Glass cutting soap!!

Today was the first day that is have really started to feel like winter is coming. With Dad on nights we have been sleeping a bit later with Mom being the first one up to get her buddy when he arrives about 8am. Today we were up and I went to do chores about that same time because it was suppose to start raining about 10am. And right on time the rains came.

One of the things I did before it rained was to get Melody in the barn and keep her dry. For some reason she isn’t herself. She had scours but we treated it and she seems to be just fine except for one thing. She isn’t eating as well as she should be. I have given her stuff for the scours, stuff for her tummy in case the scour meds made it upset, vitamins in case she just felt down … basically anything I can think of.

Keeping her in out of the weather will help her fight off whatever this is that she has. Tomorrow I think I am going to try corid and honey. If that doesn’t work I don’t know what I will do. I will say this though she no longer has scours so that is a good thing. Now we just have to get her back to being the sheep she was before whatever this is came along.

Once I got her in and chores done, Mom and I spent the day working on “projects” we wanted to get done. Mom’s project was soap making. She made a couple of large batches as she is going to do a craft booth the first of December and she is going to sell them with handmade wash clothes. She did do one different soap this time though. She made one that is the first layer goat’s milk soap and the second layer is Tomato soap. She says it is because the Goat’s milk soap will sooth skin with the tomato is a treatment for Acne. I am just curious to see if the two layers look cool or not … LOL

As for my project, welllll, I learned to cut glass bottles. As most of you know my Sister and her friends drink a lot. And the bottles from some of the stuff they drink is pretty cool. Some had different colors and some had odd shapes. Today I learned that some are thick and some are thin and both react to heat and cold differently.

So how did I do it? Well, I have a bottle cutter. So first I “score” the bottle where I want it to cut. Then it is a process of heating and cooling the bottle at just the right spot and for the right amount of time. I Learned a lot. How thicker bottles take more time but can crack if you aren’t carful and how thinner glass can give way in the scoring process. All in all I had fun and learned a lot. I also got some cut that are usable. I just have to sand and polish the edge so that no one gets cut.

This evening Mom put on stew and we watched some TV. I am hoping that Dad gets home at a reasonable time tonight so that he can take me to my rodeo tomorrow. It starts at Noon but if he doesn’t get any sleep he won’t even be up before noon … LOL

Mom’s Ouchy!!!

Well, today things were kind of back to normal … as in before we went on Vacation and before Mom and I got so sick yesterday. Dad is on Nights all this week so Mom and I started our day by putting away the feed we picked up yesterday. The issue with the feed is that we not only changed feed but we changed Mills. Our feed bill was almost $200.00 Every two weeks with our old mill. At this “new” mill we are getting more feed for less Money. That is a good thing if you ask us.

Anyway, after we got everything put up Mom’s buddy was hungry so it was Pancakes for breakfast. Or as He called them “Little cakes” Mom made three small enough that he was able to eat three whole pancakes … and yes they were Little … Hence the “little cakes” name. LOL

After that I got the bright idea to head to the cattle sale. Mom needed to pick up a few things from Wal-Mart so we did it all in one trip. We didn’t end up getting any calves but the Wal-Mart run was a success. When we got home I headed to the roping pen. As common practice now I use Storm to bring up the cattle in the arena, Use Ice to gather them from the pasture and use Coop to rope them on. It all seems to work out pretty good and it gets everything worked. Each horse gets a few extra Minutes of Personal attention as well.

Today because I had been gone part of the day, Mom and her Buddy came out to help me by running the chutes. All went as normal as any other time they have helped me until ….. Well, you see …. It went something like this …..

There was a calf jam up at the chute entry gate and Mom reached in to pat Mr. Zebu on the butt to make him go up into the chutes. He was the hold up and on any other given day it would have been fine. However, today for whatever reason, He shot like a bolt of lightening the opposite direction. That sent the largest roping calf in the wrong direction as well. The only problem is that the large calf ended his journey on the top of Mom’s right foot.

