Late Night Hauling

Today was more hay hauling. If you remember last year haying season you will know that Dad Promised he wouldn’t take so much hay down at a time. Yup, that happened right?? He kept his word Right?? NO! Over 900 bales in two days … It is almost three in the morning and I am headed to bed for some well deserved rest. We have an over night visitor on the T.A.T so Mom will be up to make sure he gets a good breakfast before he set out for the day.

Tomorrow I will tell you all about it … for now … Good night world

Haying Season

Just checking in for a short post to let everyone know we are in full swing with haying season. We are in a race with the rain as Dad got a flat on the baler and the tractor that have put us a bit behind in hauling it in.

We just got in a bit ago and we only stopped as the dew was so thick on the hay it would ruin it if we packed it in the barn that way. Mom and all her chigger bites are doing the driving but loading and unloading send her into an itchy, can’t stand it fit … Can ya’ blame her? All those chigger bites I am sure are bad enough but then to get hot, sweaty and hay covered? I am glad she is at least driving for us.

And you will never guess what Mom works on while I unload?? While I put hay in the new barn Mom puts product in the shop. For the first time we are using the entire barn as it was meant to be … I will have to get pictures for you in the next day or so!! As for now … Good Night World!

It is over

Today I started my day not in the roping pen but on horse back searching once more for B’Day. I started with the pasture we had seen her in last night but she had moved on. After a couple of hours I headed back to where she was suppose to be to see if she had returned but that wasn’t in the cards either. So I re-searched the pasture we searched yestday.

While seaching there I found a calf that was just hours old. He was all alone in a pasture that didn’t house his Mom and his Mom had headed for higher ground. So after a few phone calls and having to relocate the calf a few more times, it was taking to a barn with it’s Mom.

I returned home with horses in a lather and no B’Day. Dad was with me and he had to get the haying done so we took a break. Mom and I did a farm visit while Dad ran to town for some gas for the tractor and some gear oil.

Mom spent her extra time testing bug bite home remedies. She even made a short video about it. It is kind of interesting … and it tells you what remedies work and what doesn’t. Dad finished dropping the last of the hay in the section and then he started baling.

While he was busy Mom and I took a chance and headed to drive the perimeter of the square mile section that B’Day was last spotted in. When we got there she was again standing right where she was last night. So I set out to bring her in.

We got a half top trailer from a neighbor and Ice and headed to the section. I rode in and she didn’t want to be caught. She took off across the creek and into some one elses pasture but I didn’t let the pressure off. In the end I roped her and tied her like you would a dog to a tree. Then I went back to the truck and trailer and brought it around the creek the long way.

I pulled right up to the tree untied her and used the half top and a rope to get her in the trailer. Once I got her in the trailer I moved her to the front of the trailer and then loaded Ice in the back. Then I drove them both out of there.

I have returned B’Day to the herd she is suppose to be with and she will remain there for a few more weeks or until I have to go hunt her down again. Then she will be home for good. We are planning to make her, Dragon the long horn, Mr. and Ms. Zebu and little Sweet Pea into a herd …

After I got back Mom and I loaded up a small load of Hay we had to get to a buyer. When Dark fell we delivered it. On the way home it was late so Dad and I picked up McDonalds for dinner. Now it is shower time and the I am off to bed!

WOW … That is all I can say

I know I haven’t blogged in days … Honestly, I think the world has gotten out of alignment or something. So first we went Friday and Saturday to the Fiber Festival. I had planned on blogging friday night. However, in a weird twist we not only had issues with the WiFi we had TV issues too. I don’t watch much TV but it is one of the things that makes a hotel stay kind of cool for me. I not only get to watch TV but we normally eat in our room too so I get to eat in bed while watching TV.

I know that isn’t a big deal for most people but I never get to do that unless at a hotel. So that is how I spend time at a hotel. After all it isn’t like I can play in the pool … LOL So by 9pm Mom and I were both sawing logs.

We got up and got to the fiber festival by 7:45am. The day was a bit slower then normal but it was okay. Dad finished the mowing and he and his Dad came to get me and take me to a roping. After I helped load everything up Bella and Mom headed home and the three of us headed out. At the first roping I broke out so I let Dad and his Dad talk me into going to another roping. It took a bit longer and I didn’t get home until 3am.

