Haying Season

Just checking in for a short post to let everyone know we are in full swing with haying season. We are in a race with the rain as Dad got a flat on the baler and the tractor that have put us a bit behind in hauling it in.

We just got in a bit ago and we only stopped as the dew was so thick on the hay it would ruin it if we packed it in the barn that way. Mom and all her chigger bites are doing the driving but loading and unloading send her into an itchy, can’t stand it fit … Can ya’ blame her? All those chigger bites I am sure are bad enough but then to get hot, sweaty and hay covered? I am glad she is at least driving for us.

And you will never guess what Mom works on while I unload?? While I put hay in the new barn Mom puts product in the shop. For the first time we are using the entire barn as it was meant to be … I will have to get pictures for you in the next day or so!! As for now … Good Night World!

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