The calf on Mom’s foot was over 400 pounds and he had no plan in moving either. So Mom had to push and pull to get her foot out. I was off my horse fast but not fast enough to help Mom. I will say that it is one of the few times I have heard words that were not so nice come from Mom’s mouth. Sad fact is that she kept right on working. When the pens had been cleared and it was time for her to go get her other Buddy is the only time Mom quit.

Even then she continued with her day. She got her other buddy picked up and then they all came and helped do chores and we spent the next few hours gathering chickens. You see, we have two coops in the spring. One for young chicks so they don’t have to compete for food with the larger birds and one for our regular hens, roosters, turkeys and Ducks. With it getting colder we only heat one coop and that is the large coop. So we had to gather all the chicks and put them all in the big coop with feed and water. They will stay there for about three days and not be allowed to free range. This will train the birds all to return to the one coop and this winter they will all have the extra heat they will need to get through the cold months.

As for Mom, when the work was done she came in and put her foot up … It is looking a bit colored and puffy but as she said it hurts but it is a long way from her heart. I just wonder if she will be hobbling around tomorrow or not …



Just a short note to say that Both Mom and I have been sick all day … We spent most of our time sleeping, taking medication or throwing up. We are hoping it passes soon as we struggled to get chores done and We managed to go get feed but we did have to stop along side of the road once. If we hadn’t been out of feed we wouldn’t have even done that today. Hope everyone else is doing great and things get back to normal very soon. Good night.

The Great Wheel

So we were on vacation and all was going great. While we were in Branson, there was only one Yarn shop close to us. So one day RJ and I ventured down there to check it out. It is a shop called “Yarn Diva” and it is in a small town called Forsyth Mo. It is owned by a very nice lady Named Sharon. Right now her website is down so when that gets up and running we will post it so you all can see how wonderful it is. For now you will have to settle for a couple of Pics.



We talked to Sharon for a bit. She has mostly commercial yarns due to the fact that there aren’t many shepherds in the area. We also found out that on Wednesdays they have a knit Group. She is also on Ravelry but she admits that she is mostly there for the patterns … LOL Anyway, while we were there off hiding in the corner was this little beauty …


It belonged to a lady with the coolest job ever. Wilma who does custom Knitting, spinning and weaving for fun also has a day job. Her day job really does have to be the coolest job ever. She is a weaver at Silver Dollar City. I honestly can’t think of a cooler job then that right now.

Anyway, For the most part it is original. There is a cotter pin and one piece that I will be looking to replace with a part that is more true to the period. The wheel totally works but you can see it isn’t the real part or even close in design.


The diameter of the wheel, it’s self is about 44 inches and it does have some damage. At this point I am thinking that I really won’t be repairing it anymore other then to keep it in the same shape it is in right now.


As you can see I have been spinning on it and having a ton of fun. At first RJ helped by working the wheel until I got a handle on my draw.



Since getting this wheel, I have been told that not to many people can spin on Great Wheels but to me it really is easy. Maybe I will have to be like my friend Jane and give lessons …

While we were there we chatted with Sharon and she was kind enough to gift RJ and I a couple of handmade mugs. They are made by a gentleman named Joe of Custom Artwork. He does all kinds of hand carved pottery. Check this out …


Each line is hand carved and adds a lot of texture to each piece. So if you are ever in need of his services just give me a buzz and I will make sure to get you his number. His Motto is “Don’t settle for the typical.” And his pottery is really awesome.

As for me I am off to see if I can find out more about my wheel, find someone with a lathe to make a truer to the period spindle and see if I can “friend” Sharon on Ravelry ….


Today Mom and I traveled home. Our Vacation was great but Mom was actually getting bored! The rest of our Vacation we didn’t have anything definite planned. Each day we just went and check out what ever we found that looked interesting.

We saw the comedy show and it was great. It was only about an hour long and it was a good thing. I find that not much can keep my attention for much more then that. As I was starting to get bored, the comedian actually started to pick on me about being the only unmarried Man in the audience. It was weird it was funny yet embarrassing all at once. Mom and I both laughed a lot. And as the comedian said “You may not find everything funny now, but when you actually hear these things being said in real life you will crack up and think of me.” He is right Mom and I are still laughing about things he said in his act.