My plan was to eat, do chores and then rope before going to bed. As I was finishing up my practice, I got a call from the guy who had B’Day the cow in his pasture. He had called them all up and she didn’t come. She had been checked before the rain but then it rained and our truck can’t get to that pasture as we don’t have 4 wheel drive. Then it dried up Friday to allow us to get in there but we left for the festival so Mom and I planned to go check her today.

Anyway, We got everything loaded and were up there in about 15 minutes. I was on horse back while Mom and Dad were on foot. We checked every inch of that place that we could get to and Mom even ended up on someone elses land looking as a fence was down. It went on for 3 hours. No luck. At this point Ice was hot and lathered up and he had to stop or he wasn’t going to make it. So we loaded him up and went home.

I headed for bed. I had been up from 6:30am Saturday morning to 11am Sunday morning with no sleep and I needed sleep. Mom on the other had went back to the pasture and worked the perimeter searching for just a little over an hour. She came home just in time to open to the public. We were kind of hoping no one would show up but at about 1:15pm Mom got a call. We had visitors on the way and they would be interested in a cowboy kind of visit.

My nap was now officially over with. LOL We did the farm visit while Dad worked on dropping the last of the section of hay he needed dropped. Then I got a call from a rodeo company wanted to know if they held the roping until 5pm if I would come. They didn’t have a whole lot of people entered and they really wanted the roping to be a good one so Dad and I jumped in the truck and headed that way.

They moved two events to hold the roping event until I got there. I roped but didn’t do any good because Coop just wasn’t doing her part. Mom stayed home and did a short podcast and spun a bit as well as be at the farm for visitors. After I roped Dad and I jumped right back in the truck and headed home. The plan was to eat, do chores and then do a perimeter sweep one more time before headed to bed to go back at finding B’Day in the morning. When we got to the perimeter sweep Mom spotted the big fart munching grass in a neighbor’s pasture.

I wanted to try and get her out of there and back where she was suppose to be just so Mom would quit worrying. So Dad and I left Mom standing in the road to mark where B’Day was and we headed home to get horse and trailer to get her.

However, once again things were just a bit off and we didn’t get it done. As it got dark it was getting to dangerous to be on a strange pasture with fallen timber, a steep creek bank and brush everywhere. So we headed home defeated once again.

I am taking time to fill you all in here before taking my shower. Then I will be sleeping hard and tomorrow at the crack of dawn we WILL be getting B’Day out of there. For now it is good to know she is alive, safe and healthy.

Getting ready

So yesterday went haywire fast and I went from getting ready to go to Fiber Christmas in July to Crazy busy! First, Mom got a call from my Dad’s Dad. He thought someone had broke into his house and stole his check book. After Mom spent alot of time on the phone she got everything straightened out. He had gone to the bank and stopped payment on ALL checks for his account.

To make a very messy long story short, he had left the checkbook in the truck before he loaned it to my Dad and After he had gone to the bank the day before so they could help him balance it. It made alot of work for Mom and in the end it was taken care of …

Anyway, I was suppose to go help set up and break down the Wednesday Night Farmer’s Market. I promised a friend I would help out and I needed the community service for 4-H. In the mean time I get a call asking me to help break in a load of calves for a guy. Well, the short of it is that I left the house with the horse in tow and headed to the farmer’s market. At 5 Mom’s buddy got picked up and Dad and her did a vehical swap at the farmer’s market so Dad could take me and the horse to break in calves and Mom stayed and covered for me at the market. I sure hope all that made sense! LOL

Anyway, Dad and I got home late so I did chores and headed right off to bed.

Today was a horse of a different color. It was to wet to do much outside. However, the other day when I said it was raining “Sheep and Goats … I mean Horses and Cows … I mean Cats and Dogs! What ever you call it” I knew I got it wrong but today I figured it out … It is chicks and ducklings. Remember not to long ago a hen showed up with this??


We found 3 of those baby chicks a new home and the others are still here. This morning after all the rain I went to the barnyard and found my rogue Duck. I had seen her from time to time but never with the flock and never at night when I went to put everything up in the coop. This morning she was prancing around showing off WHY she had been hiding out … Look familiar???


