Mom is Super Stoked

Hello, today is a Mom post. I have to say that it will probably make me look like and idiot but I don’t really care. I am just excited that I did something I didn’t know I could do and I learn along the way with no help from youtube or anything. LOL

So today was milk day. In this house that means that I use the extra milk up. Sometimes cheese, sometimes soap and sometimes Ice cream and milkshakes. Today I was wanting to get some other things done so I decided on Cheese as it is the quickest way to use up our extra milk.

I got out my recipes that I use and set out to divide the milk. I have been making a “meltable” cheese for sometime now that we call Mozzarella but it really doesn’t have the same texture as real mozzarella. I also make farmers cheese but I make less as I am the only one in the house that eats it. So I divided my milk and made my meltable cheese and then started my farmers.

I had both cards with my temps and recipes together right beside the stove. When I went to make the farmers cheese I looked at the wrong card and instead of adding my vinegar to my milk at 180 degrees I added it at 80 degrees. I honestly thought it was ruined so I thought “I will just add some renut and the vinegar will separate out in the whey”. That however, isn’t what happened at all.

After I dumped the Renut in the milk and gave it a stir, I notices it was all “gummy”. At this point I knew I had ruined it so I took away the heat and just set it on the counter. I figured I would finish my dishes and then go dump the milk to the chickens and make Farmer’s Cheese another day. That is what I get for being in a hurry huh???

After it sat a few minutes I noticed it was this big ball. So I desided to drain off the whey and see what it was doing. Well, It was really kind of cool. Upon draining it I had this beautiful ball of cheese that formed and held together. I couldn’t help but knead and stretch it a bit. Then a bit more and even more. As I worked I figured out one thing. I had accidentally made real mozzarella cheese.

In the past, I had watched videos on how to make it but they added things like salt and citric acid and used a microwave and even the easy ones looked complicated. You had to give the cheese a cold water bath along with other things. I now know it isn’t as complicated as it seems and for lunch we ended up eating a ton of homemade Cheese sticks.

Another thing that excited me about this was the fact that everything used for this our farm produced. I made the crackers that I used to bread them, our chickens laid the eggs and the goat’s produced the milk. The only thing that I would have to have around here is renut, oil, water, vinegar and flour. And we always keep that stuff on hand!

Honestly, I think I see another youtube video on this one!

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