Busy work

The last two days have been so busy with so many little things. Nothing exciting just getting ready for winter. One thing that is part of that is cutting wood.

Mom’s Friend, Ms. Karen’s Dad had a tree fall in the storms this year. Well, today we spent the day cutting and cutting and chopping that tree down. It was held up by two other trees that have to be taken down to get the bigger tree down. It is alot of hard work but we do get the fire wood from the trees.

It is green so it can’t be burnt this year but next year we will have plenty. That is if we can get everything cut up and the tree done this year. We did come home with a partial load of wood that Mom says she will unload tomorrow. I think we are going to go back and work on it some more Monday if Dad is off.

The plan is to work on getting fire wood in here one day a week until we have enough for winter. Mom did her part and serviced the wood burning stove today so it is ready to go. So with all the other stuff we have done around the farm, fire wood os the only thing we really need to get done before winter and we will get there.

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