Mom couldn’t be happier … She says this year I accidentally got ducks … She has bought them from a store before and said it was an accident. Me, however, didn’t accidentally do anything … That dumb duck!!!

After our exciting morning of duck watching, Mom and I got down to business. Mom put the finishing touches on some of her windowed Peek-a-boo bags while I finished up a couple of sets of stitchmarkers. Then it was time to pack!

Mom spent the rest of the day packing for the booth, doing laundry, cleaning up the mess we made packing for the booth and using up the extra milk so it won’t spoil while we are gone. Tomorrow we will be heading out to Kelleyville with one stop on the way. (we need more animal crackers for the farm)

When Dad got home tonight I took him to get his car. There was over $200 in damage just because Dad didn’t change his break pads on a regular basis. Please remember maintainance is cheaper then repair. (Mom’s words not mine but a good reminder just the same) When Dad took His Dad back the old truck he barrowed he brought him out to the farm for dinner.

After dinner he too went to see the ducklings. It was actually cute as one ran right up to him and he was able to catch it and pet it for awhile. You should have seen his face. He had on a grin from ear to ear. It was funny to see an 87 year old cowboy playing with a day old duckling. It peeked and he talked to it …

For those going tomorrow see you there … and here is a hint Mom is bringing a bit of goat’s milk cheese and some crackers … Just saying!

And the rain came

Today I woke up at 4am just like normal but instead of getting to go rope, I went back to bed. There is pretty much only one thing that will make a guy go back to bed when he gets up to rope and that is RAIN.

Yup it was pouring down Sheep and Goats … I mean Horses and Cows … I mean Cats and Dogs! What ever you call it … It was doing it. So I took the morning to catch up on some ZZZZZZs. We are open to the public on Tuesdays so that means I have to be presentable by 9am with the chores done but sleeping until 7:30am in this house is rare, even when I am not getting up early to rope.

What most people don’t understand is that we get up early normally. In the winter when I have school I get up at 5am. So in all actuality I am only getting up an hour early to rope. Anyway, with it raining I really didn’t think we would have any visitors. So This morning Mom, her buddy and I hung out in the barn. She moved a few things around and cleaned up after Dad and I a bit.

When the rain stopped we headed out to “fill in” a few low spots in the newly rocked area on the south side of the barn. There were only one or two small spots that had standing water and they were just a shovel full here and there. And I am happy to report that all the rock is keeping the new barn dry, as it should be.

Since I couldn’t ride I took some time in between farm visits to tie a calf or two but that is about all the roping practice I could do in the wet weather. The Arena was way to muddy. It was so muddy that the mud in the arena sucked Mom’s Buddy’s boots right off this feet and acted much like quicksand. I know that for fact as I also took time to go fix a gate post that has been giving me fits. I even cemented it in. Okay, I just put dry cement in the hole and the rain did the rest. But I watched as little man and Mom played in the arena mud.

Other then that everything went smooth until Dad got home. You see that flat he got yesterday cost him a new tire. When he went to get it the tire place told him they wouldn’t put the tire on because the brake on the other side of the car was seiged up. So when Dad got home he “took a look at it” as he says. As Mom calls it he postponed calling the mechanic … LOL … Then Mom made him call the mechanic. He could fit the car in tomorrow morning so I followed Dad out there and then took him to his Dad’s house to get the old pick up so he can get to work tomorrow.

This was the first time I have driven on the highway by myself. It was kind of weird at first but then I relaxed and just drove and I did fine. I don’t know why but honestly I would rather ride a horse then drive a car. And If Mom has her way we will be back to only going to town once every two weeks, except for her going to the nursing home each week.

Anyway, after we got back home Dad ate and headed off to bed and I helped Mom. You see at first, she wasn’t going to make anymore windowed project bags to sell. But for some reason she has decided that she will continue to make and sell them. She says that she enjoys making them so she got some cut and ready to sew up tomorrow. She talked like she was going to start making many more with Many other prints as well. Who knows with Mom she kind of does her own thing in her own world sometimes … LOL … good thing is that they will be available here in the farm shop and in the etsy shop after we get home this weekend. I am telling you Mom plans on filling the etsy shop and stocking the farm shop with everything.

