And the rain came

Today I woke up at 4am just like normal but instead of getting to go rope, I went back to bed. There is pretty much only one thing that will make a guy go back to bed when he gets up to rope and that is RAIN.

Yup it was pouring down Sheep and Goats … I mean Horses and Cows … I mean Cats and Dogs! What ever you call it … It was doing it. So I took the morning to catch up on some ZZZZZZs. We are open to the public on Tuesdays so that means I have to be presentable by 9am with the chores done but sleeping until 7:30am in this house is rare, even when I am not getting up early to rope.

What most people don’t understand is that we get up early normally. In the winter when I have school I get up at 5am. So in all actuality I am only getting up an hour early to rope. Anyway, with it raining I really didn’t think we would have any visitors. So This morning Mom, her buddy and I hung out in the barn. She moved a few things around and cleaned up after Dad and I a bit.

When the rain stopped we headed out to “fill in” a few low spots in the newly rocked area on the south side of the barn. There were only one or two small spots that had standing water and they were just a shovel full here and there. And I am happy to report that all the rock is keeping the new barn dry, as it should be.

Since I couldn’t ride I took some time in between farm visits to tie a calf or two but that is about all the roping practice I could do in the wet weather. The Arena was way to muddy. It was so muddy that the mud in the arena sucked Mom’s Buddy’s boots right off this feet and acted much like quicksand. I know that for fact as I also took time to go fix a gate post that has been giving me fits. I even cemented it in. Okay, I just put dry cement in the hole and the rain did the rest. But I watched as little man and Mom played in the arena mud.

Other then that everything went smooth until Dad got home. You see that flat he got yesterday cost him a new tire. When he went to get it the tire place told him they wouldn’t put the tire on because the brake on the other side of the car was seiged up. So when Dad got home he “took a look at it” as he says. As Mom calls it he postponed calling the mechanic … LOL … Then Mom made him call the mechanic. He could fit the car in tomorrow morning so I followed Dad out there and then took him to his Dad’s house to get the old pick up so he can get to work tomorrow.

This was the first time I have driven on the highway by myself. It was kind of weird at first but then I relaxed and just drove and I did fine. I don’t know why but honestly I would rather ride a horse then drive a car. And If Mom has her way we will be back to only going to town once every two weeks, except for her going to the nursing home each week.

Anyway, after we got back home Dad ate and headed off to bed and I helped Mom. You see at first, she wasn’t going to make anymore windowed project bags to sell. But for some reason she has decided that she will continue to make and sell them. She says that she enjoys making them so she got some cut and ready to sew up tomorrow. She talked like she was going to start making many more with Many other prints as well. Who knows with Mom she kind of does her own thing in her own world sometimes … LOL … good thing is that they will be available here in the farm shop and in the etsy shop after we get home this weekend. I am telling you Mom plans on filling the etsy shop and stocking the farm shop with everything.

2 thoughts on “And the rain came

  1. It is funny that you should ask about the bags. Mom Didn’t stop making them just selling them because everyone told her that they couldn’t take the beating. However, she has a stack full of them that she is taking to Fiber Christmas … I was wondering if you could write up a little Blurp Mom could use online about how yours has done. We will be listing what doesn’t sell at fiber Christmas in the etsy shop when we get back.

    As for Blotch he is doing great. He is all cleaned up and he is eating feed like a champ. He is also outside most days and is gaining weight all the time…


  2. Cats & dogs are ok, it’s when it’s cold as well that’s really bad. It has been under 15C, usually under 10C, & raining all week here. OTOH I got quite some spinning done :).

    Why did your Mom initially decide not to make the window bags, were they not selling? Mine has stood up quite well to being put into & out of other bags, with lots of other stuff jammed in the outer bag. How is Blotch getting on?


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