An off day

Today everything was just a bit off. I guess it started yesterday. I am not sure if it is because I am tired or if my asthma is acting up or what … Anyway, yesterday we did get some things done and we had one thing come up that we are not so happy about. First, I got up and roped and then Mom and I went to the City wide garage sale. We were on the hunt for a few spare radios for the barns and Mom wanted a old fashioned roll top desk.

We didn’t have any luck with the roll top desk but we did get the radios and I got a few awesome bargains as well. I have to say that I love my new bargains. First I got a digital dart board. It works and even has the booklet with it. It was only 5 bucks so that was a plus. Then I cam upon a foosball table for ten bucks. Who wouldn’t see the value in that? I am telling you my room is going to be a real man cave. And I only have 17 bucks in it.


When Mom and I got home from town we went out to record our next Ag in the Classroom lesson. That is where the day went haywire. We heard a funny sound and followed it. We found Cinnamon the goat in the equipment pen, under the baler shed, Behind the wooden sides to the chicken coop. How in the world she got there we have no idea. We also don’t know how long she was there. I really feel bad about her being in that situation. I have been doing chores before day break and I thought I had everyone accounted for but what if I didn’t. And with us getting home later in the evening Thursday I have no idea if I saw her then either. Again it was really early before daybreak on Friday and Saturday that I fed. She was found Saturday about noon so that just leaves Friday evening’s feeding that I would have taken a head count. Sadly I can’t remember if I took count then or if I just thought everyone was there.

Anyway, we got her out and took her to the house. She was hot, hungry and dehydrated. We got her under the a/c. Then I grabbed the saline solution and goat electrolytes from the barn. Dad and I got solution under her skin while Mom mixed her water and got her to drink. After we got fluids going we got her some feed and hay. At this point she couldn’t stand but as long as she is eating and drinking there is hope for her.

Dad took time to move the boards so that it wouldn’t happen again and Mom took time to cover the only place we can figure she might have gotten in the equipment pen at. I know we will never know how she managed to get herself in that tiny spot but we will also never know Why she did it. We are just doing everything we can and praying she is able to get back to normal.

I left her in Mom’s care and headed out because last night I had a rodeo to get to. I placed 2nd and was happy with that. While I was gone Mom worked with Cinnamon. By the time I got home Mom had gotten Cinnamon to a point where she could stand on her own back end but her front legs just wouldn’t hold her. Mom would hold up her front while she did her own thing on the backend. She was urinating and have bowel movements. That is another good sign she had a chance of coming out of it.

Last night was a long one for Mom as she took care of Cinnamon through the night and didn’t get much sleep. I was up early this morning too but I took over Cinnamon’s care. At the break of dawn I took her out to get some cool air, sun and grass. I made sure she was safe and doing well, then since it was Father’s Day, Dad and I headed to the practice pen. We had fun and Dad even helped turn out cattle for me.

When we got back to the house I gave Cinnamon a shot of antibiotic because for whatever reason she still can’t stand. We kept checking her and watching her through out the day. She can now get her backend up on her own. However, she can’t get to her feet on her front end yet. She can get to her knees and she moves around grazing and drinking. Not to mention she still has all her bodily functions going. We are praying that within a few days she will be able to get to her feet and be back to normal.

Then after practice we took an easy day. Mom sent Dad and I to Arby’s to pick up Lunch as a treat for Father’s Day. When we got home I cleaned up my room so that I could get my man cave put together. I still have to clean off my dresser, nightstand and frig, but for the most part Mom is happy I cleaned up. Then Dad and I took some time to play darts and foosball.



Every hour or so we would stop to check Cinnamon and offer her a drink. As the day progressed she seems to be getting stronger but still can’t stand on her front legs. She does this crawl kind of thing and gets around pretty good now. She even tried to get to her feet to eat dinner but just didn’t happen. She ate and that is a good thing.

Mom spent her time in the kitchen. She was working on her first batch of goat’s milk soap. Then she made a batch of lotion bars as well. For now I am off to bed so I can get up and do it all over again. I an not really liking getting up early but it is the only cool time there is to rope that isn’t to hard on the livestock.

Busy times … Kinda!

Today we kind of got a late start but we got a lot done. I started by sorting the calves and turning the zebus out to pasture for the day. The other calves went out too but they all got brought back up for a meal tonight. It was to wet to rope so I headed inside to see what Mom and I could get done around the house.