4X4 chute out

Today I was up early to rope as normal. The only thing is that Mom got on to Dad and he didn’t get to rope. You see each morning it is the same thing. I am up at 4am. Not because I have to be but because I want to be. Okay, I don’t really want to be but I want to rope and with the heat of summer the only time cool enough to rope is the mornings.

Mom’s rule is chores come first. (and during school, school comes first too) So I get up early to get things that I need to get done finished up before I can do the things I want to get done. Mom gets up about 5am and she starts her routine. As for Dad he always wants me to get him up. Mom put her foot down the other day and said that if Dad wanted up … Dad could get himself up like a big boy. Well, this morning like other mornings Dad didn’t get up.

Then after I had done all the chores Dad got up and went to the arena to rope. Mom lit him up. She said that if he can’t get up and help with the work he didn’t need to be roping. You see he has even been letting me gather cattle and saddle his horse. He just walks out ropes some calves and leaves me to unsaddle and put everything up as well as feed the horses when they cool down.

Mom was not impressed and told Dad “NO WAY! You want to rope you do your own chores” That has always been the rule. Mom doesn’t saddle anybody’s horse for them. If they want to ride they saddle. If they want to rope they gather cattle. She is strick that way. Needless to say Dad stuttered and stammered a bit but he didn’t rope today.

After I got done roping we all took part in a short video that will be featured as a “meet the viewer” type segment on another pod cast. When It goes up I will post a link to all her stuff but it is hers to post and after that I will show you what we did. It was kind of fun and I got to photo bomb my parents on purpose … LOL

When the fun was done … We took the time to finish spreading that last load of rock we got in. It is suppose to rain and Mom wanted it in place so that we can see what is working, what isn’t and where any issues are. While Dad and I took a break Mom took Dad’s work car and headed to the nursing home for her weekly visit. When she went to leave she found that Dad’s Car had a flat. The nuts were so tight she needed her cheater bar that was in the back of the truck to get them loosened up. So Dad and I headed to town.

Dad was nice and let Mom take the truck and head home after standing out in the heat for a while. So she was nice enough to drop me by the saddle shop to get the old saddle repaired that I broke. When I got home I got a really important Email … My invitation to the 4X4 Chute out!!! I am thanking the good Lord to see that. I was starting to worry I wasn’t invited back. And Honestly, It is always a ton of fun at that event.

This evening Mom made Pigs in a blanket for supper … I hadn’t had those in a while and as silly as it seems they really hit the spot. As for now I am heading out to do chores before Mom makes a run to get dog food and the last of the stuff we need for fiber festival.

I will tell you that Blotch is a character though. When Mom went to town she left Dad and I to baby sit. With all the car trading and running Dad got home before Mom and failed to check him. When Mom checked on him … He had put himself IN his haybag … LOL … It was to funny … I managed to pop a picture before Mom gave us all a scowl and got him untangled … Check this out … Silly Blotch!!



So today was great, Awesome, Fantastic, Terrific, Amazing, Wonderful …. Need I got on? I spent all day at Cavalcade and brought home the Title of Champion Intermediate Calf Roper.

I will get another belt buckle and a pay check but they will be mailed to me. I won the long round, the short round and the average. I am super excited can you tell. I have the video on Facebook but I am tired and can’t think of how to like a video right now. So I will head to bed and see if I can do it tomorrow … or maybe get it on our you tube channel!

Another Day, another animal!

Today was a day that we were using to catch up on things around here but Dad and I had one chore first. We told Mom we wanted to go see if any cattle were selling at the sale today and we headed south. When we got there I found the cutest little things … no not cattle. LOL You see the goat sale is right before the cattle sale on Saturday. So as Dad and I sat and watched the sale start I thought about Mom and her being a bit down and very upset about the last few days.

I know Mom only does what we do for the animals. It isn’t about anything else for her. So when a little, thin, sticktight covered sad looking little black goat came through the sale barn I knew just want to do. The thing is that he looked so sad and thin that I managed to pick this little guy up for 20 bucks.



