Youth in Action

Today I got home from Youth in Action Leadership Conference to find Mom sick and tired and ready to quit. She says that since Dad is no help when I am gone things have to be down sized. While I had a great time at Youth in Action things on the farm didn’t go so well. While I was gone thing just seemed to go crazy and it didn’t help that Mom was sick. Things like losing one of the angora goats, Lester braking down a 12 foot by 10 foot Sliding Door in the barn and King tearing out a panel between the house pen and the pasture. Not to mention all the sorting that had to be done and redone because of it.

I will tell you though, that when we sort here on the farm we always have at least two people. With two of us things are busy and we work hard. But honestly it is next to impossible when there is just one person trying to sort sheep and goats. First, off there is no one to man a gate. You have to get them all in one pen and then actually grab them and force them where you want them to go. We have never worked sheep and goats alone for the fact that they can really hurt you if they decide to take a run at you.

Now throw in Rams, breeding season and Ewes in Cycle and you have Mom’s situation. It is more then a bit dangerous to try and split a ram from his ewes or break up a fight between rams. I can only imagine how she got it done. It all seemed to get worse with the storm we had last night. You know animals, they feel the cooler air and they just seem to go crazy. At Midnight Mom had made Dad help her put Lester in the new barn in a stall. That way all the Ladies and Not to be bred pens could be run together and have shelter from the rain. Dad was suppose to check Lester this morning before he went to work but he didn’t. Some how Lester had gotten out of his stall. All we can figure from the way everything was tore down, was that he head butted his way out of the front of his stall and then he went to work to tear the front brace and latch off the 12 foot by 10 foot door in the same manner. None of this was good. He split that brace like a toothpick …


From what I can gather Mom (still with a full head, a headache and a cough) first got the panel back in place between the house pen and the pasture. Then she sorted the pens and got Lester off the pasture. The only thing she couldn’t get done was that the north and south house pens had the opposite sheep in them they were suppose to but that was okay. Then she went to work to fixed the big door to keep the animals from getting to the feed inside.

It took a bit of doing and again I can only imagine how Mom got the door taken apart all the dents hammered back out of it so the metal would cover the frame again and then she used the wood she was going to use in the chicken coop and made a new brace and put it in the door. Then she put all the metal back on the door and *poof* it looks like new again.

I am not really sure at what point that King and Lester started fighting through the fence, but that lead to King taking out a section of paneling between the house pen and the pasture. Mom said King used his horns and got it caught on them and then ripped it right out … Guess what that led to … Yup more sorting of what goes where and Mom breaking up King and Lester’s fight. I have to tell you breaking up fighting rams in no walk in the park. And Mom said that even Scamp was getting in on the action. She called him a shin-getter.

In the end when I got home at just after noon, all the sheep were sorted and the pens were put together. I did take time to help Mom get the two pens switched and the sections of paneling put up much better. I helped her clean up the tools and then I even helped her get the few things she had needed to get done while I was gone done.

First, storm’s pen needed a new piece of wood put up for a north wind block. Then Mom had wanted to get new perches put in the chicken coop for the chickens so that we could start moving all the chickens into one coop and everyone still have room to roost. More room to roost mean more eggs as they will be well rested hens and not stressed. Anyway, the last thing was to help her put together what we call the Momma training stall.

With things back on track I am heading to the roping pen. I have finals tomorrow night. Mom leaves for Vacation tomorrow and will have everything ready when Dad and I get there Sunday. I know, I know, I am hoping that didn’t sound as mean as I think it did to say that we were sending Mom ahead of us to get everything done for our vacation. Anyway, Sunday Dad and I will join her and then Late Sunday Night Dad will return home as he has to go to work. I just hope that Mom gets to feeling better and has a chance to have a bit of fun and time to rest up and re-coop.

2 thoughts on “Youth in Action

  1. Yes Ma’am … as I grow up I do realize she does more then most. When I was younger I thought all Moms did as much as my Mom… And when I leave home she says that she is just going to have her few milk goats and about 6 head of sheep, all of the same breed … probably her merinos … LOL


  2. Oh my. I knew she’d had a rough day or two, but wow, this is beyond rough. This is incredibly hard. I don’t know how she did all that on her own with nobody to help her. I gather there are no helpful neighbors available. Sigh. Yes, maybe a little downsizing might be in the future, especially if you might be going off to college somewhere and not living at home. That is yet to be determined, of course. Kudos to your mother, almost as usual but beyond the usual. She is pretty amazing, isn’t she? (I know you realize that.)


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