Getting ready

So yesterday went haywire fast and I went from getting ready to go to Fiber Christmas in July to Crazy busy! First, Mom got a call from my Dad’s Dad. He thought someone had broke into his house and stole his check book. After Mom spent alot of time on the phone she got everything straightened out. He had gone to the bank and stopped payment on ALL checks for his account.

To make a very messy long story short, he had left the checkbook in the truck before he loaned it to my Dad and After he had gone to the bank the day before so they could help him balance it. It made alot of work for Mom and in the end it was taken care of …

Anyway, I was suppose to go help set up and break down the Wednesday Night Farmer’s Market. I promised a friend I would help out and I needed the community service for 4-H. In the mean time I get a call asking me to help break in a load of calves for a guy. Well, the short of it is that I left the house with the horse in tow and headed to the farmer’s market. At 5 Mom’s buddy got picked up and Dad and her did a vehical swap at the farmer’s market so Dad could take me and the horse to break in calves and Mom stayed and covered for me at the market. I sure hope all that made sense! LOL

Anyway, Dad and I got home late so I did chores and headed right off to bed.

Today was a horse of a different color. It was to wet to do much outside. However, the other day when I said it was raining “Sheep and Goats … I mean Horses and Cows … I mean Cats and Dogs! What ever you call it” I knew I got it wrong but today I figured it out … It is chicks and ducklings. Remember not to long ago a hen showed up with this??


We found 3 of those baby chicks a new home and the others are still here. This morning after all the rain I went to the barnyard and found my rogue Duck. I had seen her from time to time but never with the flock and never at night when I went to put everything up in the coop. This morning she was prancing around showing off WHY she had been hiding out … Look familiar???


Mom couldn’t be happier … She says this year I accidentally got ducks … She has bought them from a store before and said it was an accident. Me, however, didn’t accidentally do anything … That dumb duck!!!

After our exciting morning of duck watching, Mom and I got down to business. Mom put the finishing touches on some of her windowed Peek-a-boo bags while I finished up a couple of sets of stitchmarkers. Then it was time to pack!

Mom spent the rest of the day packing for the booth, doing laundry, cleaning up the mess we made packing for the booth and using up the extra milk so it won’t spoil while we are gone. Tomorrow we will be heading out to Kelleyville with one stop on the way. (we need more animal crackers for the farm)

When Dad got home tonight I took him to get his car. There was over $200 in damage just because Dad didn’t change his break pads on a regular basis. Please remember maintainance is cheaper then repair. (Mom’s words not mine but a good reminder just the same) When Dad took His Dad back the old truck he barrowed he brought him out to the farm for dinner.

After dinner he too went to see the ducklings. It was actually cute as one ran right up to him and he was able to catch it and pet it for awhile. You should have seen his face. He had on a grin from ear to ear. It was funny to see an 87 year old cowboy playing with a day old duckling. It peeked and he talked to it …

For those going tomorrow see you there … and here is a hint Mom is bringing a bit of goat’s milk cheese and some crackers … Just saying!

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