house to pick up all of my Dad’s Dad’s Medications. Then we headed back to the ER

In the meantime I called and got Dad headed home. My Aunt didn’t show up until we were waiting on the results of all the tests they took. There was blood tests, heart tests, x-rays, a head scan and urine tests. All of which came back okay. The only thing they found wrong with him is that his blood pressure was very low and so was his Oxygen Level.

They came to the conclusion that he may have taken his medication more then he should have. That isn’t good. Mom spent time trying to get my Dad and Aunt to understand how bad this issue could be. While my Dad’s Dad spent his time trying to get everyone to agree that it wasn’t an issue at all.

In the end it made for a long day. Then I had to get up early to make it to my finals. I won second in one round and second in the average. That got me another belt buckle too. The only issue was that there were so many people that came to the rope that it took until after 9pm. Then with the two hour drive home it was late when we got home.

When we got home we found that Mom had to spend the whole day With my Dad’s Dad as he wanted to go for a drive to the casino. Which is over 30 minutes away and he didn’t remember the issue he had the day before. Dad’s Uncle even came to try and talk to him about it but all he did was get mean about it. So Mom stayed with him and in the end Mom didn’t get anything she needed to get done, done.

When she got home she started her sewing and cooking only to have my Dad’s Dad show up for dinner and stop her work again. After he left about 7pm Mom finally got to her work. She worked until Midnight and got her sewing kind of caught up but not much cooking got done.

The next morning (Sunday) Dad and I went hunting before I headed to my next roping. I didn’t do any good at the roping but it is what it is. The only issue with it is that once again we were gone all day and we didn’t get home until late … AGAIN.

It isn’t like we planned on it being late. It is just that more people showed up to rope at all the roping then normal. However, with us away from the house, Mom had time to get something caught up. There is now snacks and Thanksgiving food getting baked. By the time Dad and I got home Mom had a casserole in the oven and lots of treats made.

Today Dad and I started the day with some hunting where Dad got a young buck. After we got it checked in and to the processor we came home to find more Goodies that Mom had made.

If one thing is going to go right it is that Mom is going to make sure we have a ton of food and goodies for Thanksgiving. This afternoon, I am going to go get my Indian ID Card so that people will stop giving my a hard time about not having a Driver’s license.

This evening when I get home Dad said him and I can go hunting again. The plan is to get to bed a bit earlier for the first time since Thursday!!!

Cute little Boxes

Today started out cool but at least the wind wasn’t blowing like a banshee. While I did get in my normal chores, schoolwork and Roping, there was so much going on around the house. We are getting ready for The holidays and it shows.

I went with Mom to do her running in town today. To Start we got our Thanksgiving Feast. Mom says for her food makes the holiday. And man did she get a ton of stuff. She has some recipes she is going to try so she got everything she needed for those as well as the traditional food. And I might just admit that we have two hams and two Turkeys in the house too. (One Turkey was from Dad’s work and the other one Mom found on sale today for 83 cents a pound. She got a 23 lbs one.)

After that we headed to get my hunting license and my deer tags. This year I am 18 so everything costs double. Mom says I shouldn’t be surprised because everything for our meal cost double too … LOL … Inflation she says! Oh well, I guess that is life. Anyway, we finished up our running by turning in the paperwork for Mom’s craft booth and filling up the truck with Gas.

When we got home Mom put everything away. Kind of that is. She has some things still sitting out on the counter and all separated by recipe. She even has it lined up so she knows what she is making on what day. This year we have also decided that we will be open for people to come visit the farm. If it goes well we might do it again next year. If not we won’t.

While we were in town we picked up our candy for our candy bags. So while Mom did laundry I sorted and filled the bags. What are Candy bags you ask? Well, in our house between Thanksgiving and Christmas if you come to our house for any reason, we give you a gift. Yes, that gift is a small bag of candy.


There was one other thing that Mom worked on that I thought was cute. She made this square “baskets”. She really didn’t want me taking a picture of them when I did because she only had one finished. But check them out … They will be so cool when they are finished.



One week

Well, I woke up to a very cold, rainy day by being bounced on by Mom’s Buddy. Not my favorite way to be woke up but when the electric goes out sometime in the night from the wind and storms, your alarm for some reason doesn’t seem to work. Getting a late start however, didn’t really change the day.

I did chores first and then ate breakfast. After that Mom had me get my room cleaned up. It wasn’t to bad as Mom has made me clean on it for 15 minutes each night for the last couple of weeks now. While I was doing that she cleared her desk and worked on Laundry. She had like 7 loads to do. With only a week before Thanksgiving Mom is cracking down on the whole cleaning up the house thing.

Honestly, our house always looks lived in. It is picked up and the floor swept … Things like that, but it never really looks spotlessly clean. Mom says that is because it is an older house. She says dust and cobwebs are a part of the house and always will be.

Anyway, after lunch I headed to the new barn. With all the hay in there, I can practice on the dumbie without feeling the chill of the outside air. I took time to clean out the stalls as Ice and Coop are both being housed inside at night nowadays. We only have sand in one stall at this time but Mom says that she will be getting the other stall filled in the next week or so. I love the stalls with the sand in them. They are easy to clean up and the horses feet are easy to clean. To me that is a win, win.

The only other thing that went on today is that with only one week left before Thanksgiving, Mom started her baking. By the time Thanksgiving actually gets here there will be breads, cookies and Pies galore. Not to mention the ham, turkey and all the trimmings. I will say that our house is more about the food and fellowship at the holidays then anything.

With that in mind, Mom also found a one bowl fudge recipe and made it … She hates it and Dad and I love it. It was super simple and Mom says it is actually good for Fudge but she doesn’t like fudge made with Semi-sweet chocolate. She says next time she will be making it with Peanut butter or milk chocolate. I wouldn’t mind either.

Breeding season is over

I feel like I am kind of still catching up on things. I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday just because I was so busy around the farm. We were trying to beat the rain and I think we pretty much did.

First, I got all the men into the man pen. Then it was just a matter of sorting off those that need to fatten up with an extra meal. That way they don’t get pushed out of the feed pan. I also took time to worm them just in case they were a bit wormy.

Then I let all the other healthy, fat and sassy ewes and does out on the pasture for the winter. I also took time to put Blotch into the pen with the other little ones so he can get a good meal or two as well as be wormed. He still has scours so we are watching him very close.

Dad and I also spent some time Cleaning out the old tack room and moving stuff into the new barn. With the roof coming off the old tack room we know it won’t last much longer so we figured we better get it done. Besides it will be nice to saddle Cooper and Ice in the barn during the colder months. As a matter of fact, they are now living in the barn during the rain. That way, Coop is kept dry and she isn’t alone as she has Ice with her for company.

As for Mom, she spent the day making the menu and getting shopping lists ready for Thanksgiving. I tell you if you are in the area and need a meal come on by. The way Mom is planning we will have more then enough for an army!! LOL

Today with all the rain we are just working in the house. Mom was suppose to go to a seminar but that didn’t work out so We are cleaning up a bit and staying dry. This afternoon Mom and I will be going to pick up feed while Dad goes to work. Dad is on nights again this week so Mom and I plan on getting the house cleaned up and ready for the holiday