I Don’t like that

Today wasn’t a horrible one but it was definitely not a great one. Have you ever had one of those times when your temper got the best of you. I am still working on putting the last of the boards in the trailer floor. However, fitting them in is like a jigsaw puzzle and getting the perfect curve on them is even harder. Mom is a wiz with the saw so she is doing my cutting but when I can get them to fit perfect it makes me so made.

Today I took it out on Mom. To a point where Mom just threw her hands up, walked away and said that Dad and I could handle it ourselves if we didn’t want her help. See, now this is the part I don’t like not one bit.

Within 20 minutes I had to go and apologize to Mom. It isn’t as easy as you think. In our home just Saying “I’m sorry” is never enough. Mom says we are all grown up in this house and we must act like it. That means apologizing like a grown up. To me, a teenager, apologizing feels a lot like EATING CROW!

In our house you not only name specifically what it is you are sorry for but you have to let the person know how you are going to keep it from happening again. As we all know if you are truely sorry for something you don’t really want to repeat the mistake you are having to apologize for. Even if you are just apologizing for the way you made someone feel, if you are really sorry you don’t want it to happen again.

Anyway, Mom doesn’t help the matter when I have to apologize to her. When I am having to apologize to her, I get to a point where all I can do is look down and hold off the tears because I know I hurt her and disappointed her, she will smile a huge grin, laugh and ask “was it worth it?” The answer is NO!

When she asks that she is actually asking me if my anger and little temper tantrum changed the out come of whatever it is we are fussing about. And honestly, because I then have to go and apologize for my mouth and actions, I can’t even say it even made me feel better. It gives me a sick feeling in the stomach instead.

After I got done apologizing Mom said that maybe everyone needed a break from the trailer. There is one two inch wide peice that has to fit in perfect to allow the other boards to drop into place. I can get all the other boards in place without that peice in so I am getting fustrated with that piece.

Anyway, I thought Mom might be right so Dad and I headed back to the tree removal job we worked on yesterday and took out fustrations out with the chainsaw on a bunch of trees. And for good measure we stopped and brought Mom home Pizza for dinner.

Trailer work

Today I started my day in the roping pen again. This time however, I rode Coop. She has been hurt with a pulled muscle so I haven’t been riding her. She had been off for about 4 weeks now and today she was much better. She showed no signs of soreness or stiffness so that is great.

When we got back in the house we found that Mom had made Indian Fry Bread. I LOVE that stuff. I eat mine with grape jelly but Dad likes his with honey. Honestly, I wish Mom would make it more often. She says that she plans to but we will see.

It turns out the Indian Fry Bread was a bribe. What Dad and I didn’t know was that Mom had already cleaned out the wood burning stove getting ready for winter. That means Dad and I had to do our part. This is one job both Dad and I HATE. We have to clean out the stove pipe and the chimney. Both Dad and I are scared of hieghts so that doesn’t help the matter. Anyway, whether or not either of us liked it, we did it because it had to be done.

After that I waited to see if I was going to get to bring B’Day home. I put the call in last night but I had to wait and see If she would be able to be brought home. Since my trailer only has half a floor in it I needed to borrow one and the Gentleman I normally borrow from was using his so I couldn’t use it. I was waiting to see if he got done in time to bring her home. He did not. So maybe tomorrow.

While I waited Mom and I worked on putting the new floor in the trailer and Dad worked to unload the wood we brought home yesterday off the flat bed.





We just have one more board to put in the very tip of the nose of the trailer but Mom gave out on me … Okay really she needed to find a new blade for the saw as she built everything in the barn with that one and we used it for the trailer as well and it just gave up the ghost. Mom says she will finish it tomorrow after she changes her blade.

Busy work

The last two days have been so busy with so many little things. Nothing exciting just getting ready for winter. One thing that is part of that is cutting wood.

Mom’s Friend, Ms. Karen’s Dad had a tree fall in the storms this year. Well, today we spent the day cutting and cutting and chopping that tree down. It was held up by two other trees that have to be taken down to get the bigger tree down. It is alot of hard work but we do get the fire wood from the trees.

It is green so it can’t be burnt this year but next year we will have plenty. That is if we can get everything cut up and the tree done this year. We did come home with a partial load of wood that Mom says she will unload tomorrow. I think we are going to go back and work on it some more Monday if Dad is off.

The plan is to work on getting fire wood in here one day a week until we have enough for winter. Mom did her part and serviced the wood burning stove today so it is ready to go. So with all the other stuff we have done around the farm, fire wood os the only thing we really need to get done before winter and we will get there.


Today we woke up to thunder and Lightening. I wanted to rope but I just got to go check the cattle and then that was about it before the weather really set in and started pouring down.

Since there wasn’t much we could do around the farm, Mom and I took the time to go get our running done. We got groceries and went to Sam’s and even stopped by Hobby Lobby to pick up my material for the Buckle display table top Mom is making me. Mom picked up one other thing before we headed home and that was a bit of yarn. She was really picky and wanted it to look as natural as can be but be washable. She ended up with 4 skeins of Yarn Bee Effervesce’ in the Almond colorway.

