The Great Wheel

So we were on vacation and all was going great. While we were in Branson, there was only one Yarn shop close to us. So one day RJ and I ventured down there to check it out. It is a shop called “Yarn Diva” and it is in a small town called Forsyth Mo. It is owned by a very nice lady Named Sharon. Right now her website is down so when that gets up and running we will post it so you all can see how wonderful it is. For now you will have to settle for a couple of Pics.



We talked to Sharon for a bit. She has mostly commercial yarns due to the fact that there aren’t many shepherds in the area. We also found out that on Wednesdays they have a knit Group. She is also on Ravelry but she admits that she is mostly there for the patterns … LOL Anyway, while we were there off hiding in the corner was this little beauty …


It belonged to a lady with the coolest job ever. Wilma who does custom Knitting, spinning and weaving for fun also has a day job. Her day job really does have to be the coolest job ever. She is a weaver at Silver Dollar City. I honestly can’t think of a cooler job then that right now.

Anyway, For the most part it is original. There is a cotter pin and one piece that I will be looking to replace with a part that is more true to the period. The wheel totally works but you can see it isn’t the real part or even close in design.


The diameter of the wheel, it’s self is about 44 inches and it does have some damage. At this point I am thinking that I really won’t be repairing it anymore other then to keep it in the same shape it is in right now.


As you can see I have been spinning on it and having a ton of fun. At first RJ helped by working the wheel until I got a handle on my draw.



Since getting this wheel, I have been told that not to many people can spin on Great Wheels but to me it really is easy. Maybe I will have to be like my friend Jane and give lessons …

While we were there we chatted with Sharon and she was kind enough to gift RJ and I a couple of handmade mugs. They are made by a gentleman named Joe of Custom Artwork. He does all kinds of hand carved pottery. Check this out …


Each line is hand carved and adds a lot of texture to each piece. So if you are ever in need of his services just give me a buzz and I will make sure to get you his number. His Motto is “Don’t settle for the typical.” And his pottery is really awesome.

As for me I am off to see if I can find out more about my wheel, find someone with a lathe to make a truer to the period spindle and see if I can “friend” Sharon on Ravelry ….

7 thoughts on “The Great Wheel

  1. It is kind of hard to explain as this is my first walking/great wheel. The maidens are fine. This is what I refer to … The shaft is the pointy part and it is the metal part but it is easy to order and is then ground into a point. However, on the shaft are two wooden parts. One is a disc on the shaft that keeps the yarn from getting into the “workings” of the wheel. The other part is the whorl that the drive band goes around. Both pieces have holes in the center and slide snug on the shaft. The parts that are on the wheel now are very obviously just made to replace lost parts and don’t “fit” the wheel. So I am looking to replace the whole piece.


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