Whole Lot Of Nothing

So today I was closer to being up on time.   I roped liked normal but then Mom and I had to make a run to town.  I had to laugh though.  I think Mom is rubbing off on people.  Mom had to run by the bank and to wal-mart so she told her buddy’s Mom that she needed to bring her buddy late.  The funny part is that when buddy’s Mom asked if Mom could save her a trip into town too and drop off her deposit for her as well.  Mom being Mom said sure no problem!

Later Mom got a call and since she was going to town she agreed to drop off a few more things with a friend.  In the end our quick little trip to town was a bit longer.  Mom did pick up the one thing she was after.   It is a 2 in 1 tablet to replace her laptop.   It is actually pretty cool.  So far it does everything Mom’s laptop was used for and more. I like it cause I can watch movies on it with Netflix…. LOL

We got home and a little man didn’t get here until almost eleven so we missed the sale.  That was Okay we had other things to do.  Mom and her Buddie went to work filling waters and cleaning up around the equipment pen.  When they did, they got a big surprise.  One of the hens managed to hide a nest.  She showed herself today parading a dozen new baby chicks as and went.

When the work of the day was done me and mom’s buddy got in some practice on the roping dummy and just enjoyed the day.  This evening I took some time to go team rope a bit with my uncle.  I didn’t even take my house I just rode his.  As for now I am going to play with this tablet and see what more it can do and try to figure out how to get pics on the posts and see if we can podcast from it…. That would be so cool!!!

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