Cheese Cleaning Day

Today started out late. I know that 6am is early for some but for me it is 2 hours late. I never heard my alarm. Mom seems to think that I am tired because my asthma might be acting up. I am starting to think she might be right. Because even after I got the two hours extra sleep this morning, I enjoyed “quiet time” with Mom’s buddy and picked up another hour of sleep then.

I did fit my roping in this morning but after that I took some time to move some things around. First, the men are now over in the yard pen. Then I moved Cinnamon and her two partners over to the goat pen. Cinnamon is doing fine but she still can’t get her front end all the way up. She was doing even better until we found that she had lost her balance and fallen over in a way that she couldn’t get herself righted. I found her on a check and so I know she wasn’t down that time for very long. Anyway, The last thing I did was to let Knight out into the Goat pen as well.

I made sure to fly spray his open wound before I turned him out and I will keep it sprayed everyday. I thought about moving him back in at night but I don’t really think he needs it. After all the time he has been here his wound is down to just over the size of a quarter. I think he was really happy to be outside for the day so when night fell I didn’t have the heart to force him to go back in. So that means we will see how he does tonight outside.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning up my room. You see If I want to keep the foosball table Mom made me promise to have my room cleaned in one week. So I cleaned my nightstand and the top of my mini frig. Tomorrow I will do my dresser.

Mom spent her time in the kitchen today. She is trying to get caught up on the whole Goat’s Milk issue. It is kind of funny but not really. Sweetie the Goat is putting out so much more milk then Holly did that Mom isn’t doing so well keeping up. She has 2 gallons in the freezer and then she made two gallons into cheese tonight. For the last two days Mom has made soap, lotion bars and two different kinds of cheese. At this point Mom has all the milk in the frig taken care of and the milk in the freezer will be going down as Mom makes more soaps and lotions. Mom and I guess it is a good thing she only had Hollie in milk last year so she could learn to make cheese and stuff before the huge wave of milk came flowing in … LOL

Tonight I had to doctor 2 calves who seem to be sharing a bit of runny nose and runny eyes between the two of them. As for now I am headed to bed so that I am not late getting up tomorrow. Mom has a lot going on and has to make a run to town to get more stuff to make more soap as well as get a few other things …

2 thoughts on “Cheese Cleaning Day

  1. warn your mom: when my 17 year old sleeps this much, I end up needing to buy him new clothing, because he grows while he sleeps! (he’s well on his way to size 14 shoes, and I’ve lost track of how long his pants need to be but I think he is a 35 inch inseam now)


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