WOW … That is all I can say

I know I haven’t blogged in days … Honestly, I think the world has gotten out of alignment or something. So first we went Friday and Saturday to the Fiber Festival. I had planned on blogging friday night. However, in a weird twist we not only had issues with the WiFi we had TV issues too. I don’t watch much TV but it is one of the things that makes a hotel stay kind of cool for me. I not only get to watch TV but we normally eat in our room too so I get to eat in bed while watching TV.

I know that isn’t a big deal for most people but I never get to do that unless at a hotel. So that is how I spend time at a hotel. After all it isn’t like I can play in the pool … LOL So by 9pm Mom and I were both sawing logs.

We got up and got to the fiber festival by 7:45am. The day was a bit slower then normal but it was okay. Dad finished the mowing and he and his Dad came to get me and take me to a roping. After I helped load everything up Bella and Mom headed home and the three of us headed out. At the first roping I broke out so I let Dad and his Dad talk me into going to another roping. It took a bit longer and I didn’t get home until 3am.

My plan was to eat, do chores and then rope before going to bed. As I was finishing up my practice, I got a call from the guy who had B’Day the cow in his pasture. He had called them all up and she didn’t come. She had been checked before the rain but then it rained and our truck can’t get to that pasture as we don’t have 4 wheel drive. Then it dried up Friday to allow us to get in there but we left for the festival so Mom and I planned to go check her today.

Anyway, We got everything loaded and were up there in about 15 minutes. I was on horse back while Mom and Dad were on foot. We checked every inch of that place that we could get to and Mom even ended up on someone elses land looking as a fence was down. It went on for 3 hours. No luck. At this point Ice was hot and lathered up and he had to stop or he wasn’t going to make it. So we loaded him up and went home.

I headed for bed. I had been up from 6:30am Saturday morning to 11am Sunday morning with no sleep and I needed sleep. Mom on the other had went back to the pasture and worked the perimeter searching for just a little over an hour. She came home just in time to open to the public. We were kind of hoping no one would show up but at about 1:15pm Mom got a call. We had visitors on the way and they would be interested in a cowboy kind of visit.

My nap was now officially over with. LOL We did the farm visit while Dad worked on dropping the last of the section of hay he needed dropped. Then I got a call from a rodeo company wanted to know if they held the roping until 5pm if I would come. They didn’t have a whole lot of people entered and they really wanted the roping to be a good one so Dad and I jumped in the truck and headed that way.

They moved two events to hold the roping event until I got there. I roped but didn’t do any good because Coop just wasn’t doing her part. Mom stayed home and did a short podcast and spun a bit as well as be at the farm for visitors. After I roped Dad and I jumped right back in the truck and headed home. The plan was to eat, do chores and then do a perimeter sweep one more time before headed to bed to go back at finding B’Day in the morning. When we got to the perimeter sweep Mom spotted the big fart munching grass in a neighbor’s pasture.

I wanted to try and get her out of there and back where she was suppose to be just so Mom would quit worrying. So Dad and I left Mom standing in the road to mark where B’Day was and we headed home to get horse and trailer to get her.

However, once again things were just a bit off and we didn’t get it done. As it got dark it was getting to dangerous to be on a strange pasture with fallen timber, a steep creek bank and brush everywhere. So we headed home defeated once again.

I am taking time to fill you all in here before taking my shower. Then I will be sleeping hard and tomorrow at the crack of dawn we WILL be getting B’Day out of there. For now it is good to know she is alive, safe and healthy.

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