Normally we don’t go looking for animals that need us. Mom believes that God brings those in need into our path but … Mom hasn’t been her chipper self since the drama started and even a few tears have been shed. Anyway, I couldn’t help it and when Mom finally spent a little time with the little booger she seemed a bit more like her old self. Some how taking care of the animals makes her forget everything else and brings a smile to her face. I am happy to report that not one phone call came through today about the issue. No one screamed or yelled at her or even called in reference to the issue for the first time in about 3 days. Yes, that is a very good thing.

Mom spent some time cleaning this little guy up. She got all his sticktights cleaned out of his coat and she even found a few issues that we will be keeping an eye on. For now he has his own outside pen but he sleeps inside as he came from the sale barn and he has to be quarantined for at least 2 weeks to make sure he doesn’t pass anything on to our goats.


Mom desided that she was going to name him Smudge or Blotch instead of Spot. You see he is totally black except for one white mark on his side. So Mom let me choose and I decided on Blotch. So he is now all primped up and looking slick and he has a new name to go with his new look. Soon I think Mom remembered why we do what we do. Not for the people that want drama but for the animals that need a hand.

Anyway, we didn’t get any cattle so after we got home and gave Mom her new baby, Dad and I went picked up the last of the baling wire for the deal Mom worked. It is now all delivered and done. Other then that there were just little jobs to get done around here. There was a bit more rock spreading that went on as well as rake teeth being changed in the hay rake and feed being picked up from the feed store and put away.

Tomorrow, I have my short go at Cavelcade and we are suppose to be closed. However, at this point I don’t think Mom is going to go see my run. I think she is still a bit worried about Mr. Angry showing up. Anyway, we will see. It is suppose to rain Monday so that means no haying until it dries up after that. So today we really didn’t have anything going on besides those little jobs that have been needing tending to.

Mom did podcast while Dad and I were at the sale barn. She revealed our future “plan”. I will say that if you don’t want to miss anything you might want to subscribe to our youtube channel. We have two new series that we are starting that won’t be in the podcast. One called “’round here” that will cover how we do things around here. And the second called “but it is so cute” that will address why some animals shouldn’t be kept in back yards. Then there is the fact that after this festival we are going to take a break from going.

We are taking the “out of sight out of mind” aproach to this whole drama issue. We have cancelled all the festivals we were going to go to. (It is to late to cancel the one this next week without losing our booth payment) There is an upside to that though. What we plan to do is increase our online presence. With more Videos and increased products in our Etsy shop.

That is right. We will no longer concentrate our sales in our local area but we will put out more to the online followers. I know that some of you might say that we are letting the angry man win. However, we don’t see it that way. If all the drama is carried on in our local area, then by leaving just that area we can stay in the business of helping animals by concentrating our efforts else where in a different areas.

I know that some will say that doesn’t make sense but really it does. Our products are still for sale in our local area as they are for sale on our farm. We actually live within an hour or so of all the drama so we can control what people see of us and sell our own products. Another bonus is that we can direct the conversation that goes on here on the farm. We can steer people away from talking about other fiber artist and their issues and keep people talking about the animals. And honestly the animals are our main concern.


Today Dad and I spent the whole day at Cavelcade. I had to rope this morning but then Dad ran his calf tonight along with my team roping run. I roped good enough this morning to win the calf roping and make the short go round on Sunday. This evening was a different story though. My header missed so I never got to even throw my rope in the team roping. As for Dad he missed his calf.

When we got home we found that with all the “drama” the intern had not been allowed to come today. That meant Mom spent the day alone. She seemed a little down as she says she hates that one person can effect our lifes so dramatically. She did manage to keep busy. She made CHEEESSSEEE! Then she worked on some soap and finally she made ice cream.

She did take time to pack somethings for the fiber festival but her heart just isn’t in it right now. She also pulled us from the festival in Oct. that takes place in Arkansas. We think it will be better if we just stay quiet for awhile and let things blow over.

I know Mom took some calls today but she isn’t saying much and I don’t know if it was the Same guy or if he is still harrassing Mom. Mom said all that mattered was that Dad and I had a fun, normal day away from the issues. And that we did.