Today Mom and I traveled home. Our Vacation was great but Mom was actually getting bored! The rest of our Vacation we didn’t have anything definite planned. Each day we just went and check out what ever we found that looked interesting.

We saw the comedy show and it was great. It was only about an hour long and it was a good thing. I find that not much can keep my attention for much more then that. As I was starting to get bored, the comedian actually started to pick on me about being the only unmarried Man in the audience. It was weird it was funny yet embarrassing all at once. Mom and I both laughed a lot. And as the comedian said “You may not find everything funny now, but when you actually hear these things being said in real life you will crack up and think of me.” He is right Mom and I are still laughing about things he said in his act.

Most of the rest of the week was spent finding things in this shop or that. Nothing we would really buy but things that made us ask REALLY?? Friday we did have to make one stop though. And that was to get Mom’s Great Wheel. Some people call them Walking wheels but I really don’t know the difference. It is really cool and upon taking it all apart we find that while most of the pieces are original Mom is going to try and have the one piece that isn’t original fabricated to look more original then the one that is on it now. Later this week Mom will do a blog post all about that though.

Anyway, This morning we made one stop on the way home. There is a store called PFI that is on our way home. It is a western store but it also has a tack and saddle shop. I had a blast swinging all the ropes and even brought home a new 40 footer … And I got Dad the saddle pad he needed as a Birthday gift to go along with the cake Mom and I made on Vacation to bring home to him.

When we got home Mom and I did a short podcast and then I went to rope. He is just a bit I will be going with a friend of mine to a team roping just a few miles up the road. It will be fun and great to get back to real life now that Vacation is over and Mom and I are all recharged!

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