Most of the rest of the week was spent finding things in this shop or that. Nothing we would really buy but things that made us ask REALLY?? Friday we did have to make one stop though. And that was to get Mom’s Great Wheel. Some people call them Walking wheels but I really don’t know the difference. It is really cool and upon taking it all apart we find that while most of the pieces are original Mom is going to try and have the one piece that isn’t original fabricated to look more original then the one that is on it now. Later this week Mom will do a blog post all about that though.

Anyway, This morning we made one stop on the way home. There is a store called PFI that is on our way home. It is a western store but it also has a tack and saddle shop. I had a blast swinging all the ropes and even brought home a new 40 footer … And I got Dad the saddle pad he needed as a Birthday gift to go along with the cake Mom and I made on Vacation to bring home to him.

When we got home Mom and I did a short podcast and then I went to rope. He is just a bit I will be going with a friend of mine to a team roping just a few miles up the road. It will be fun and great to get back to real life now that Vacation is over and Mom and I are all recharged!

Mid week Vacation Report

<font size=3>  Hello and Welcome to Branson!!  Okay, so I am on Vacation!  I didn’t come down here until Sunday as I had finals for my Rodeo Saturday.  I even won a new buckle.  It is my first buckle in the Open event.  It even came in it’s own case!


Dad and I got to Branson Sunday and we sent the day with Mom. We had a nice lunch and went to the fish hatchery. We got there at just the right time to see them feed the fish. It was so cool. I have video that we will put in the next pod cast we do. Honestly, if you have never seen the fish spawning or being mass fed you are missing out. We stayed up late playing cards, talking and telling stories. We had a ton of fun.

Monday we did a bit of this and that. We went to the Landing. There I found a really cool candy store, checked out a as seen on TV store and even went to Ridemakerz. There I got some new accessories for my remote controlled cars. From there we headed to the Historic Downtown. We ate ice cream and chili dogs at our favorite shop. Then we made sure we visited the old fashion Dick’s 5 and 10. We had a ton of fun and got to do a lot of looking around.

On the way back to the resort is I found the perfect store. It is a Jerky Outlet. Yup, an entire store of Jerky. Rows of bags of Jerky. We ended up taking home like 4 different kinds to try. We got Pepper Venison, Hickory Smoked Elk, Smoked Buffalo and Hickory Smoked Ostrich. For the record we all agreed, while all were great, the most amazing was the Smoked Ostrich.

Tuesday was just as fun. Mom found a yarn shop and she is trying to figure out a way to get the Great Wheel that she found there. If she has her way that baby will be coming home with her. After our yarn adventure we stopped and played Putt Putt golf at the Pirate’s Cove. We had a ton of fun and I got 4 holes in one out of 36 holes. I know that isn’t really impressive but I did beat Mom both times we played. At one point Mom and I even took a selfie. We ended the day with a great dinner show. They had an awesome Meal of pulled pork, green beans, potatoes, Mac and cheese, salad, a roll, dessert and drinks. The show had everything from comedy to music and it was a ton of fun. I think my favorite part was when this one guy who did singing impressions sang a country song as Justin Bieber. It was so funny Mom and I laughed until we cried.

Today we are just kind of hanging out, Relaxing. Mom did little things like our laundry and picked up a bit. I took time to practice roping and watched some TV. Tonight however, we are off to a comedy show. When we get home I will post pictures of everything and let you know what we did the last half of the week.

Youth in Action

Today I got home from Youth in Action Leadership Conference to find Mom sick and tired and ready to quit. She says that since Dad is no help when I am gone things have to be down sized. While I had a great time at Youth in Action things on the farm didn’t go so well. While I was gone thing just seemed to go crazy and it didn’t help that Mom was sick. Things like losing one of the angora goats, Lester braking down a 12 foot by 10 foot Sliding Door in the barn and King tearing out a panel between the house pen and the pasture. Not to mention all the sorting that had to be done and redone because of it.