It was my day to be in charge of tours. Mom got one call that didn’t show up. As I waited and stay close to the house I got yardage on all Mom’s handspun and got it tagged. Then I got bored and after watching and waited almost all day, I went to the barn to see what I could get done there. No more then I did, guess what happened … We had a T.A.T Rider and his dog showed up. For those that don’t know the T.A.T is the Trans-America Trail. You can check it out HERE. And yes we open our farm to anyone that is one the trail as a place to rest, relax, camp or just visit. Mom and Bella ended up taking time away from their dye day to show him and his dog around the farm.


I will say that Mom and Bella got a lot done today. It was Bella’s first day at the dye pots. First, Mom showed her the way she keeps the yarn separate while adding ties to them. Mom was teasing her and told her this is what she would look like with long White hair. Bella said Her Granny would love that cause they would match … LOL


When they got done they had created some pretty yarns in my book …


They made some wonderful dyed fleece and rovings too …


They ran out of time after only getting one Batt done but I think Bella was happy because it had sparkles …. LOL


And they did all that AFTER they took care of waters and set pavers in the shop … LOL … While they worked I tied a calf at the barn … LOL

State Championship Horse Show

So it is that time of year again. Time for the 4-H State Horseshow Championship. We got chores done and were on the road by about 9:30am. On the way to the horse show two things happened. First, it rained like crazy and we saw a few wrecks. We even saw one actually happen. This car lost control and spun out in the rain into oncoming traffic on the turnpike. The car spun, hit the divider wall and A semi just barely missed hitting the car as it spun out in front of him. Mom used this adventure to lecture me and Dad about how the speed limit is the limit when road conditions are perfect and that we should adjust our speed according to the road conditions.

I will say that Dad always says it is just rain but after today … It. is. Not! When the tires of a car loose contact with the road in wet conditions, it seemed as if it was no better then skidding on icy roads. I will also tell you lesson learned and learned well.

The other thing that happened on the way down to the show is that I stopped and picked up a friend and took her with me. I think she enjoyed it. She competes in different circles but she really enjoyed seeing the different events. Especially the Stakes event. Maybe she will take part next year. Who knows… I had fun though so I hope she did too.

I didn’t do to great in my tie down event but I brought home another buckle in the break away roping. I roped my calf in 2.5 seconds. This time however, Mom made sure to get it on tape. So here is the video of my winning run for the day …

Fun, Fun, Fun

Today I started out like every other day … In the roping pen. It was raining on me again so I just roped break away. I didn’t take as many runs either but it was better then nothing. I also practiced tying a calf but that wasn’t until later this evening. Anyway, after I roped I did chores. The only problem was that when I went in to feed Knight I figured out that I forgot to shut the barn door last night.

At some point in the night Mom’s Rooster got out and didn’t come back to the barn and Curly the black angora Goat got in to the barn and the feed stall. That isn’t a good thing either. With these issues Mom spent the time cleaning up the barn while I milked Sweetie. Tonight I won’t make that mistake again.

When we got the chores done and the barn back in order, it was time to catch Mom’s Rooster and return him to his cage for a few more weeks so he can relearn where he is suppose to stay. It took a little bit to get him cornered by once we did we had him caught.

After the excitement of the morning we headed out to do the bi-monthly shopping. That means a run to Sam’s and the feed store. Mom took the time to add in a stop to pick up the stuff for lunch at the horse show. We always take cookies, chips, Gatorade, pop, bottled water and sandwich stuff. Mom always likes to make sure we have enough for the Extension Agents that are working the show. Some agents stay all day for about 3 days traveling 3 hours one way to get there each day. So as a thank you Mom makes sure they have snacks and sandwiches and drinks anytime they need it.

Mom also picked up a new pair of shoes. Some with some real padding in them. You see today I have been calling her “crip”. For the last week Mom has been really good about taking her morning walks. The issue is that she is wearing her little flat ked like tennis shoes … She isn’t jogging so she said she didn’t think anything about it. However, Her feet are now “killing” her. She says she thinks she stepped on a rock on the paved road and that she must have bruised her heal. She is limping and says her heal throbs every time she steps on it. I know I am poking and making fun of her but to be honest, if Mom is limping it probably really is hurting.

After we got home I went to put up the feed while Mom dealt with the Phone company man that showed up to fix some kind of something with our internet and the new FCA, FFA, FDA or what ever it is that tells the phone company how to regulate the internet. I don’t care or have to deal with it so I really don’t know or care what it was all about. (I am just being honest … I am a kid, if it works I am happy … if it doesn’t I am all kinds of upset … LOL) When I got back in from the barn I found that Mom was dying … Yarn and fiber that is … LOL

Mom Did take a few minutes while dying to take some video. I have kind of been on her about making more informational videos about how we do things around here to help grow the you tube channel. I will watch everything she took and see what I can edit together and hopefully have it up around the same time as the pod cast goes up. No promises though.