Mom has had alot of people asking her if she would sell the two items she made for the fair. She now sees that light fall type outerware is sellable in our area. So she got enough yarn to make a nice poncho and maybe a fashion hat to match. She is making it for the sole purpose of selling it.

We will have to let you know how that works. On the way home we hit the feed store and got what we needed for the next two weeks. We got home and put everything away but the feed. I will do that tomorrow. The running took the better part of the day but Mom did take the time to clean the kitchen really well and she made me help for one hour.

She says tomorrow I Have to spend one hour cleaning my room as well ….

Mom is Super Stoked

Hello, today is a Mom post. I have to say that it will probably make me look like and idiot but I don’t really care. I am just excited that I did something I didn’t know I could do and I learn along the way with no help from youtube or anything. LOL

So today was milk day. In this house that means that I use the extra milk up. Sometimes cheese, sometimes soap and sometimes Ice cream and milkshakes. Today I was wanting to get some other things done so I decided on Cheese as it is the quickest way to use up our extra milk.

I got out my recipes that I use and set out to divide the milk. I have been making a “meltable” cheese for sometime now that we call Mozzarella but it really doesn’t have the same texture as real mozzarella. I also make farmers cheese but I make less as I am the only one in the house that eats it. So I divided my milk and made my meltable cheese and then started my farmers.

I had both cards with my temps and recipes together right beside the stove. When I went to make the farmers cheese I looked at the wrong card and instead of adding my vinegar to my milk at 180 degrees I added it at 80 degrees. I honestly thought it was ruined so I thought “I will just add some renut and the vinegar will separate out in the whey”. That however, isn’t what happened at all.

After I dumped the Renut in the milk and gave it a stir, I notices it was all “gummy”. At this point I knew I had ruined it so I took away the heat and just set it on the counter. I figured I would finish my dishes and then go dump the milk to the chickens and make Farmer’s Cheese another day. That is what I get for being in a hurry huh???

After it sat a few minutes I noticed it was this big ball. So I desided to drain off the whey and see what it was doing. Well, It was really kind of cool. Upon draining it I had this beautiful ball of cheese that formed and held together. I couldn’t help but knead and stretch it a bit. Then a bit more and even more. As I worked I figured out one thing. I had accidentally made real mozzarella cheese.

In the past, I had watched videos on how to make it but they added things like salt and citric acid and used a microwave and even the easy ones looked complicated. You had to give the cheese a cold water bath along with other things. I now know it isn’t as complicated as it seems and for lunch we ended up eating a ton of homemade Cheese sticks.

Another thing that excited me about this was the fact that everything used for this our farm produced. I made the crackers that I used to bread them, our chickens laid the eggs and the goat’s produced the milk. The only thing that I would have to have around here is renut, oil, water, vinegar and flour. And we always keep that stuff on hand!

Honestly, I think I see another youtube video on this one!

It’s the little things

So today Mom had this big plan. She wanted to work on the list for getting ready for winter. Well, I didn’t want to get out of bed. It isn’t what you think though.

You see last night the temperature dipped very low. The average temperature for this time of year is with the highs in the 90s and the lows in the 70s. Last night I left my fan blowing pulling cooler air into my room as I do most nights in Aug. However, this morning I woke up seeing my breath. Okay, it really wasn’t that cold but it was like 45 degrees in my room. I was freezing. The issue was that I didn’t want to get out of bed and freeze … not even to turn off the fan. Honestly, I was hoping Dad or Mom would come in and they would do it for me. Well, that didn’t happen. So I got my butt out of bed.

By the time I got my day started it had already begun to warm up. Mom has checked out the alamanac and it says this winter is going to be a cold and wet one. She takes that to mean snow. So Mom set about working on her list. First, Mom and I took time to fix the calf shed. The front header brace had broke free from the pole so we used a jack, some cinder blocks and a piece of wood to jack it up and repair it.


After that we worked on each horse stall. Storm’s stall needed nails secured again and one corner dug out to make the siding fit tight for the winter. Ice’s pen got the same treatment as did Coop’s pen. Then the Gate to Ice’s pen had to be dug out from Mud build up from such a wet summer. And the Gate between Ice and Coop needed it as well. We also checked each roof to see if the braces were secure and ready to take the snow Mom thinks will happen this winter.

After all that Mom finally let me have lunch and take a break. Okay, none of the work was all that hard but it just took time. We have one more board to put up in Storm’s stall and Mom says they will pass her test for winter. After that it was back to the grind.

This time we moved to the Goat Shed. The rock we put in last year had pushed the back off one side and a leg out. So we shoveled and cleaned the spot and then put another brace across the back of the shed. It doesn’t look pretty and we got it a little crooked. But it works the Leg and Walls are secure.