I will tell you though, that when we sort here on the farm we always have at least two people. With two of us things are busy and we work hard. But honestly it is next to impossible when there is just one person trying to sort sheep and goats. First, off there is no one to man a gate. You have to get them all in one pen and then actually grab them and force them where you want them to go. We have never worked sheep and goats alone for the fact that they can really hurt you if they decide to take a run at you.

Now throw in Rams, breeding season and Ewes in Cycle and you have Mom’s situation. It is more then a bit dangerous to try and split a ram from his ewes or break up a fight between rams. I can only imagine how she got it done. It all seemed to get worse with the storm we had last night. You know animals, they feel the cooler air and they just seem to go crazy. At Midnight Mom had made Dad help her put Lester in the new barn in a stall. That way all the Ladies and Not to be bred pens could be run together and have shelter from the rain. Dad was suppose to check Lester this morning before he went to work but he didn’t. Some how Lester had gotten out of his stall. All we can figure from the way everything was tore down, was that he head butted his way out of the front of his stall and then he went to work to tear the front brace and latch off the 12 foot by 10 foot door in the same manner. None of this was good. He split that brace like a toothpick …


From what I can gather Mom (still with a full head, a headache and a cough) first got the panel back in place between the house pen and the pasture. Then she sorted the pens and got Lester off the pasture. The only thing she couldn’t get done was that the north and south house pens had the opposite sheep in them they were suppose to but that was okay. Then she went to work to fixed the big door to keep the animals from getting to the feed inside.

It took a bit of doing and again I can only imagine how Mom got the door taken apart all the dents hammered back out of it so the metal would cover the frame again and then she used the wood she was going to use in the chicken coop and made a new brace and put it in the door. Then she put all the metal back on the door and *poof* it looks like new again.

I am not really sure at what point that King and Lester started fighting through the fence, but that lead to King taking out a section of paneling between the house pen and the pasture. Mom said King used his horns and got it caught on them and then ripped it right out … Guess what that led to … Yup more sorting of what goes where and Mom breaking up King and Lester’s fight. I have to tell you breaking up fighting rams in no walk in the park. And Mom said that even Scamp was getting in on the action. She called him a shin-getter.

In the end when I got home at just after noon, all the sheep were sorted and the pens were put together. I did take time to help Mom get the two pens switched and the sections of paneling put up much better. I helped her clean up the tools and then I even helped her get the few things she had needed to get done while I was gone done.

First, storm’s pen needed a new piece of wood put up for a north wind block. Then Mom had wanted to get new perches put in the chicken coop for the chickens so that we could start moving all the chickens into one coop and everyone still have room to roost. More room to roost mean more eggs as they will be well rested hens and not stressed. Anyway, the last thing was to help her put together what we call the Momma training stall.

With things back on track I am heading to the roping pen. I have finals tomorrow night. Mom leaves for Vacation tomorrow and will have everything ready when Dad and I get there Sunday. I know, I know, I am hoping that didn’t sound as mean as I think it did to say that we were sending Mom ahead of us to get everything done for our vacation. Anyway, Sunday Dad and I will join her and then Late Sunday Night Dad will return home as he has to go to work. I just hope that Mom gets to feeling better and has a chance to have a bit of fun and time to rest up and re-coop.

A Quick Note

So today Mom and I are still fighting this head croup. However, here on the farm that doesn’t mean much. Other then we feel poorly. We still had to work the horses, get feed and Mom had her buddies. Not to mention Mom took the time to get Precious’ papers all straight. I have to say that Precious responds to Mom like Angel did. For some reason these horses know that she is the driving force … Look at Precious today …



She not only let Mom hug and kiss on her but she took the saddle like a champ. However, she won’t be mounted until she gets a bit more weight on her. With a 50 plus pound saddle and the weight of a 150 pound Human (me that is) it would all be to much for her at this point.



To top the day off Mom talked to our trainer friend and not only is Precious papered with the American Quarter Horse Association but it looks as if she can be triple registered. Mom says we will take it one step at a time and figure things out. While People find it great when a horse is double registered, Precious will be given every chance we can give her to get as many registrations as she can. Reason being … It makes the right kind of People look at her if we are ever looking to find her a new home. I want her to stay here forever but if she can’t or won’t be able to do what we want, those papers will assure us that she will go to the kind of home that will never starve her again. That is a plus in our book!!

