Today we woke up to thunder and Lightening. I wanted to rope but I just got to go check the cattle and then that was about it before the weather really set in and started pouring down.

Since there wasn’t much we could do around the farm, Mom and I took the time to go get our running done. We got groceries and went to Sam’s and even stopped by Hobby Lobby to pick up my material for the Buckle display table top Mom is making me. Mom picked up one other thing before we headed home and that was a bit of yarn. She was really picky and wanted it to look as natural as can be but be washable. She ended up with 4 skeins of Yarn Bee Effervesce’ in the Almond colorway.

Mom has had alot of people asking her if she would sell the two items she made for the fair. She now sees that light fall type outerware is sellable in our area. So she got enough yarn to make a nice poncho and maybe a fashion hat to match. She is making it for the sole purpose of selling it.

We will have to let you know how that works. On the way home we hit the feed store and got what we needed for the next two weeks. We got home and put everything away but the feed. I will do that tomorrow. The running took the better part of the day but Mom did take the time to clean the kitchen really well and she made me help for one hour.

She says tomorrow I Have to spend one hour cleaning my room as well ….

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