All in all I think it looks much better and it is definately more secure. We even added an extra roof brace to this shed.


When Mom got done helping me she had her buddy here to work his sheep. So I did the clean up from our little fix it project until Dad got home. When Dad got home he Brush hogged the back of the arena and the orchard. The back of the arena is covered in ragweed. So over the next few days Mom is going to try and spray it really good so that we can get it killed out so it doesn’t take over our hay pasture. While he worked I collected eggs and roped.

It is decided

Today was a busy one. The farm now has 5 distinguished small flocks. That means to start breeding season we need 7 pens. Well, we don’t have 7 pens. So we worked up a plan, worked and sorted herds and we started breeding season a bit differently this year.

First, we spent this morning working and checking all the sheep and goats. They all got checked and wormed. Some got their feet trimmed. While yet others got medication. We will start with Reba. She isn’t wormie but she is still thin and her poop is still very soft. I called the Vet yet again. This time we gave her an iron shot. If she was having an issue with worms before it may have left her anemic. To help her Poop we gave her a probiotic bolus to help her tummy. We are praying that it helps her. It these things don’t make a difference she will not be bred this year. She is now in the barn and being fed seperate to see if maybe she just doesn’t eat fast enough to get enough feed for her large size. We will see. Besides, Patches likes having company in the barn.

Then there are about 4 smaller sheep that I know probably get pushed out of the feed troths so they are now penned off in the goat pen so that they can eat at their own speed and only compete with sheep their own size. There is only 4 so it really shouldn’t be a problem. They also got wormed just in case it was a matter of that and not that they weren’t getting enough to eat.

Then we decided to try something new and see if it fit our farm better. This year there will be two waves of breeding season. The Merinos and the Dorsets are now in pens with rams. Okay so the Dorsets are really just Carrie and Fudgie. The Merinos are going to try and breed with Knight. His leg is now healed and if he can stand the weight then he should be able to breed the girls. If not we will see about using Rammie. However, Baby Girl is his daughter so if we have to use him she will not be bred. Mom is also worried about Hersey. The new merinos are much larger then her so we don’t know how she will take the weight of Knight and we will have to watch her at birthing time. Bell wasn’t a problem to have but we don’t want the size of the babies to become an issue for the ewes either. Anyway, the plan is to have those two larger breed sheep flocks breed and birth first that way they can be on the pasture already bred while the other flocks are breeding. Then they will birth and use the barn first with the smaller size sheep birthing when it is warmer in the season. And all of that will also cut the need for 7 pens for the breeding season.

If you remember last year we had two sheep get bred that we didn’t want bred and that isn’t happening this year. We are being very Careful and the Rams not in use will be in the Ram Pen at all times. This year we also plan to have a “I am not being breed this year” pen. Everything we plan not to breed will be in that pen starting with the second wave of breeding until the last Ram is pulled from the herd. With that said Today, we also have two Shetland Rams that are still for sale. So I pulled them, wormed them and they are now in the man pen as well. (Nope, not taking any chances with this breeding season)

We also made a list of men to be banded this fall. Scamp and Blotch are at the top of that list. And if we don’t need Rammie, he too will join the ranks of Menless Men. After they are banded and taken care of they too will go out on the pasture but only after ample time as they can’t get any little swimmers through the bands. LOL It is just a safety thing. We want to make sure they don’t breed what they shouldn’t. After they are banded they will stay on the pasture as they won’t be able to breed. That means less men in the man pen. That is a good thing.

While we worked the flock. We also took time to decided who will be bred to whom. Along with who will be banded, we also decided Who we are keeping as fiber animals, who we will keep as breeding stock and who will be finding new homes. Mom made sure to take pictures of the entire flock as we are not only making a slideshow for the web page but Mom is attaching a picture of each animal to her paperwork on that animal. I do want to say this …. Cinnamon – Through it all – Now looks better then I have ever seen her look … Check this out …


She is still very small in size but she looks healthy, she can walk and she is doing great. Now if she will just graze, eat the right food and stay out of trouble she should be fine. (she is one that will never be bred. She is going in the not to be bred pen)

So just for a taste of what we saw today check out these …









After all that was decided, Mom got after the paper work for the entire flock and even redid our flock management binder. Before we had one for cattle, one for sheep, one for horses and one for goats but now we have ONE and only one!

After lunch Mom took a break from her paperwork and we did more little things around the farm. Like now there is a mineral block and bunk under every horse stall. We normally feed under the stalls in the winter but we also use the bunks for other animals through the summer so they get moved all around. As for now they are all where they should be. Also we had to change out the Ram pen Bunk for one that is lower to the ground because I put the two little rams in there. They couldn’t reach the feed in the tall one.

Anyway, after that I rode and ponyed Storm. We have a few more days before she goes off to the trainer and I want to make sure she knows who I am and that I love her. I know horses don’t forget people but I just want her to remember me as a kind person. So I am spending as much time as I can with her. I also know that she will only be gone a month so I will have her back in no time.