In the mean time I will give you a sneak peak of what Mom is working on … First the yarn …





And then there is Fleece and Fiber …





Roping and Rain

I didn’t get to blog yesterday. Not for any important reason or anything. It was simply because I didn’t take time. I know that sounds terrible but I had a lot of little things that happened that kept me saying “Oh, I will blog in a little bit”.

I started out trying to fit in some roping practice. I have my State 4-H Competition on Thursday. It kept trying to rain on me so I would get a few runs in and then wait for the rain to pass. Then I would pop back out and run a few more calves. It took twice as long as normal for me to get my practice in. By then it was lunch time.

Mom and I did little things around the house until she had to leave to go to the nursing home. While she was at the nursing home her order for her scale and soap making supplies came in. When she got home we spent the rest of the day trying to get my Ag in the Classroom Lessons back on track. We did the filming first and then Most of the time I was editing the clips to make them short and get the most information in that I could.

I went to bed with the intention of getting up and doing it all over again. The only thing is that I didn’t really want to be fighting beating the rain. Well, I got up this morning it was over cast but no rain in site. So I got my roping in before I did chores.

When I got done and headed back to the house some Visitors showed up for a farm tour. They loved Duke, as well as all the other critters on the farm. Surprisingly, the Zebus where a big hit as well. There were probably more pictures of them taken then any other animal on the farm.

After our guests departed Mom and I had to go get a new addition to the farm. This little girl was covered in Poop and has a bum leg. We think in time she will grow out of the leg issue but for now we will watch her closely and make sure it isn’t getting any worse.


By the time we got home with her and got her unloaded the rain had made it’s way to our house as well. It rained off and on the rest of the day. When we got done unloading this new girl, Mom took me to get a burger before we started getting all her hand spun ready for the booth at the end of July. She also started dying some more yarn and fiber to make batts.

She says she might even do enough to put some more stuff in the shop. She says that will only happen when she gets caught up with the batts and yarn for the booths. Anyway, as more me I am going to get a shower and head to bed. If it isn’t raining tomorrow morning I am going to get one last day of practice in before the 4-H State Championship Horse Show on Thursday.

Personal Best

by RJ
This weekend has been a long one. It has been a good one but a long one. I started by going to two rodeos yesterday.

At the first rodeo I team roped and tie down roped. In the team roping I won the heading event but in the healing I didn’t do so hot. I missed all together on that steer. In my tie down event I won as well. Then I headed to another rodeo where I just roped in the tie down event again. I didn’t do as well and only brought home a fourth place. I got my entry fees and gate money back so I will take it.

We didn’t get home until about 3am so I got to bed and got some sleep so that I could get up and head back out today. I was kind of tired and so was Dad. As a matter of fact Dad was so tired he left the water running all day. Nothing was going on out at the barn and Mom stayed up by the house for the most part so it ran unnoticed for about 12 hours … Mom is a bit upset that our water bill will be so high this month. I can’t say as I blame her.

Today I only had one rodeo. I team roped, break away roped and tie down roped. In the break away roping I won 1st with a personal best time of 1.8 seconds. In the tie down I only won second but in the team roping I won the heading. I have to say I am really happy with the runs I made today.

However, I didn’t make all those runs on my own horse. I have a friend that let me ride her horse in the break away and the heading. For those that don’t know, in the rodeo world if you borrow a horse and you do any good on your runs, you normally pay mount money. I tried to pay Mount money to the owner of the horse but when I did they wouldn’t take it … I say they because I tried to not only pay my friend but when she wouldn’t take it, I tried to pay both her parents. So why am I telling you all of this?

Well, as I do every time I rope, I update my friends and family the way most people do these days … through a face book status update. I don’t post much on Face book but I do have family and friends all over the country that try to keep up with my roping and this way is the easiest I have found. However, Mom has rules about the use of face book. (I am sure most of you knew that already) Rule one is I have to know you to be friends with you on face book. Rule two is that We don’t post to other peoples post just because we are friends with some of the same people. And finally, I can never, ever be rude or post negatively about others.

So what does this have to do with anything … Well, tonight I posted my post about how I did to my friends and family. Only to have a man I didn’t know post on my statue update that I should be paying mount money to the owner of the horse. He even went as far as to call me by name and say “No body rides for free”. I am sure you all know what Mom’s reaction was to that post let alone Dad’s, who was right there when I tried to pay the mount money.

