Glass cutting soap!!

Today was the first day that is have really started to feel like winter is coming. With Dad on nights we have been sleeping a bit later with Mom being the first one up to get her buddy when he arrives about 8am. Today we were up and I went to do chores about that same time because it was suppose to start raining about 10am. And right on time the rains came.

One of the things I did before it rained was to get Melody in the barn and keep her dry. For some reason she isn’t herself. She had scours but we treated it and she seems to be just fine except for one thing. She isn’t eating as well as she should be. I have given her stuff for the scours, stuff for her tummy in case the scour meds made it upset, vitamins in case she just felt down … basically anything I can think of.

Keeping her in out of the weather will help her fight off whatever this is that she has. Tomorrow I think I am going to try corid and honey. If that doesn’t work I don’t know what I will do. I will say this though she no longer has scours so that is a good thing. Now we just have to get her back to being the sheep she was before whatever this is came along.

Once I got her in and chores done, Mom and I spent the day working on “projects” we wanted to get done. Mom’s project was soap making. She made a couple of large batches as she is going to do a craft booth the first of December and she is going to sell them with handmade wash clothes. She did do one different soap this time though. She made one that is the first layer goat’s milk soap and the second layer is Tomato soap. She says it is because the Goat’s milk soap will sooth skin with the tomato is a treatment for Acne. I am just curious to see if the two layers look cool or not … LOL

As for my project, welllll, I learned to cut glass bottles. As most of you know my Sister and her friends drink a lot. And the bottles from some of the stuff they drink is pretty cool. Some had different colors and some had odd shapes. Today I learned that some are thick and some are thin and both react to heat and cold differently.

So how did I do it? Well, I have a bottle cutter. So first I “score” the bottle where I want it to cut. Then it is a process of heating and cooling the bottle at just the right spot and for the right amount of time. I Learned a lot. How thicker bottles take more time but can crack if you aren’t carful and how thinner glass can give way in the scoring process. All in all I had fun and learned a lot. I also got some cut that are usable. I just have to sand and polish the edge so that no one gets cut.

This evening Mom put on stew and we watched some TV. I am hoping that Dad gets home at a reasonable time tonight so that he can take me to my rodeo tomorrow. It starts at Noon but if he doesn’t get any sleep he won’t even be up before noon … LOL

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