Fall Cold

Today I headed to the roping pen first thing this morning. With Mom’s new rule it seemed to take me forever to get the horses worked. I started with Precious. She seemed to load into the barn a bit easier. She even made it to her actual winter stall. She let us put a pad on her and she walked around with it on. She was a bit shy of the door actually being opened but once she understood we weren’t going to crawl all over her while she felt trapped she relaxed.





I am just really happy she is figuring things out. I know we will be able to keep her health this winter as at this point she will take a jacket and come in the barn out of the cold. I also tried to do what we call pony her. That means to lead her while I ride another horse. However, Mom had to help me get her to do that too. If you watch Precious close she reminds me of how Mom and Angel used to act. That horse would do anything for Mom. Precious will do anything Mom asks but she makes me work for that trust. Oh well, it will come in time.

While Dad fixed his car, Mom has been on a painting kick. Okay maybe not a kick but she is getting thing painted to protect them this winter. She started with the wagon wheels and trellis at the front door and then did the bird feeder post.



She topped that off by painting her cart and wheelbarrow that her Grandpa made.


After all that this evening Mom, Dad and I worked the sheep and goats. Everything got wormed and then split into breeding pens. Yup you read that right it is Breeding season. That also means that tomorrow Mom and I have to go get more feed. As for me and Mom tonight we are taking some meds and getting some sleep. We both have full heads and are coughing like crazy. Fall cold season is here and this year we hope to whoop it fast.

(Did you notice that all our vehicles are working … we are praying to be done with those issues for a long time) Good Night World.

Storm and the rodeo

For the first time in what seems like forever, the day started out normally. I got up and went right to the roping pen. It was kind of nice too. The weather was cool and Dad came out and ran the chutes for me. Then Mom busted me and a new rule was put in place.

We now have 4 horses to work. One that has trauma we need to undo, one that needs time under a saddle and two that know their jobs. Well, I always start in the roping pen. However, those two horses don’t really NEED to be rode. Storm on the other hand needs ridden. She is just starting to learn what people want when they are one her. Precious on the other hand was so traumatized in the barn stall at her old home, that she just needs to learn how to be a horse with us without fear.

So from now on I have to work Precious and Storm before I can work Ice or Coop. I don’t know what I will be doing first but today Mom and I started with Precious. She once again took her jacket so we moved on to the barn. At first try there was no way that horse was going in the door. If you remember when she was in the stall at her own home the man would climb on her back and crawl all over her. For winter we want to be able to put her inside if we have to. So we started with the 4 foot livestock door but she was having none of it. So Mom decided to move to the large 12 foot door. We opened it and where the hay has been sold there is enough space for her to come right on up in. It took her a few minutes but we were patient and in time she came right on up in the barn to where I was sitting on some hay. We let her hang out a bit before trying the 4 foot door again.

This time she got a bit closer but still wouldn’t enter. Then Mom did something to “help” her understand the barn was a good place. She introduced feed into the training mix. Within moments Precious was inside in a stall and munching away. I had her turn a few times in the stall so she could understand she was free to move around but it is going to take a little while longer for her to know that we aren’t going to do what her old owner did. After that I took her back to a different stall and fed her under it. At first she didn’t want to be in the stall but then she gave way to her urge to eat and calmed right down.

After that I worked Storm. The first issue I ran into was the fact that all our saddle have a back cinch and the trainer never rode her with a back cinch. So I took it slow and got her saddled. She walked all hunched over because of the back cinch but over our workout this morning she learned that it was okay to have a second cinch under her belly. There is also another rule with Storm and that is I can’t ride her unless someone else is out there with me. There are to many things that could go wrong so I have to have help on hand in case I need it.

After all the horse work I headed to a roping. I did pretty good and I even bought my card for the association. It is a family run rodeo association and I really like it. To be a member not only did I have to pay my dues but I have to sell raffle tickets for a chance at a TV and some different gift cards. Anyone want to buy a ticket … they are only a dollar!!!