As you can guess Mom was mad. To say the least. She said that no one should be posting to my posts that I don’t know. (she hates that whole friends of a friend thing) Let alone be discussing financial issues that don’t concern them. She said Facebook wasn’t the place for that discussion and since the man wasn’t the owner of the horse, he had no business even discussing other peoples arrangements. I am sure you can guess the lecture I got. I didn’t want anything posted and asked Mom and Dad to just drop it. Dad did however, step in and posted that Out of respect for me he would keep his two cents on the subject to himself. I guess it made everyone step back and take a look at the statues.

The man that wrote the rude post actually told me it wasn’t “directed at me” but that he was poking fun at the owner of the horse. Mom was quick to point out to me that if it was my statues and he called me by name, rule of thumb, It was directed at me! She then continued to lecture me about this is why you had better never post things to other peoples statues … The other things that she pointed out was that this was a grown man, that jumped in to a youth status, that he wasn’t invited into and that he didn’t know everyone involved. She said that there is a line, between adults and children that adults don’t know, that should be respected. Then she said one final thing that kind of stuck me as odd at first but that is just because I hadn’t thought of it before. You see, I had closed my update the way I always do … with the words “all the glory to God”. Mom pointed out that even an atheist, out of respect to me, would not have taken my post and made it “of this world” as Mom called it. (meaning making my post about money when I was praising my Lord)

I hate to say this but I think she is right. I know people that don’t believe in God and out of respect for me they don’t put my posts down or turn them around and make them about anything they know we consider of the world. In return while they know I would discuss Jesus and My Lord in a heart beat if they asked, I don’t push my beliefs off on them or tear them down when they express their beliefs. I know it is hard to understand but I have good friends that are Cherokee and they were raised to believe in the Great Spirit and the circle of life. As their friends, I respect that.

However, Mom and Dad are kind of irritated that other people don’t respect others and their beliefs on Face book as they would in person. Mom said she wished people had common courtesy and knew proper etiquette when it comes to dealing with other people. On or off Face book she thinks it should be the same … Respectful. Anyway, as you can imagine this is one of those many times in my life that I have learned a lesson and gotten a lecture for someone else’s doings. Yup, it has happened before …. LOL … I get driving lectures all the time when Mom see someone doing something they shouldn’t be and we all know I don’t drive yet!!!

Camp Counselor

Today I was up early again. I was in the roping pen by day break so that I could run a pen of calves before I headed out to my Training today. I also don’t like roping in 100 degree weather so the mornings are really the only cool time of day anymore. By 8am I was in town and headed out to get my “minors training” so that I can once again be a 4-H Camp Counselor.

At the training we learn all about how to interact with minor children and adults alike. For example no one minor may be alone with an adult. Either their has to be another adult or child present. There is also a section about what kids can and can’t do at camp but that part is pretty much the same for all our camps.

When I got home our New Intern had started her first day on the job. She is a youth from the City of Coffeyville. Mom had her start with Her buddy’s favorite job. Cleaning and filling waters. Then they had moved on to cleaning the new barn back up from her buddies making their Dad’s bird house. As well as moving knight and cleaning his pen. They even let the trio that is in the barn our to play. They have been in there over a week so they should know how to find their way home at night and they should find plenty of insects to munch on in there.

When I got home her and I did the waters in the man pen as it takes two people to do anything in there. One to actually do the work and one to keep watch so the men don’t get fussy. When we got that done it was looking like rain so we headed in the house. Mom got her new Milk separator in and she was itchin’ to give it a whirl. So we got it all washed and set up. We put the milk in and …. Nothing! Mom thought maybe we had put it together wrong. So we took the whole thing apart, washed it, reread the booklet that come with it, set it back up again and …. Nothing! So Mom turned to the trouble shooting part of the booklet and when it came to the issue we were having it said to take it to an authorized Service center. Mom contacted the company and is now waiting to find out how to return it … So much for her hopes of fresh butter today.

The biggest lesson our new intern learned on her first day … that we don’t always succeed on the farm … LOL. After the work day was over for the intern, Mom set out to make Lasagna with the cheese her and I made yesterday. At first, Dad and I just wanted little pieces of it but after one bite … We were already thinking seconds … LOL

As for Mom, Dad seems to have forgiven her Zebu adventure but they are now the talk of the farm. Mom had a farm visit today with 5 little ones and 2 adults and the best part is that the kids watch Veggie Tales … Ceebbbuuuuu the Zeeebbbuuuu! We all can sing along with that song.